Video Zoomer: How to Zoom in on Video on Mac/Win [2 Ways]

How to Zoom in Video After It’s Recorded or Saved

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What video software can zoom in a video at different places and let audiences pay extra care to a specific depart on my television equally well as help me snap pictures of a video ? – punctuate
Want to zoom in video recording during your front-runner scenes like Mark, after the video recording has been recorded and shot ? This article will show you how to zoom in video recording and make a Ken Burns Effect by cropping video and the Pan & Zoom effects .
There are many free video editing software that you can use to zoom in on videos, for Mac users, you can use the release iMovie on Mac and iPhone or iPad to zoom in on television. For this demonstration, we ‘ll use our own video zoomer Wondershare Filmora video recording editor program ( Windows 7/8/10 supported ) for an model. Filmora is a potent television editor that comes complete with all common television edit tools, along with an array of video effects, transitions, titles and assorted options to contribution your creations.

How to Zoom in on Videos [Video Tutorial]

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bill : The video recording tutorial above is made with Filmora 8.X interpretation, I ’ ve updated the details about how to zoom in on videos with the latest Filmora downstairs .

How to Zoom in on Videos [2 Easy Ways]

Before rapid climb in on television, download and install Filmora first. And then establish Filmora to import the video footage. There are two ways to import video files to zoom .
choice 1 is to click “ Import ” on the primary windows and blue-ribbon files from your computer. option 2 is to directly drag and drop files to the media library. then, you ‘ll see your videos on the screen. Any foster edit wo n’t change your original files. Next, drag videos from the media library to the video track on Timeline .
import videos to zoom in

Method 1 Zoom in videos by Cropping

Right-click the television motivation to zoom on the timeline and then select Crop and Zoom from the sub-menu. You can besides select the television in the timeline and snap on the Crop and Zoom icon in the toolbar or imperativeness ALT+C to enter the Crop and Zoom interface. You ‘ll find a “ Crop ” button in the middle of screen door. Click it to open the editing window to zoom in video recording by cropping unnecessary part .
import videos to zoom in
To help you crop and zoom in on television quickly and easily, you can manually select the snip sphere to make a rapid climb consequence in the master video, or keep the rapid climb in sphere in different expression ratio such as 16:9, 4:3, 9:16 or 1:1. Drag the pavilion to the aim position in the original preview windowpane .
note : if you ’ ve crop and zoomed an original 16:9 video to a 4:3 expression proportion television, you ’ ll find black stripe in the crop and zoomed clip. In this shell, you can add some background blur filters to the clip like the screen shown below .
Zoomed footage with Background Blur effect
Hide blackbar with backgorund blur fitlers in Filmora

Method 2 Zoom in videos with Pan&Zoom effects

Pan and soar effects, which are celebrated as Ken Burns effects besides, will make the video or image slowly soar in on the specific subjects and pan from one to another .
In the Crop and Zoom window, switch to Pan&Zoom tab and the window will show as below :
import videos to zoom in
You will see a begin and an end rectangle on the window. The nonpayment begin and end settings will zoom in the video recording lento and slenderly to the concentrate .
To change the segment of the video recording that appears at the start of the impression, select the Start rectangle to adjust the snip size and drag it on the window to get target position. To change the department of the video that appears at the end of the pan & rapid climb effect, select the end rectangle to adjust the crop size and drag it on the windowpane to set its position .
Click the Play button to check the Pan & Zoom effect in the video and you can besides exchange the Start and End areas by clicking the Swap button in the bottom left corner. And click the OK button to save the Pan and Zoom effect .
Always preview your television before output signal your video recording. When the preview is commodity, snap Export and a dialogue as below will appear. here you can export video in any democratic formats on the local computer by choosing “ Format ”. If you want to play video universe on ipod, iPhone, iPad, click “ Device ” and select the thumbnail of your devices. You can besides directly upload your zoom-in videos to YouTube and Vimeo or burn to DVD disk for playing on television receiver using a DVD Player .
zoom in video output

Zoom in video tips:

  • iPhone doesn’t come with the optical zoom feature. So you can’t natively zoom in / zoom out iPhone video. However, with the help with application like Wondershare Filmora, you can effortlessly zoom in iPhone videos. As described in this article, you can import iPhone video to Wondershare Filmora and zoom in video at your pleasure.
  • Make sure the aspect ratio of the zoom-in video is the same with that of the selected output format. Or add some background blur filters to hide the black bar.
  • Note that the quality of zoom-in video depends on the chosen output format to some extent. For example, you have selected small dimensions, but output as large dimensions of video, the quality would not be good. In such case, smaller output dimensions are recommended.

Besides the Pan & zoom impression, Filmora provides much more features. Download the free trial adaptation and find out more creativities with Filmora .

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