How To Make A Cricut Pen Adapter (The Easy Way)

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This ultimate Cricut pen adapter is perfect for your next crafting project. These DIY instructions will show you how you can use any standard-sized pen with your Cricut maker or explorer.
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I absolutely love my Cricut Maker but I ’ m not a winnow of how expensive the Cricut brand pens are. The alone time it ’ randomness worth buying them is when they go on sale at your favorite craft shop, but flush then, Cricut doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate go on sale very frequently .
My conserve surprised me with a Cricut for Christmas ( you can grab some awesome tips to eliminate overwhelm on your Cricut and read all about the surprise HERE ). I soon found out how costly projects can cursorily become if you don ’ metric ton already have the crafts on hand .

And expensive when you have little children isn ’ thymine in our family ’ randomness vocabulary .
sol my conserve decided to take on a plan for me and found a room where anyone can use any standard-sized pen on the Cricut Maker.
And nowadays, we are going to show you how !

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How To make a pen adapter for your Cricut (A DIY Tutorial)

Supplies Needed:

supplies and tools needed for cricut project

  • Handsaw (this one would be great if you don’t have one at your house already).
  • Measuring tape
  • Permanent marker
  • You’ll need 1-inch and 5/16th exact measurement of a  1/2-inch SDR 11 CPVC Tubing (you can easily find this in your local hardware store. We spend less than $3 on 10 feet. Unfortunately they didn’t sell smaller sizes in our store).
  • Sandpaper (my husband used medium grit for this project and it worked like a charm).
  • A drill with drill bit size 11/64″
  • Thumb screw #10 – 24 x 1/2-inch

Instructions for your pen adapter:

a really long pipe on a gravel ground I ’ m a ocular person and need to see things to better understand what in the world is happening. With that in mind, this is what the long piping looks like when you go shopping at the hardware store .
We spent less than $ 3 for about 10 feet .
cutting long pipe with hand saw You ’ ll first want to measure precisely 1-inch and 5/16th in length for the write precaution you ’ ll be making. Mark your measurement with a permanent marker and safely saw your patch off .
This slice alone will become your new best ally for your Cricut machine and will save you a long ton of money .
final piece of pipe This is what your final pipe nibble should look like. Don ’ thyroxine concern if the line you sawed international relations and security network ’ thyroxine neat .
If you saw from the end of the pipe then the tip of your smaller piece will be straight and will become your basis on your Cricut machine .
drill bit with thumb screw on table counter Get out your drill with an 11/64-inch drill sting size and one thumb screw (#10 – 24 x 1/2-inch. )
As a side note, the thumbscrews can easily be found at your local anesthetic hardware shop and are significantly cheaper versus shopping on-line – fair F.Y.I .
thumb screw with hole in the pipe You ’ ll want to drill a modest hole for the thumbscrew to securely fit ( about 1/8-1/4-inch of the way down the pipe firearm – you can see in the visualize where we drilled our hole ). Remember to put the flattest conclusion of the pipe confront towards the bed .
thumb screw in small piece of pipe place the thumbscrew in the pipe and turn clockwise a few turns to make surely this firearm is plug .
You want the feel to be “ close ” not “ oh-my-goodness-this-is-crazy-tight-I ’ ll-never-use-this-in-my-life. ”

top view of pipe being sand paper down now is the time to get out a tabloid of emery paper.
( Just to let you know you ’ re about done. Yay ! )
Sand the opposite side of shriek from the thumbscrew all the way down. ( You can see the model and thickness of how our pipe was sanded ) .


sand paper pipe down the full length If you don ’ t sandpaper the pipe then your project will not work on your Cricut Maker. The smooth assign of the pipe will be placed securely and snuggly against your Cricut car. This will allow the Cricut to move the pipe safely and smoothly up and down when using your pens .
When you ’ re done with the sandpaper, feel complimentary to decorate your new part with some cute washi tape or vinyl. I love my “ Happily Ever After ” with gold trim. It makes me smile .

let’s test your new pen adapter!

You will find our pen adapters in our shop HERE.
How do you know what pens knead best and how to efficaciously use this new Cricut instrument you created ?
bright pink gel pen in cricut machine cautiously remove the standard Cricut penitentiary subject from your machine and place your new pen arranger with the sandpaper side facing the back of the machine ( your thumbscrew should be facing towards you ) .
green colored pencil with cricut machine topographic point a colored pencil below your machine for measurement purposes. The thickness of your pencil is the altitude that you want the tip of your pen to rest on. ( meet picture above for a closer look ) .
securely tighten your pen in your playpen adapter ( have the pen rest on the colored pencil ). You want your pen to be snug, not death fascinate .

Then Design!

Select the design you want to create ( whether it ’ south from the Cricut Design Space or one you created ) and let your imagination go violent .
As a word of circumspection towards your pens – if you put the pen besides tightly into your DIY penitentiary arranger, you ’ ll notice some marks and possibly cracks in credit card penitentiary cases .
crack in blue gel pen from cricut machine thumb screw This doesn ’ t damage the write at all, it good makes the pen spirit a snatch scruffy .

With that in mind, please use this tutorial at your own hazard. If you do everything by rights as described in this post, you *should* be able to use any standard-sized pen on your Cricut car .
I have some adorable vinyl I can decorate your pen arranger with, including the one I use on my machine .
Don ’ thyroxine forget to share this article with person who has a Cricut machine and wants to learn how to revolutionize their crafts .
Cricut pens are expensive but today, I'm going to show you how you can use any pen on the Cricut Maker for any project. This free tutorial is perfect for your next beautiful idea. Click to learn how and which pens work best on your Cricut machine. #Cricut #cricutmaker #diyCricut pens are expensive but today, I'm going to show you how you can use any pen on the Cricut Maker for any project. This free tutorial is perfect for your next beautiful idea. Click to learn how and which pens work best on your Cricut machine. #Cricut #cricutmaker #diyI LOVE my new Cricut pen adapter! This adapter fits any standard-sized pen. Keep reading to learn how you can make this pen adapter for your next Cricut project. #cricutdiy #cricutexplore2 #cricut #penadapterWant to learn how to make your own pen adapter for your Cricut machine? This tutorial will walk you through how you can DIY your next crafting tool. #cricut #cricutmaker #cricutDIY #penadapterfacebook cover profile Wife and homeschooling mother to five children. Don ’ t let your casual demands rob you of a potent faith in Jesus Christ, close family ties, and a family you love. Micah teaches tested solutions to help you remember what matters most in life, including strengthening your home, faith, and family relationships .
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