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This is a list of default controls and chat commands.


Keybindings can be changed in the options menu .
note that the F5 for Nexus hot key can not be changed, nor can mouse controls ( excepting the toggle for CTRL + Left Click in the Hot Keys menu ).

Mouse Controls

  • Left Click: Shoot / Interact / Move Item (via drag & drop)
  • Right Click: Open Player Menu (when in chat)
  • Scroll Wheel: Mini-Map Zoom In/Out
  • Double Click: Use Consumable Item / Move Items into Inventory / Put On or Switch Equipment
  • SHIFT + Left Click: Use Special Ability / Use Consumable Item
  • CTRL + Left Click: Move Items from Inventory to Backpack

Keyboard Controls

  • W: Move Up
  • A: Move Left
  • S: Move Down
  • D: Move Right
  • Q: Rotate Left
  • E: Rotate Right
  • Space: Use Special Ability
  • I: Autofire Toggle
  • H: Toggle HP Bars
  • Z: Reset to Default Camera Angle
  • X: Toggle Centering of Player
  • 0: Interact/Buy

Hot Keys

  • F: Use/Buy Health Potion
  • V: Use/Buy Magic Potion
  • 18: Use Inventory Slot 1, 2, 3, etc.
  • =: Minimap Zoom In
  • -: Minimap Zoom Out
  • R/F5: Escape to Nexus
  • O: Show Options
  • B: Switch Tabs
  • [Unset]: Hardware Acceleration Hotkey
  • N: Toggle Ally Projectiles
  • M: Toggle Particles
  • [Unset]: Show Friend List
  • CTRL + SHIFT + Z: Clear HUD and Overlay


  • Enter: Activate Chat
  • /: Start Chat Command
  • Tab: Begin Tell
  • G: Begin Guild Chat
  • PgUp: Scroll Chat Up
  • PgDn: Scroll Chat Down


You can type the comply commands in as new world chat messages.

  • /help shows a partial list of commands in the chat window.
    • Aliases: /h
  • /tell sends a private message to a player.
    • Aliases: /t, /whisper, /w
  • /teleport teleports you to a player.
    • Player must be on the current map.
    • Aliases: /tp
  • /trade opens a trade request with a player. Will not work if the player is not nearby.
  • /lock locks a player.
    • Player must be on the current map.
  • /unlock unlocks a player.
    • Player must be on the current map.
  • /who shows a list of players present in the current map, by join order.
  • /classes counts the players of each class present in the current map.
    • Aliases: /class, /c
  • /ignore causes a player’s messages to be blocked.
    • Player must be on the same map as you or have sent a message in the current map.
  • /unignore will unblock a blocked player.
    • Player must be on the same map as you or have sent a message in the current map.
  • /tutorial teleports you to the tutorial dungeon.
    • Cannot be used in realms or dungeons.
  • /server tells you which server and zone you are in.
  • /yell broadcasts your message throughout the entire Nexus (instead of within 15 tiles).
    • Disabled in the Nexus.
  • /invite invites a player to your guild (if you are a Founder, Leader, or Officer).
  • /join joins a guild that you have been invited to.
  • /event lists the dungeons (if any) in which an event is running.
  • /addfriend sends a friend request to a player.

Admin commands

  • /admin
  • /create
  • /createn
  • /enter
  • /genocide
  • /gift
  • /kill
  • /move
  • /setpiece
  • /spawn
  • /unadmin
  • /map
  • /vanish
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