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How to Zoom in CapCut? Applications for mobile devices are one of the great entertainments of today and it is that there are applications for anything and without a doubt the users of these spend excellent moments with them .
Applications allow you to do a big number of things and one of the most entertain for millions of people is the creation of short videos, which they late share with their family and friends on social networks. One of the most secondhand applications nowadays is CapCut, which has become a cosmopolitan vogue .

The attractions of the app

This is one of the applications that presently offers the most phone number of functions in the short video creation and editing To its users, despite having been designed to be used on fluid devices, this lotion is considered one of the most complete in the video editing diligence.

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The zoom function It is one of the many that this application offers and it is precisely this affair that we will talk about today, basically we will tell you how to use it, since, for many of the users, those who are less familiar with today ‘s technological advances today, its use is a mystery.

Important to know

One of the most important things to know that the soar effect is one of the functions of this application and that consists of giving the ace that the picture to which it is zoomed stands out in such a direction that it stands out from the rest of the video composing. This way it will look like a three-dimensional image .
In this app the effect name is 3D Zoom, and can be applied to all photographs as required in the like composition, so that you can make any clip one of your master creations .

Starting the project

  • Enter the application.
  • Select the photos to use. At the moment it can only be used in these, the images you selected will appear in the order in which they were chosen.
  • Press the add alternative, to start your new project in the app.
  • Choose image you want to highlight.

Adding the effect

  • Once you select the image to be highlighted must move the toolbar.
  • To add effects, it is indicated that move the bar to the left side. Locate the alternative Style. Pick it.
  • Locate and select 3D Zoom option.
  • With this action the photograph of your choice will be the one to which the effect is applied.
  • The app will take care of applying the effect in highlighted image.
  • If you want to zoom to other images you can do it without inconvenience in the same way.

After making the video

  • Click on the option change application.
  • The highlighted images will be on the screen for about 3 seconds, this time can be reduced by you.
  • Export your video to save it on your mobile computer.
  • Share it on your social networks.
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