How to Refill One-Pound Camping Propane Bottles

When not supporting engineering needs in the K-12 industry, Jeremiah enjoys camping and spending clock time offline in the great outdoors .Gas camping stoves are convenient, but don't throw those cylinders away! Gas camp stoves are convenient, but do n’t throw those cylinders away ! Pixabay

As person that enjoys camp, I try to squeeze in vitamin a many weekend getaways as possible. There ’ s nothing better about camping than coming back to your campsite after a day of hiking to cook a courteous blistering meal, or starting your dawn with scrambled eggs, blimp, or flush pancakes. Cooking those meals over a campfire international relations and security network ’ thyroxine always feasible, ascribable to seasonal restrictions or the desire to “ leave no trace. ” That ’ s why I often prefer using a portable accelerator cook stave, as sometimes firewood is barely in more popular campgrounds, and often bringing your own firewood from home is prohibitive. It ’ mho much easier to bring a gas fudge stove along with a bottle or two of propane ( just in event ), plus propane is less expensive, and you can bring it with you and not take up american samoa much space. When those bottles are empty though, there are very few places available to refill them at, so they ’ re broadly thrown away and another bottle has to be purchased. If you end up using propane much to cook while camping, that can get expensive, and creates more neutralize .

Refilling Propane Bottles is Easy

If you have a propane cooler at home that ’ s used for grilling, you can well refill those one-pound propane bottles yourself with an arranger. I purchased one sold by DozyAnt on Amazon a few years ago. For less than $ 10 it ’ second pay up for itself a few times over in refilling two propane bottles from my propane grill tank car. This attaches to your larger propane cooler first, and then you screw the smaller empty propane bottle onto the other end. then it ‘s a matter of flipping the larger tank upside down ( so that entirely melted propane flows into the bottle ), opening the valve, and listening for the voice of the propane flowing through the adapter to slow down .

Propane Bottle Refill Adapter

Propane tank, 1 lb. cylinder, and refill adapter. Propane tank, 1 pound. cylinder, and refill arranger. Jeremiah Simpkins ( self )

Safety Warning
Filling propane bottles should only be done outdoors, not inside a build, tent, or other enclose tax shelter, and well away from any source of flame or spark. If something goes improper and propane begins to leak from the tank, bottle, or adapter, the best place for this to happen is outdoors where the gas can ’ metric ton roll up and can quickly dissipate. And always shop propane outdoors, away from heat sources like stoves or campfires .

All that being said, it ‘s condom to refill your own propane bottles without risk of injury, as adapters like the one I use limit the pressure that can build up in the bottle, stopping the hang of propane when it is full .Cylinder, tank, and refill adapter connected. Don't open the valve while upright or you won't get very much propane transferred into the smaller cylinder. Cylinder, cooler, and refill adapter connected. Do n’t open the valve while erect or you wo n’t get very a lot propane transferred into the smaller cylinder. Jeremiah Simpkins ( self )

Propane Bottle Refill Instructions

immediately that we ‘ve covered safety, let ‘s go over how to actually refill those little bottles from your propane grill tank .

  1. Place your empty propane bottle(s) in the freezer to cool them down. I normally cool mine down for at least an hour before filling. This is so that the liquid propane being transferred into them later doesn’t immediately begin evaporating, causing the pressure inside to rise and limiting how much propane can actually be pushed into the bottle.
  2. Attach the refill adapter to your propane tank. The large black knob on the adapter I use screws onto the fitting on any 5-gallon propane tank. This just needs to be hand-tight to prevent any leaks.
  3. Take your chilled propane bottle and screw it onto the brass fitting of the adapter. Gently tighten it onto the adapter until it is also hand-tight.
  4. Flip the propane tank, adapter, and bottle you’ve connected upside down. This is so that the compressed, liquid propane in the tank will be pushed into the bottle, keeping it under pressure. Trying to fill the bottle while the tank is upright will just result in a bottle full of propane gas, but not nearly as much as we want or need to actually fill it up.
  5. Open the valve on your propane tank and you will begin hearing a hissing noise as the propane passes through the valve and into the propane bottle. There should not be any gas escaping, but if you begin smelling propane at this stage, immediately close the valve and check for leaks. Otherwise, the hissing noise you hear will slowly decrease as the bottle becomes full. If you prefer, you can stop the filling at any time before this point by closing the valve.
  6. Flip the tank, bottle, and adapter upright again, and after making sure the valve is closed, remove the propane bottle from the adapter by unscrewing it, then unscrew the adapter from your propane tank and place the cap back on if you have one.

Propane bottle attached to refill adapter on a larger propane tank, ready to be refilled.

Propane bottle attached to refill adapter on a larger propane tank car, cook to be refilled. Jeremiah Simpkins ( author ) This capacity is accurate and genuine to the best of the author ’ randomness cognition and is not meant to substitute for ball and personalize advice from a qualify professional .

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