Zoom in Excel: Change Your Worksheet Magnification

The zoom sport in Excel changes the scale of a worksheet. When you want to see more or less of a worksheet, function Zoom to increase or decrease the exaggeration .

The data in this article applies to Excel 2019, Excel 2016, Excel 2013, Excel 2010, and Excel 2007.

Choose Your Zoom Method

There are three different ways to zoom in on a worksheet :

  • The Zoom slider located on the status bar.
  • The Zoom tool found on the View tab of the Excel ribbon.
  • The Zoom on roll with IntelliMouse option.

Use the Zoom Slider

When you want to cursorily change the enlargement of a worksheet, use the Zoom slider. You ‘ll find the Zoom luger in the bottom right corner of the Excel window. To use the Zoom luger, drag the slider to the right or to the left .

Screenshot of Excel showing the zoom slider
To zoom in, drag the skidder to the right. Everything on the worksheet gets larger and you see less of the worksheet .

To zoom out, drag the skidder to the leave. Objects in the worksheet get smaller and you see more of the worksheet .

An alternative to using the slider is to select Zoom Out or Zoom In located at either end of the skidder. The buttons zoom the worksheet in or out in increments of 10 % .

Adjusting the zoom flat does not affect the actual size of a worksheet. Printouts of the stream sheet remain the same, careless of the selected rapid climb charge.

Set a Custom Zoom Magnification

On the View tab, the Zoom group contains three options to quickly adjust your view of the spreadsheet : zoom, 100 %, and Zoom to Selection .

Screenshot of Excel showing zoom options on the ribbon
Select Zoom to open the Zoom dialogue box. The Zoom dialogue box contains pre-set magnification options ranging from 25 % to 200 %, deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as choices for custom magnification and zooming to fit the current selection .

zoom With Shortcut Keys

Keyboard key combinations that zoom in and out of a worksheet involve using the ALT cardinal. These shortcuts entree the zoom options on the View tab of the ribbon using keyboard keys preferably than the mouse .

hera are the soar shortcut keys :

  • ALT+W+J: Activates the 100% zoom option on the ribbon.
  • ALT+W+G: Activates Zoom to Selection on the ribbon.
  • ALT+V+Z: Opens the Zoom dialog box.
  • ALT+W+Q: Opens the Zoom dialog box.

When you ‘re working in the Zoom dialogue box, press one of the following keyboard shortcuts to change the enlargement level :

  • 0+Enter: 200% zoom
  • 1+Enter: 100% zoom
  • 7+Enter: 75% zoom
  • 5+Enter: 50% zoom
  • 2+Enter: 25% zoom

Using these keyboard keys to activate the Custom rapid climb option requires extra keystrokes in addition to those needed to open the Zoom dialogue box .

After typing ALT + W + Q + C, embark numbers such as 33 for a 33 % magnification level. Complete the sequence by pressing Enter .

soar on Roll With IntelliMouse

If you frequently adjust the zoom horizontal surface of worksheets, you might want to use the Zoom on roll with IntelliMouse option .

Screenshot of Excel showing IntelliMouse option
When activated, this option allows you to zoom in or out using the scroll bicycle. The option is activated using the Excel Options dialogue box .

  1. Select File .

  2. Select Options to open the Excel Options dialogue box .

  3. Select Advanced in the left panel of the dialogue box .

  4. Select Zoom on roll with IntelliMouse in the mighty jury to activate this option.

rapid climb out to Display Named Ranges

If a worksheet contains one or more named ranges, soar levels below 40 % display these named ranges surrounded by a border. This provides a quick and easy room to check their localization in a worksheet .

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