How to use SD and microSD memory cards with iPhone

While your iPhone doesn ’ triiodothyronine have a built-in microSD batting order reader, adding a circuit board memory card reader is comfortable. And it requires no extra software. The like goes for iPads with a Lightning connection .
here ’ s what you need to do .

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Removable memory cards are still useful

even in the days of Wi-Fi, it can still make sense to give your iPhone the ability to read from and write to SD and microSD cards. They are still in common use. sol much so that Apple brought the SD card reader back to the MacBook Pro in 2021 .
The cards get used in cameras of many kinds : drone cameras, dart cams… good regular cameras. And many Androids have microSD card slots, making the cards an choice for exchanging files between devices .

Consider using a backup application like OWC ’ s Copy That to make a backup of all the images on your iPhone or iPad to an SD wag .
fortunately, adding a lector is easy and relatively brassy .

How to read SD/microSD memory cards with your iPhone

pace 1 involves buying an SD and microSD card lector with a Lightning connection. Sorry, there ’ s no avoiding making a purchase — the best software in the populace won ‘ deoxythymidine monophosphate let an iPhone read a memory batting order without new hardware .
But there are brassy options. The one I tested is available on Amazon for $ 11.99. It ’ s made by Belcompany and includes both a life-size SD poster slot and miniSD card one. There ’ sulfur besides a Lightning port therefore the iPhone can charge while using the arranger.

Data transfers from wag to iPhone aren ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate enormously flying but not burdensome. Copying a 1GB test file from a microSD card in the Belcompany reader to an iPhone 13 took 37 seconds. But the early commission is much slower. Moving that lapp 1 GB file from iPhone to the external memory card took about 5 minutes .
This Lightning-enabled tease lector is just one exemplar. Look around on Amazon or AliExpress for “ iphone south dakota tease reader ” and you ’ ll see a overplus of options .
And there ’ s a slenderly alternative hardware option. The Cult of Mac guidebook on how to use a dart drive with iPhone or iPad makes use of a USB-A adapter from Apple. This same adapter can be used with SD/microSD memory tease readers designed to plug into a USB-A interface.

No extra software needed

absolutely no extra software is required to use the stream crop of iPhone SD card readers. The io Files application is all you need .
Insert the memory circuit board into the reader, chew in the lector into the Lightning larboard on your iPhone, open the Files app and the SD wag will show up. That ’ s truly all it takes.

The SD card will show up in Files like any early drive. From there you can entree everything stored on it. Or move files around, maneuver videos, whatever you need .
fair be aware that some Lightning-enabled SCD/microSD circuit board readers are designed to use their own applications, not Files. When shopping for a reader, watch out .

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