The Best Ways to Watch the 2022 Winter Olympics Without Cable

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Since 1982, PCMag has tested and rated thousands of products to help you make better buy decisions. ( Read our editorial mission. ) If it seems like the Olympics were merely yesterday, that ‘s because they basically were. The COVID-19 pandemic pushed the Tokyo 2020 Olympics into 2021, so we now have back-to-back Olympics alternatively of the typical biennial gap between the international competitions. The Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics is arriving justly on schedule, with the events beginning on February 4 and running until February 20. even if you have ditched your cable subscription, you can inactive watch the Olympic Games, from the light of the common mullein to the close ceremony. Our guide covers all the information you need to choose the best pour military service for watching the Beijing 2022 Winter games .

How to Watch the Olympics Without Cable

NBC is the home of the Olympics in the US, so you should check out your local NBC station for prime-time coverage. Your live television receiver streaming service probably includes NBC, since it ’ sulfur one of the major broadcast channels in the US. Olympic sports will besides air on CNBC, NBCSN, Olympics Channel, and USA. Peacock, NBC ’ randomness movie and television streaming service, is another plaza to find Olympic coverage, including highlights from multiple sports on The Olympic Show. If you have a Roku device or Roku television receiver, you can stream all of NBC ‘s coverage of the Olympics from the NBC Sports channel or Peacock channel. If you don ’ triiodothyronine want to use a stream service, you can besides pick up NBC over the air with some effort and an antenna. is another place to watch the Olympics. The web site shows highlights from all 15 sports along with the opening and Closing Ceremonies and decoration ceremonies. Comcast detailed a variety of unlike ways viewers can watch the games precisely by saying “ Olympics ” to their voice adjunct .

The Olympics Event Schedule

The Opening Ceremony for Beijing 2022 is scheduled for February 4 at 6:00 ante meridiem EST on NBC, but some of us have been watching hot curling action equally early as February 2. Below are some highlights for popular events during the unfold weekend, along with the groove you need to watch the events. You can keep up with the results and decoration counts, plus view complete scheduling information on NBC ’ south Olympics web site .

Friday (2/4)

Team Figure Skating @ 12 ante meridiem EDT on NBC Curling @ 1 ante meridiem EDT on USA Women’s Snowboarding @ 10:00 post meridiem EDT on USA

Saturday (2/5)

Men’s Ski Jumping @ 12:00 ante meridiem EDT on NBC Women’s Cross-Country Skiing @ 2:00 ante meridiem EDT on NBC Women’s Hockey @ 8 ante meridiem EDT on USA Men’s Luge @ 10:00 ante meridiem EDT on USA

Sunday (2/6)

Men’s Cross-Country Skiing @ 2:00 ante meridiem EDT on NBC Men’s Speed Skating @ 3:00 ante meridiem EDT on USA Women’s Freestyle Skiing @ 8 post meridiem EDT on NBC Men’s Snowboarding @ 11 post meridiem EDT on NBC

Monday (2/7)

Olympic Highlights @ 12:00 ante meridiem EDT on NBC Women’s Biathlon @ 4 ante meridiem EDT on NBC Women’s Luge @ 8 ante meridiem EDT on USA

Cable and Over-the-Air Options

You can besides watch much of the Olympic coverage with a cable plan that includes the NBCUniversal channel kin. A cable plan is typically more expensive than exist streaming alternatives, but it ‘s capital for people who want to get the largest possible variety show of cable television receiver networks for one price. Want to watch other sports ? Check out our roundup of the best sports streaming services. The early major sport airing correct now is football. NFL fans should read our guide to the best NFL cyclosis services .

Watching Foreign Olympic Coverage With a VPN

NBC has, in the past, come under criticism for excessively chatty, sometimes uninformed coverage of some Olympic events. possibly you ‘re looking to avoid this kind of thing, or possibly you come from another country and just want to see the coverage in your family stress or speech. You may besides want to watch events or earlier heats that NBC just does n’t cover. Whatever the cause, your most realistic option is probably to stream coverage from an abroad supplier, using one of our top-rated VPNs ( we ‘ve tested scores of them ) to make the streamer in question think you are located in the country in which it is located. There are plenty of technical and ethical issues involved in doing thus, however, which we cover in our article on spoofing your location with a VPN .

Our 5 Top Picks



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at Hulu

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$ 64.99 per month Hulu + Live television receiver ‘s lineup includes all the channels you need to watch the Olympics, including CNBC, NBC, NBCSN, Olympics Channel, and USA. other sports channels in Hulu ‘s lineup are BTN, CBS Sports Network, ESPN, and FS1. The optional Español addition ( $ 4.99 per month ) gets you international sports coverage via ESPN Deportes. 50 hours of DVR repositing comes with your subscription, but the Enhanced Cloud DVR addition increases this terminus ad quem to 200 hours. With the inexhaustible Screens Add-on, you can stream on an outright issue of devices on your home network and up to three mobile devices away from it. The pair of add-ons cost $ 14.98 per calendar month, or you can purchase them individually for $ 9.99 per month. Hulu has 1080p/60fps live streams on choice platforms. Ad-supported access to Hulu ’ s on-demand library of shows and movies is included in the subscription price. You can pay $ 70.99 per calendar month for know television plus ad-free access to the on-demand library. You can stream Hulu + Live television on the world wide web or download apps for mobile platforms ( Android and io ), media streaming devices ( Apple TV, Chromecast, Fire television, and Roku ), bright TVs, and game consoles ( PlayStation, Xbox, and the Nintendo Switch ) .
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YouTube TV


$ 64.98

at YouTube TV

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$ 64.99 per calendar month YouTube television receiver has all of the channels you need to watch the Olympics : CNBC, NBC, NBCSN, Olympics Channel, and USA. You get inexhaustible mottle DVR memory ( with recordings available for up to nine months ), up to three coincident device streams, 1080p alive streams on blue-ribbon platforms and channels, and defend for six user profiles. You can besides buy the 4K Plus Add-On for $ 19.99 per month which unlocks 4K UHD playback for support populate and on-demand shows and events. The serve is available on the web, mobile platforms ( Android and io ), media streaming devices ( Apple TV, Chromecast, and Fire television ), bright TVs, and game consoles ( PlayStation and Xbox ). Google and Roku are locked in a challenge, so the handiness of YouTube television on that platform may be in trouble. right immediately, Roku users can entree YouTube ‘s live television receiver offer through the even YouTube app .
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1-Day free Trial

at fuboTV

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$ 64.99 per month A subscription to fuboTV gets you all the channels you need to stream Beijing 2022. The military service offers CNBC, NBC, NBCSN, Olympics Channel, and USA. other sports channels on FuboTV are CBS Sports Network, FS1, and NFL Network. A fuboTV subscription includes 250 hours of DVR message, which you can keep constantly. It offers a Cloud DVR addition to increase that measure to 1,000 hours ( $ 16.99 per calendar month ). FuboTV besides has add-ons to expand coincident pour limits from three devices ( the default option ) up to ten devices on your home network. The service includes two excellent playback features : Lookback, which allows you to watch some sports events up to 72 hours after they aired, and Startover, which lets you start some exist programs over from the begin. Most of fuboTV ‘s live streams are limited to 720p/60fps, though the avail does air some populate scheduling in 4K, which is a rarity. FuboTV features on-demand content in 1080p, with some 4K titles available. This service is available via the vane or with a dedicated app for mobile platforms ( Android and io ) and media streaming devices ( Apple TV, Chromecast, Fire television, and Roku devices ), and XBox game consoles .
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Sling TV


$ 10 off Your first calendar month

at Sling TV

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$ 52 per month You can stream most of the Winter Olympics with Sling television receiver ’ s Blue design, which includes NBC, NBCSN, and USA. You need to pay a little more for CNBC or Olympics Channel. CNBC is partially of the $ 6-per-month News Extra addition, while Olympics Channel is part of the $ 11-per-month Sports Extra addition. Sling television ‘s included Cloud DVR sport offers 50 hours of storage, but you can pay for the Cloud DVR Plus accessory ( $ 5 per calendar month ) to get 200 hours of cloud storehouse and the ability to save recordings from being auto-deleted if you reach storehouse capability. Sling television receiver is available on media streaming devices ( 4th-Generation Apple television receiver, Chromecast, Fire television receiver, and Roku ), mobile platforms ( io and Android ), and Xbox consoles .
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DirecTV Stream


Starting From $ 59.99 per Month


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$ 94.99 per month AT & T TV ’ mho Ultimate package includes all of the channels you need to watch the Olympics, including CNBC, NBC, NBCSN, Olympics Channel, and USA. AT & T TV ’ s Lookback and Rewind features allow sports fans to watch previously aired content ( up to 72 hours in the past ) and restart alive pour from the begin of the broadcast for sealed channels. The military service keeps DVR recordings for up to 90 days, but it offers precisely 20 hours of DVR storage. AT & T television is available on the vane, streaming devices ( Apple TV, Chromecast, Fire television receiver, and Roku ), fluid platforms ( Android and io ), but not bet on consoles. The avail supports three coincident streams per report .
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