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Want to know how to use the Tesla J1772 arranger to charge your Tesla ? You are in the properly identify.

This article will show you how to use the Tesla J1772 arranger, and in addition to that, it will cover :

  • The J1772 charging speed.
  • Great J1772 adapter tips and FAQs.

Can you charge your Tesla at a non-Tesla Charging Station?

Yes, you can charge at a non-Tesla consign post using the J1772 adapter. The adapter has 2 sides, one side goes in the Tesla and the other side fits in the third gear party charger. however, this does not apply to all populace EV charging stations, which I will explain subsequently .

Does tesla come with a J1772 adapter?

Yes, Tesla includes the J1772 adapter in the Tesla charging kit after buying it. You might wonder, why would you need to have a J1772 adapter given that Tesla has superchargers and its own portable charging cable ?

  • Well, if you live in locations that have very few superchargers and more third-party charging stations, then the J1772 adapter will be of great help.

  • If you are going on a road trip on a route that has few superchargers or that is far stretched, a J1772 adapter will come in handy.
  • It is easy to get free third-party charging stations such as ChargePoint in some locations. So, if you own a Tesla and want to enjoy free charging, you will need to have the j1772 adapter.
Always leave the J1772 adapter in your car even when you think that you don’t need it. It might save you big time, depending on the circumstances.

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How do you use the Tesla J1772 adapter at a non-Tesla public charging station?

Take the Tesla J1772 arranger and insert it on the non-Tesla charger that has the J1772 plug type. Insert the adapter on the english that looks similar to that of the non-Tesla charger. After by rights insert, it will click right into its place. then go ahead and plug in your tesla and it should start to charge .

What is the J1772 charging speed?

Tesla J1772 adapter entirely works with Level 2 chargers. therefore, you will get flat 2 charging speeds when using a J1772 arranger. What does this beggarly ? If you charge at a flat 3 charger/ DC debauched charger, it will not work.

When going on a road travel, I would recommend using EV route planner apps like PlugShare to find you flat 2 public charging stations with a J1772 spark plug type along the route. Related :

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Worried that someone will steal your J1772 adapter?

No indigence to worry. Once you start charging you can go ahead and lock your cable car, and this will besides lock the arranger to your car. however, it does not lock the public charger onto your cable car. This means that person may unplug you, but the arranger will remain engage in your car .

How do you remove the J1772 adapter after charging

crush the free button on your charger handle to unplug the charger then pull off the adapter. alternatively, you can unlock the charger from your Tesla app on your call then unplug it from the charge port and take off the arranger .

NOTE: It is easy to forget your adapter at the public charger.

Is there a price difference between charging at non-Tesla charging stations VS Tesla Superchargers?

Yes, you should expect different charging rates from different charging stations.

The charging rates will vary depending on :

  • The location.

Some locations will have cheap charging rates, while in others it will be expensive to charge on both third-party chargers and Tesla Superchargers. This is chiefly because of the dispute in electricity rates in different locations.

  • The third-party charging station rates.

Some third-party charge stations are exempt or cheaper than Tesla. Some are more expensive.

so, you would be incorrect if you generally said that Tesla Supercharging stations are cheaper than the third-party charge stations or vice versa. Check out h ow to determine the monetary value of a Tesla road slip .

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