How to Use the Whiteboard in Zoom

With Zoom ‘s whiteboard have, you can communicate with your video participants like never ahead. It lets you annotate directly on your screen. soar, the democratic video conferencing platform, has a comprehensive examination collection of features. One of the most useful ones is the whiteboard feature, which is a must-use for on-line classes. It allows teachers to demonstrate complex concepts on a virtual whiteboard through note .
here ‘s a template on how to use the whiteboard feature in your adjacent Zoom meet .

Availability of Zoom’s Whiteboard Feature

Zoom ‘s whiteboard sport is not available on every chopine. At the time of write, you can use the feature on desktop ( Windows, macOS, and Linux ) and mobile ( Android and iPadOS ). The iPhone app does not support the whiteboard feature presently .
You do n’t need to pay to use the whiteboard have on Zoom. however, the feature is not available via Zoom on the Web. so, download and install Zoom on your laptop, background, or fluid device first before proceeding. If you already have Zoom, ensure you ‘re running the latest translation of the application .
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How to Use Zoom Whiteboard on PC and Mac

here ‘s how to launch the whiteboard feature in Zoom on background :

  1. Click the Share Screen button from the menu. Alternatively, click Alt+S if you’re on Windows (or Command + S on macOS) to launch the share screen window. If you have full-screen mode enabled, hover over any part of your screen to reveal the menu bar.
  2. With the share screen window open, click on Whiteboard. How to share Whiteboard in Zoom on desktop
  3. Finally, click Share to start sharing the whiteboard.

MAKEUSEOF VIDEO OF THE DAY With the whiteboard up and running, you can now start annotating .

How to Use Zoom Whiteboard on Android

Follow these steps to use the whiteboard feature on Zoom ‘s Android app :

  1. Tap Share from the meeting controls menu bar. If the meeting controls menu bar is not visible, tap anywhere on your screen to wake the menu.
  2. Scroll down the options and select Share Whiteboard.

2 Images
Zoom meeting in progress on Android


Share Whiteboard option in Zoom for Android


Zoom will start sharing the whiteboard with all participants instantaneously. And if you want to stop sharing the whiteboard, tap Stop Share at the penetrate ( Android ) or exceed ( background ) .
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Practical Tips for Using the Whiteboard Feature on Zoom

To get the most out of the whiteboard have, you should familiarize yourself with the different functionalities available. once you start sharing a whiteboard, Zoom will use default styling options .
however, you can tweak unlike things to suit your taste and use case. For case, you can change the color of your note pen and its line height. Just tap the Format button from the peak toolbar to get started.

The Eraser is another handy cock that does what it suggests. however, if you do n’t want to erase your annotations, you can create a fresh page by tapping the little square icon with a + at the bottom left .
You can besides utilize the Spotlight creature to help attendants instantaneously recognize what you ‘re referring to on the whiteboard. The Arrow instrument is tucked away behind the Spotlight tool, immediately inserts an arrow to any location on your whiteboard .
The Vanishing Pen is handy for side notes, as its annotations fade aside after a few seconds. If you find it arduous to annotating manually, you can use the Text feature to type digital textbook. And if you want to select anything on your whiteboard, use the Select tool .
Zoom besides offers Undo, Redo, and Clear options on the toolbar, which precisely do as their names suggest. In Zoom, you can save your whiteboard for former use as an effigy ( PNG ) or PDF .

Demonstrate Complex Concepts with Zoom’s Whiteboard Feature

The whiteboard feature in Zoom is a perfect direction to demonstrate building complex concepts to your peers. The have is easy to use and free .
In addition to the whiteboard feature, you should besides know how to use the unlike best features available on Zoom .

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How to Use the 7 Best Features in Zoom
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