Zoom – How to Setup Virtual Office Hours using Zoom


  • Can I use Zoom to host my office hours?
  • How do I schedule my office hours using Zoom?
  • Can I meet with students using Zoom?
  • How do I use the “waiting room” setting in Zoom to hold office hours?
  • How do I use the registration process for office hours?


  • Oregon State University
  • Faculty/Staff
  • Professor/Instructor
  • Zoom User


Using Zoom to host virtual ( on-line ) office hours to students is a coarse use encase for Zoom. This KB will include two methods of setting up and using Zoom to conduct your office hours. One method may fit person ‘s needs better than the other. Both ultimately achieve the same scenario, the ability to meet with students one-on-one without the pause of other participants/students .


Method 1 – Schedule Zoom Meeting and use “Waiting Room” Feature 

  1. Log into https://is.oregonstate.edu/zoom
  2. Select “Schedule a Meeting”
  3. Enter Meeting Details
            NOTE: Leaving “Require Registration” UNCHECKED & CHECK “Enable Waiting Room” 
    Viewer?fileName=c1a6478d 42cb 449b be7e 3e2b186f879b
  4. Click “Save”
  5. From the Summary/Invite screen, copy the “Invite Attendees” link and share via email/power-point lecture/syllabus/etc. 
    Viewer?fileName=4d16727e 0805 4d5a 878d 7a074d20d14a
  6. Customize your “Waiting Room” experience. On the left side of the screen, under PERSONAL, click “Settings” then click “In Meeting (Advanced)”
    Viewer?fileName=b9c87482 0706 41c3 a85f d7198a48fcb2
  7. Scroll down to “Waiting Room” and enable it (1.) – Then select “All Participants” (2.) – Then click the pen/pencil icon to customize your waiting room (3.)Viewer?fileName=34a3cd3a 87a6 4787 a6b7 7359fe17dbcb
  8. On the pop-up for “Customize the waiting room UI” you can edit the waiting room message, upload a default thumbnail photo, and/or edit the description of the waiting room.
    Viewer?fileName=f190d8cf f909 498b 8cb9 a2db5dbf635a
  9. We recommend editing the title and the description. For the description (400 character maximum) you can enter additional information. This information will display as a Zoom pop-up window when a student joins your meet (with waiting room enabled). You could list average wait times, ask students to please wait, or ask them to check back later. You could also consider asking them to email you for availability.
    Viewer?fileName=7f020f13 2ec4 425d 98d4 d6f62a8b6dab
  10. Configure the title how you’d like and click the BLUE checkbox. Configure the description of how you’d like and click the BLUE checkbox. When complete, click “Close”

Method 2 – Schedule Zoom Meeting and Require Registration

  1. Log into https://is.oregonstate.edu/zoom
  2. Select “Schedule a Meeting”
  3. Enter Meeting Details
            NOTE: Check the “Registration Required” checkbox and select “Attendees need to register for each occurrence to attend”
    Viewer?fileName=3099db12 0d4a 4479 a531 8b3968a6726e
  4. Click “Save” to save the meeting.
  5. You will be forwarded to the Meeting summary page, copy the “Registration URL” to share with your students.
    Viewer?fileName=b01a93ea ee04 4bb4 aed1 5aa7233e08af
  6. Scroll to the bottom of the summary page, on the “Registration” tab, select “Edit”
    Viewer?fileName=1440c0fb 626a 4de6 bc01 83ca2338d998
  7. A pop-up window will appear, on the “Registration” tab, select “Manually Approve”, Check the “Send an email to host when someone registers” option, and uncheck “Show social share buttons on registration page”
    Viewer?fileName=227cd55d f740 423f bd55 fea5b5f85d29
  8. Wait to click “Save all”, click the “Custom Questions” tab, and then click “New Question”
    Viewer?fileName=b7cb50c4 4460 46dc ad21 72a41eefb73b
  9. Select/Enter the following (1-4) options to set up the first question students will receive when registering.
    Viewer?fileName=63116eab 65ae 4d01 977d 1e4cf1035b7f
  10. Once you click “Create” you will get the option to add additional questions, here is another example that you may choose to add:
    Viewer?fileName=89297a32 abd1 4d25 b8a6 89ceedee200f
  11. Once you have entered all the questions you’d like to, click “Save All”
    Viewer?fileName=41a598a7 dc79 41e8 a185 776c621e0fd6
  12. After clicking “Save All” you will be taken back to the meeting summary page. 
  13. From here you can share your registration link with students if you haven’t already. Or, you can choose to share that link later, when you are ready/during class.
  14. When a student visits the link, they will be asked the questions configured earlier when they are registering to a virtual office hour. 
  15. Since we have “Manually Approve” and “email host when someone registers” enabled, you will receive a basic email like the one below when someone registers:
    Viewer?fileName=d20aa7f0 502d 4ba9 b081 f7720ab5259c
  16. If someone registers and you get a confirmation email like the one above, you must log into OSU Zoom, view upcoming meetings, and then click the TITLE of the meeting 
    Viewer?fileName=c47b1278 b984 45c8 96e4 e3cd56b03d01
  17. Scroll to the bottom of the summary page and under “Registration – Manage Attendees” select “Edit”
    Viewer?fileName=37a0d58f ab5d 41d6 8e97 8f230d48361e
  18. Check the box next to the registrant’s name and select approve
    Viewer?fileName=23812729 dc6f 4b9c bd9b 42639d39c27e
  19. The student will move from the “Pending Approval” tab to the “Approved” tab. You will be taken back to the meeting summary page where you are complete and can close the window until another student registers. If you choose, you can allow multiple students to go into “Pending Approval” before you approve their registrations.


For aid, contact the IS Service Desk.

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