TradingView Hotkeys | Complete guide to Tradingview keyboard shortcuts

TradingView Hotkeys | Complete guide to Tradingview keyboard shortcuts

TradingView keyboard shortcuts are are excellent way to improve your deal platform exploiter feel. They save prison term, increase efficiency and most importantly they allow for the most optimum trade executions. TradingView is one the most popular on-line trade platforms for both hanker and short condition traders. It offers charting access to a huge range of markets and instruments. What I love about TradingView is the developers have actually taken the clock time to produce a platform that is smooth, responsive and looks capital. A great feature included with the platform is the huge choice of TradingView hotkeys and keyboard shortcuts. In this position I will provide a detail guide about where to find tradingView keyboard shortcuts. I ’ ll provide a detail list of all the tradingview hotkeys. Plus I ’ ll answer some frequently asked questions.

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How to use Tradingview keyboard shortcuts

To access Tradingview hotkeys. Open any chart and in the peak leave hand corner navigate to the hamburger picture. Select this picture to open the drop down empanel. At the bottom of this panel choice ‘ Keyboard Shortcuts ’ This will open the keyboard shortcuts menu. To access the the hotkey list. Select the category neglect down menu or if you know thhotkey you are looking for habit the ‘ Find shortcut ’ search box.

TradingView keyboard shortcuts for Mac users

TradingView keyboard shortcuts are identical for macintosh users. The only small pas seul is the ‘ Alt ’ key needs to be substituted for the ‘ option ’ key on a Mac .

Full list of TradingView keyboard shortcuts and hotkeys

The follow is an expanded list of ALL TradingView hotkeys :

CHART keyboard shortcuts

Open indicators /
Load Chart Layout .
Save Chart Layout Ctrl + S
Change symbol Symbol or Double-Shift
Change interval Number or ,
Move chart 1 bar to the left
Move chart 1 bar to the right
Replay play / pause Shift + ↓
Replay step forward Shift + →
Move further to the left Ctrl + ←
Move further to the right Ctrl + →
Undo Ctrl + Z
Redo Ctrl + Y
Switching between charts in multi-charts layout Tab,  Shift + Tab
Toogle maximize pane DoubleClick
Add alert Alt + A
Go to date Alt + G
Add text note for symbol Alt + N
Take snapshot Alt + S
Reset chart Alt + R
Invert series scale Alt + I
Enable / disable logarithmic series scale Alt + L
Enable / disable percent series scale Alt + P
Add symbol to watchlist Alt + W
Focus zoom Ctrl + Mouse steering wheel

INDICATORS & DRAWINGS keyboard shortcuts

Partially erase Ctrl + Eraser
Gann Box fixed increments Hold Shift
Measure tool Hold Shift + Click
Copy selected object Ctrl + C
Paste object Ctrl + V
Remove object Delete or Backspace

Temporary turn on/off magnet mode Drag + Shift
Hide all drawing tools Ctrl + Alt + H
Clone a drawing tools Ctrl + Drag
Drawings multiselect Hold Ctrl + Click
Move a drawing tool horizontally or vertically Drag +  Shift
Trend line Alt + T
Horizontal line Alt + H
Vertical line Alt + V
Cross line Alt + C
Fib retracement Alt + F
Square Rectangle + Shift
Circle Ellipse + Shift
45 degrees angle or horizontal Trend line or Channel + Shift

WATCHLIST & SCREENER keyboard shortcuts

Next symbol ↓ or Space
Previous symbol ↑ or Shift + Space
Flag / unflag symbol Alt + Enter
Select all symbols Ctrl + A
Select next symbol Ctrl + ↓
Select previous symbol Ctrl + ↑

PINE EDITOR keyboard shortcuts

New script Ctrl + I
Save script Ctrl + S
Open script Ctrl + O
Add script to chart Ctrl + Enter
Open pine script reference Ctrl + Click
Toggle console Ctrl + ‘
Go to word left Ctrl + ←
Go to word right Ctrl + →
Go to line start Home
Go to line end End
Go to start Ctrl + Home
Go to end Ctrl + End
Select line start Shift + Home
Select line end Shift + End
Select up Shift + ↑
Select down Shift + ↓
Remove line Ctrl + D
Copy lines up ALT + Shift + ↑
Copy lines down ALT + Shift + ↓
Move lines up ALT + ↑
Move lines down ALT + ↓
Remove to lines end ALT + Delete
Remove to lines start ALT + Backspace
Remove word left Ctrl + Backspace
Remove word right Ctrl + Delete
Autocomplete Ctrl + Space
Multi-Line commenting Ctrl + /
Indent right Tab or Ctrl + ]
Indent left Shift + Tab  or Ctrl + [
Multi-cursor Ctrl + Alt + ↑  or Ctrl + Alt + ↓

TRADING keyboard shortcuts

Place market order to buy Shift + B
Place market order to sell Shift + S
Place limit order Click in the DOM cell
Place stop order Ctrl + Click in the DOM cell

Frequently asked questions:

Keyboard shortcuts for bar replay?

Tradingview has two keyboard short cuts nominated for controling the prevention replay function. To play and pause the stripe replay ‘ Replay play/pause ’ the shortcut keys are Shift + ↓ to step a prevention replay ahead ‘ replay step forward ’ the hotkeys are Shift + → .

keyboard shortcut to change the timeframe?

TradingView developers have recently added timeframe keyboard shorts to the chopine. To change the time frame of the chart you are presently working on dim-witted key the Number of the minutes related to the time frame you want. For example if you the 5 minute time frame winder ‘ 5 ’. If you ’ re wanting the Daily, Weekly or monthly clock time frames a little trick I use is blue-ribbon ‘ 1 ’. then type the whole of your time ensnare. For example ‘ 1D ’.

How do you zoom a Tradingview chart?

The TradingView rapid climb shortcut is ‘ Ctrl + Mouse wheel ‘. This gives you loads of control to promptly zoom in and out of charts without having to select a zoom tool and select an area .

TradingView account

If you signup for an annual Pro, Pro+ or Premium TradingView membership using the link. New users are eligible to get up to $30 towards new yearly plan and $10 towards monthly plans.

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