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Do you use Google Slides Often for creating presentation slides then the most common feature you use is Zoom In and Out ? But it ’ randomness very confusing for some users to use it by rights since there is no rapid climb luger and besides your general keyboard zoom shortcuts don ’ triiodothyronine work in google slither. If I discuss in a straight lineage I would say you fair have to Click On View and then Select The Zoom button from the Drop-Down Menu and after that shows the zoom share according to your skid predilection. Below are the steps where we discussed the detail with pictures on how you can zoom in and zoom out in Google Slides now let ’ s understand the tutorial in brief .

Three Steps To Zoom In & Out On Google Slides

normally, users face problems with the soar feature of speech in Google Slides lawsuit it ’ mho heavily to locate for beginners. And as we all know once you understand the future and learn the custom it becomes a free flow of use. There are some methods that you can follow to zoom in and out on Google Slides, below are these methods:

#1. Using View Option In Menu Bar

In every software there is a menu bar on the top of the window similarly in Google Slides we have a view option in the menu bar on the top, follow the steps below :

Step 1. Use View Option

In this, you have to click on the View choice in the Menu bar which is present on the exit side of the lead browning automatic rifle .

Step 2. Select Zoom Option

After you click on the View Option a Drop-Down will open with respective menus, from their levitate over the Zoom option, then another drop-down corner menu will open .

Step 3. Select Suitable Option From Box

You will see respective soar options in that second dropdown menu box. You simply want to Zoom In and Zoom Out, click on either of those to perform the action. If you merely want to magnify the swoop you can use the Zoom in choice and to reduce the size of the slide, you can use the zoom out option .

#2. Using Zoom Option In Toolbar

The above method acting will work finely for the erstwhile use of the Zoom feature, if you ’ ra working with the presentation you might have to use soar respective times if you ’ re using the above method you barely have to repeat all the steps.

For those users, Google slide provided zoom options in the “ Toolbar ” itself, let ’ s understand how to access this :

Step 1. Zoom feature In the Toolbar

You need to navigate to the rapid climb featured icon present on the toolbar. You will be able to well distinguish, it is a drop-down arrow clitoris beside the magnifying glass icon in the toolbar set .

Step 2. Tap on the Arrow button

Click on the Arrow button and the dropdown box will open with several menus option zoom in soar out and besides the percentage of soar .

Step 3. Select from the Drop Down options

now you can well choose unlike soar options from the drop-down menu bar, you can either choose to click on zoom in (++) or zoom out (+). You can besides use this feature many times during the slide creation .

Step 4. Use the Magnifying Glass for Double zoom

You can besides use a overstate field glass feature in order to directly Zoom-In the slide, it is much faster than clicking on the down arrow and then choosing the soar option.

As you select the overstate glass icon, the background of the icon will turn chicken. And as you can see in the prototype above you are again will turn into a substantial character magnifying looking glass. These indications will help you understand that your magnifying methamphetamine is working properly.

now you have selected the magnifying glass and you have to use the sport on the slide cause in between this you can not use any early feature of the slide. Whatever the area you want to zoom in you good have to click with the magnifying field glass on that area to use Zoom. Suppose the use of the soar have is done and you want to use other features, you need to stop the function of magnifying glass by clicking on the get off button on the keyboard. You can besides select the Arrow icon which is present on the right side of the magnifying glas south icon in the toolbar. unfortunately, this magnifying glass feature of speech can only be used in ordering to zoom in to your slide. In order to zoom out, you have to use method one by using the View choice .

#3. Keyboard Shortcuts In The Google Slide

This method acting is for the users who want to be efficient with their work using keyboard shortcuts which are individually available for the Google slides .

For Windows Users, You Can Use:

  • Press CTRL+Alt++ [Press Control plus Alt and ++ sign]
  • Press CTRL+Alt+- [Press Control plus Alt and +- sign]

For Mac Users, You Can Use:

  • Press CMD+Option++ [Press Command Plus option Plus++ sign]
  • Press CMD+Option+- [Press Command Plus option Plus+- sign]

This is the fastest and most efficient way of using commands in order to perform rapid climb in Google slide and most professional users use these commands .

How To Select the Preset Of Zoom Level In Google Slides

In Google skid, it does not provide the tractability in the roll of Zoom In and Out like we can do with the help of a slide barroom. so Google chute provides you with the three repair sets of the zoom flat for the presentation chute. These presets are 50%, 100% as well as 200%. These presets are provided in order to create a coherent level of Zoom across all the templates that a exploiter creates in Google slides. Below is the screenshot you can select any preset from the three options and maintain that consistency all across the presentation slide. Simply click on the View choice in the menu browning automatic rifle and then however the zoom button to open a fresh Dropdown Box and select the preset from there .

How To Fit The Zoom level In Google Slides

When you work on several templates and presentation slides in Google Slides, it becomes confusing using the rapid climb feature since it ’ s not very user-friendly and intuitive. so in a situation like that, you should constantly use Reset for the Zoom feature. To perform the reset of a soar feature you have to click on “ View ” then hover over the zoom button you will see an choice of Fit (91%). You can also use the keyboard shortcut for this.

  • For window users – CTRL+ALT+[
  • For Mac users – CMD+Option+[

You can use a downward Arrow in order to fit the zoom as we mentioned in the second method.


How can I create a custom zoom in Google Slides?

For the users who want to use custom zoom, unfortunately right now there is no feature available in the Google slide for that, you can use presets of Zoom available.
many users want this feature and its request has been sent many times to the developers by using product feedback tools.
In the future, there are chances that developers of the product will add the requested feature of speech to the Google Slides .

How to Zoom Out On Google Docs App

When you open Google department of commerce you will see a toolbar set in the lead header of the windows.
In the toolbar, there will be a zoom share and it will be set to 100 % by default option, you can change the soar share by simply clicking on that share.
The drop-down menu will open and you can select several other share of soar from the tilt, these are the presets of the soar proportion. do

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