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Details:Q. I want to spectate a game. How can I access Spectator Mode?
When you are browsing for a custom-made League of Legends game you will now have the choice to join that crippled as a spectator. alternatively, you can elect to become a spectator after joining the game lobby as a player. You may besides spectate a ally ‘s game by correctly clicking on their identify in your friend list, and clicking ‘Spectate game ‘. Q. What games am I allowed to spectate?
You are able to spectate Custom Games, your friends ‘ matchmaking games, and random matchmaking games from the presence foliate of the customer. note that for friends ‘ games, you must wait three minutes before the option becomes available, in an attempt by RIOT to prevent initial haunt. Q. Is there a penalty for leaving a game as a spectator?
Since you are alone spectating the crippled and not actually playing it, there is no penalty for leaving any game whilea spectating. additionally, spectating carries no obligation to reconnect to a game once you have left.

Q. If I disconnect, can I reconnect to a game that I am spectating?
If you disconnect from a equal that you were spectating, you will be given the option to reconnect or quit from that match. however, If you do not choose to reconnect at this screen and there is not summoner who is your supporter in the match, it is very difficult to reconnect to the plot. Q. Will I be able to see what champions summoners have chosen to play as in Champion Select?
Yes, as a spectator you will see what Champion was selected at all times via the Heads Up Display ( HUD ) for both Blind Pick and Draft modality. Q. Will it be able easy to compare team stats in Spectator Mode?
Yes, all stats including full team gold, kills, and tower kills will be displayed at all times as separate of the Spectator Modes HUD. Q. Will the addition of spectators into a game cause performance issues for the other players?
No, the players in-game should not experience performance issues, any issues you incure while in this mode are due to either client side joining issues, or the connection issues already award in the connect summoners. Q. How can I view individual player statistics and information
To view any person summoner ‘s statistics, you can click on that player either on thier champion or their champions photograph on the HUD to select them. Q. How do I compare the stats of two players?
Pressing Tab or the ‘O ‘ samara will bring up a scoreboard showing the individual stats of all players on each team. This includes : kills, deaths, assists, minion kills, current items, personal score, current amber, and full gold. Q. How can I lock the camera on a player that I want to follow?
Yes. There is an choice to lock the camera on your stream aim through a variety of methods : You can double-click the champion, select it and press “ Y ”, or immediately follow it through the menu at the buttocks left corner. note that moving your mouse to the edge of the blind will unlock the camera from the selected player. besides if the musician dies the television camera will automatically switch to the Directed Camera which will switch from player to player based on how much activity they are showing.

Q. Will I be able to quickly jump from one player’s perspective to another?
Yes. You can easily jump from observing one player to another by clicking on the allow portrayal on the bequeath or good slope. alternatively, each actor can be selected from the cliff down menu in the bottom left corner or by double-clicking any champion. Q. Will I have the option to remove/activate the fog of war while spectating?
Yes, you will have the option to view the games fog of war from either team ‘s position merely, from both teams ‘ combined perspectives, or not at all by wholly disabling it. Q. Will I be able to access the shop to look at items while I am spectating a game?
At this time you are unable to view workshop items or the view of a musician in the shop during game. If a player does go into the shop menu the specator will equitable see the actor stand in place. Q. Will I be able to view in-game chat while?
You will be able to view chat that was sent to the “ all ” chat by any musician. however, you will not see team-specific chat or communicate directly to them in-game or with early spectators. To do this you will either have to send the message via PVP.net new world chat or by using the chat control “/msg [USERNAME] [MESSAGE]”. Q. Will I be able to ping the map or view player alert pings while spectating a game?
As a spectator pump, the blue team ‘s pings will appear gloomy and the imperial team ‘s pings will appear purple. You will besides be able to ping the function but niether team in-game will see these pings, this is chiefly used for streaming games. Q. How many players are allowed to spectate a single game?
Currently alone four spectators at a time can spectate a one game at once, this number is however subject to change with the many patches which come to League of Legends.

Q. Will spectating players be able to tell my opponents what’s happening?
You can but there is a three-minute delay built into Spectator Mode to prevent observing players from being able to provide intelligence to the competitors by Ghosting, which is frowned upon as it hinders the know of other players. Q. Am I able to kick a spectator from the game lobby before the game starts?
If you are the game owner and do not want a musician observing your game you are able to kick or if it is good enough ban them from the game lobby. Q. Will there be privacy settings that I can use to restrict who can spectate my games?
Game hosts have the option to enable or disable spectators. Players besides must join your game as a spectator through the custom plot lobby. If you are not comfortable with a player spectating your crippled, you will a stated before have the choice to kick or ban them from the lobby before the game starts .

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