How to zoom in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams has a sanely good UI. The icons are well made and the dark mode however allows users to easily read text on the dark background. That said, the text size, and icon sizes may not be desirable for everyone, particularly if a user has weak eyes .
zoom in Microsoft Teams

Zoom in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams users look for two different zoom functionalities ; zooming in on the UI, and zooming in the camera during a meet. Zooming in the UI is far more easy since it is natively supported but zooming in the camera, while possible, requires a third-party creature to do the job .

Zoom in Microsoft Teams – UI

To rapid climb in the Microsoft Teams UI, you need lone know the adjust keyboard shortcut to do the job.

  1. Open Microsoft Teams.
  2. Tap the Ctrl+= keyboard shortcut to zoom in.
  3. To reset zoom in Microsoft Teams use the Ctrl+0 keyboard shortcut.

eminence : to zoom out, use the Ctrl+- keyboard shortcut. You can besides use Ctrl+scroll the shiner wheel to soar in and out .

Zoom in Microsoft Teams – Camera

Microsoft Teams has no native controls for managing the television camera. You need an app that can control the camera and that has soar in/out controls. Give You Cam a try .

Set up zoom in YouCam

YouCam has a rid and a bounty version. It provides filters, emoji, and scenes but soar in/out is basic and can be used in the free version.

  1. Download YouCam and install it.
  2. Open YouCam and allow it access to your camera.
  3. Use the zoom bar on the left to zoom in.
  4. Zoom in as much as you need.
  5. Minimize YouCam.

zoom in Microsoft Teams

Use YouCam in Microsoft Teams

  1. Open Microsoft Teams.
  2. Click your profile icon at the top right and select Settings.
  3. Go to the Devices tab.
  4. Open the camera dropdown and select YouCam.
  5. Start a meeting and the camera will be zoomed in.

Zoom in Microsoft Teams 3


YouCam is heavy on arrangement resources. You may find there are other similar apps that provide the rapid climb in feature and can act as a virtual cam for use in Microsoft Teams. OBS has something like soar but it is much harder to set up and the soar is more a downscaling of the output resolving power. It may not give the best results in a meet. If you have a Logitech webcam, you can use the official app that Logitech supplies and use its zoom controls for the app. At present, it doesn ’ metric ton seem like Microsoft will add this feature natively to Microsoft Teams.

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