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AppleInsider is supported by its audience and may earn commission as an Amazon Associate and affiliate partner on qualifying purchases. These affiliate partnerships do not influence our editorial content. If you ‘re having trouble seeing elements of your Mac ‘s background, take advantage of its Zoom handiness tool to magnify the part of the screen you need. Apple ‘s handiness features in macOS provide many different ways to customize the experience, all to allow as many people as possible to use the Mac. Of the tools available, one of the most useful is Zoom, which magnifies the display.

This is essential for people with ocular impairments, but it ‘s besides handy for people with perfective vision for daily tasks. With high-resolution monitors on the market, sometimes the textbook and other parts may be besides little to easily read, making the magnification of the display very useful. here ‘s how to take advantage of Zoom in your work flow.

Enabling Zoom

Zoom is not enabled by nonpayment in macOS, with users needing to enable it within the Accessibility menu.

How to enable Zoom magnification in macOS

  • Click the Apple logo in the Menu Bar, and select System Preferences.
  • Click on Accessibility.
  • In the left-hand column, select Zoom. It will be under the Vision section, near the top of the list.
  • Tick the checkbox next to Use keyboard shortcuts to zoom.
  • Alternately, click Use scroll gesture with modifier keys to zoom.
  • Once enabled, the feature is available immediately.

To turn off the features, plainly reach the lapp menu and uncheck the relevant boxes.

Basic Zoom control

Depending on the checkboxes you selected, there are two chief ways to start using Zoom. If you selected to enable keyboard shortcuts, you have three commands at your administration :

  • Press Control-Option-8 to toggle Zoom on and off.
  • Press Control-Option-= to zoom in or increase magnification.
  • Press Control-Option-Minus to zoom out or to decrease magnification.

If you selected to use the scroll gesticulate, you could select from several modifier keys to hold down to enable Zoom, then you can change the magnification using a mouse coil wheel or a one-finger vertical scroll gesticulate on a trackpad. You can customize the modifier key from the dropdown box, with Control, Option, and Command available to use. While not labeled, you can besides click in the box and press multiple modifier keys to create a custom shortcut combination.

Zoom Styles

There are three Zoom styles to choose from, with each having its strengths and weaknesses.

Full screen

Selecting Full screen will magnify the integral screen, with the cursor used as the focal point for exaggeration .Full screen zoom uses the entire display. This pointer is measurable in centimeters.

If multiple monitors are in practice, the Choose Display option will bring up the ability to choose between the presently active agent displays on a Mac. Selecting a display will mean that it will be used to show the blow up translation of the other screen. If you select All, you retain the use of multiple monitors, with all zooming in as if they are one filmdom, at one point on the desktop.

Split screen

Opting for Split Screen will cut the main expose into two regions, with the lower sphere showing the background, and the amphetamine area displaying the exaggerated shield, again focused on the cursor .Split screen uses only part of the display, while leaving the rest of the screen devoted to the macOS desktop.

The lower background section will scroll up and toss off to give full use of the desktop space.


The third gear choice provides a highly localized magnification than the early two, in that it is a rectangular overlay that follows the cursor around the screen. Changing magnification affects the rapid climb of just the sheathing rectangle, not the entire display .Picture-in-picture zooms in a small movable section of the screen, wherever the pointer is.

This is a in truth useful option for episodic fine detail cultivate, such as correctly positioning a cursor when editing a document.

Advanced Options

Apple provides many far customization settings under the Advanced Options pop-up book, with many of the items here can change all three Zoom versions, and some are limited to fewer. Under Appearance, the top section provides options for how the zoomed-in screen picture moves, with users able to set it to move continuously with the cursor, lone when the pointer reaches the edge of the zoomed-in segment, and ensuring that the pointer remains relatively near to the plaza of the zoom picture .You can tweak how the zoomed-in section acts.

far options cover features such as restoring the zoom level on inauguration, keeping the zoom window stationary rather than moving it around, following the keyboard focus, and smoothing zoomed-in images. It is besides possible to set the zoomed-in section to have inverted colors. You can even set the riddle to flash when a notification standard appears outside of the zoomed position. The Adjust Size and Location push button appears for both Split screen and Picture-in-picture and gives you the chance to change how big the zoomed-in screen is during use .More shortcut options are available, including adding more trackpad controls and adjusting the zoom limits.

The Controls yellow journalism offers extra keyboard and trackpad-based options, including the ability to temporarily toggle zoom with a keyboard shortcut, holding another to temporarily detach the soar view from the arrow, and even to toggle between Full filmdom and Picture-in-picture modes. Keyboard shortcuts can besides be enabled to adjust the soar window size and enable trackpad gestures to zoom and exchange options. Controls are besides presented to set the rapid climb range, namely the maximal magnification and the minimum exaggeration.

Hover Text

While not specifically magnifying the display, the Zoom menu besides includes an option for “ enable Hover Text. ” available without needing Zoom to be enabled, the sport lets users press the Command key to temporarily magnify just the textbook under the arrow .As the name suggests, hover over text and Hover Text will make it larger.

An Options menu offers extra personalization, including changing the size of the zoomed-in text to between 14pt and 128pt, the font, how the text appears around the cursor, and what modifier key triggers the feature of speech .You can change how Hover Text works, and appears.

further configuration options are available for colors, including text colors, the insertion bespeak tinge, background, edge, and component highlights.

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