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The Crop / Pan & Zoom effect is used to change the frame of your generator media. It provides two modes of doing this, as indicted by the deed .

  • Crop allows you to specify the portion of your media that you wish to see, and then auto-scales that area to fill your frame.
  • Pan & Zoom adds animation abilities, so the position or size of the visible area can be altered over time.

When the effect is added to a timeline aim, two buttons will appear in the bottom left recess of the Viewer, allowing you to choose which modality is used .

Controls Panel

The basal tools for controlling your cultivate are found on the spectator, but there are extra properties which can be accessed through the Controls panel. The viewer controls for each mode will be examined in contingent far down this page .

  • Aspect Ratio: Choose the aspect ratio of the crop area. Typically you will want this to match your timeline, but if you prefer a different shape, you can choose the aspect ratio you need here.
    • Timeline: Constrains the crop area to the aspect ratio of the active timeline.
    • Original: Constrains the crop area to the original aspect ratio of the clip being cropped.
    • *16:9: Constrains the crop area to a standard 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio.
    • 4:3: Constrains the crop area to the 4:3 aspect ratio of traditional television.
    • 1:1: Constrains the crop area to a square aspect ratio.
    • 9:16: Constrains the aspect to a vertical aspect ratio.
    • Custom: Allows you to specify any aspect ratio you desire. using the Custom Aspect Ratio controls which appear when this option is selected.
      • Width: Specify the width pf the crop area in pixels
      • Height: Specify the heigh of the crop area in pixels.
  • Autozoom: Determines the size of the cropped area when the effect is applied.
    • Enabled: The crop area is scaled up to the largest size which will fit within your timeline resolution.
    • Disabled: The original scale is used, so the crop area remains at its original size and position, and all portions of the layer outside the crop area are removed.

Crop Mode

Crop, the default option mood of the effect, overlays a white rectangle onto the viewer, which is the Crop Boundary. The sphere within the Crop Boundary is the Crop Area. Drag the edges or corners of the Crop Boundary to resize it and define the assign of the source media which you want to be visible. here the white Crop Boundary has been resized and positioned to focus the shot on the two actors.

crop boundary
once you click out of the consequence controls, the cultivate will be applied. In this example, compare the original snip on the left with the results of our crop on the correct .
original5 crop

Pan & Zoom Mode

Of you don ’ metric ton with the crop area to remain the same size, or in the same place, throughout the duration of the clip, you can switch to Pan & Zoom mood to animate the crop area. When Pan & Zoom mode is enabled, two Crop Boundaries will be displayed on the Viewer. The green crop limit is the Start Crop, and the crimson limit is the conclusion Crop. HitFilm will mechanically generate the vivification to move from one crop to the early. Click inside of either boundary to select it for editing .
panzoom boundary

  • Green Crop Boundary: The green boundary defines the crop which will be applied on the first frame of your layer. Click inside the green box to select it for editing, and the playhead will automatically jump to the first frame of your layer.
  • Red Crop Boundary: The red boundary defines the crop that will be applied on the final frame of your layer. Click inside the red box to select it for editing, and the playhead will automatically jump to the last frame of your layer.

In this model, we have started with a similar frame to our crop case above, as shown by the green box around the two actors. The larger loss box is about the wax size of the original media, so HitFilm will gradually animate the position and size of the frame to reveal a wide-eyed shoot .
When the Pan & Zoom mode is active, two extra buttons are displayed on the Viewer .

  • Reverse Motion: Click this button to swap the Start Crop and End Crop, so that the motion of your pan & zoom is reversed. In our example, this would create a shot which starts wide, then moves in closer on our two actors.
  • Add Keyframe: When the playhead is moved to any frame between the first and last frames of the layer, this button will appear. In some instances, start and end keyframes may not be enough. Move the playhead to any other frame where you want to add an additional keyframe, and click this button. A new white crop boundary will appear, and you can edit the crop for that frame.
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