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Incredible Hulk Vol 1 #181

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329?cb=20180402002312 art by : Herb Trimpe, John Romita and Gaspar Saladino

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July 30, 1974

Cover Date

November, 1974

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Roy Thomas

1. “And Now… the Wolverine!”

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Len Wein


Herb Trimpe


Jack Abel


Glynis Wein


Artie Simek


Roy ThomasQuote1.png  Hulk does n’t understand. First small homo fights Hulk … and now he fights Hulk ‘s foe ? But if Hulk ‘s enemy is little man ‘s foe … then little man is Hulk ‘s friend !Quote2.png

—The Hulk

Appearing in “ And now … the glutton ! ”

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outline for “ And now … the michigander ! ”

The claw hero Wolverine leaps out from the top of a rough hill landing between the Hulk and The Wendigo. Scurrying onto the Hulk ‘s back, he begins swiping at him with his diamond-hard Adamantium claw, but flush they can not pierce the Hulk ‘s hide. Realizing that the Wendigo may prove to be an easier target, Wolverine springs over the Hulk ‘s head and launches himself at the Wendigo. His suspicions prove compensate, and his hook pitch into the forest creature ’ second hide. The Hulk, confused by this sudden turn of events, concludes that the “ enemy of my enemy is besides my ally ”, so he assists Wolverine in stopping the Wendigo. The Hulk picks the monster up and smashes him through a grove of trees. Wolverine finishes the job by sinking his claw into the Wendigo ‘s throat. The Wendigo is an deity animal, however, and even this apparently black blow is not adequate to kill him. For the time being, though, the Wendigo is unconscious. now Wolverine turns his care onto the Hulk. The battle is angered, but brief, until two bystanders, Marie Cartier and Georges Baptiste, use chemicals to knock them both out.

Marie Cartier prepares once again to conduct an eclipse ritual that will remove the liveliness of the Wendigo from her brother ‘s body and transpose it onto the Hulk. With the Hulk unconscious mind, he slowly changes back into Bruce Banner. Georges refuses to take part in Marie ‘s design any longer, arguing that it was badly enough when she intended on placing the curse on a asinine monster, but now she plans to subject an innocent homo being to the hex of the Wendigo. Georges angrily storms off. Marie tries to drag Banner ‘s torso back into the cave with the unconscious Wendigo, but Banner awakens and equitable as promptly turns back into the Hulk. Wolverine revives vitamin a well, and the two begin fighting once again. Marie flees from the battle and races back into the cave. The Hulk swings a mighty punch, but Wolverine manages to roll equitable in time so that it is entirely a glance fellate. The punch is hush strong enough to knock him out, however. Inside the cave, Marie discovers that Georges has completed her mysterious ritual. He has transferred the world power of the Wendigo out of Paul Cartier ‘s body and placed it inside his own. As the new Wendigo, the survive vestiges of Georges ‘ intellectual promptly fade away, but not before he manages to profess his love for Marie Cartier. The Wendigo turns and smashes through a section of cavern wall and runs off into the afforest. Paul Cartier is now everlastingly detached of the bane of the Wendigo .


continuity Notes

  • This story is told from Wolverine’s perspective in wolverine : Origins #28.

Chronology Notes

Events occur in this narrative behind the scenes that affect the chronology of the follow characters : Hulk:
Wendigo (Cartier):

publication Notes

  • The artwork for this comic’s cover in its first print was slightly modified by John Romita so that the Hulk’s head wasn’t tilted back.[1]
  • The letters column for this issue is edited by Jo Duffy.


  • This issue includes Marvel Value Stamp Vol 1 54: Shanna the She-Devil.
  • This issue gives Wolverine’s height as 5’5″, whereas the official Handbook of the Marvel Universe (Vol. 2) #14 indicates his height as 5’3″.
  • The film Hulk vs. Wolverine is based on this issue, Wolverine’s costume in the film is loosely based of his first costume, as is an episode of Wolverine and the X-Men.

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