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Japanese Voice

Nobuko Kotani (1999) Mika Kanai (2011)

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English Voice

Onalea Gilbertson (1999) Marieve Herington (2011)


Manga Debut

chapter 16

Anime Debut

Episode 15 ( 1999 )
Episode 9 ( 2011 )



Female.png Female

Eye Color

Teal (1999)
Magenta (2011)

Hair Color

Brown (1999)
Magenta (2011)



General Status


Trick Tower



Previous Occupation

Trafficker of Rare Wildlife

persona Gallery Leroute ( レルート, Rerūto ) is one of the prisoners in Trick Tower, used to test the examinees during the 287th Hunter Exam. [ 1 ]


Leroute is a beautiful and slender young woman who is short in stature. She has magenta eyes with perceptibly long eyelashes and angry pink hair ( brown in the 1999 series ) which is tied with chicken ribbons in a big ponytail, leaving her two bangs untied .


Although she puts on a reasonable, even cheerful facade, Leroute is highly manipulative. An adept gambler, she has a perfect poker face and is very perceptive .


Leroute was sentenced 112 years in prison due to illegal gamble and traffic of queer species. [ 1 ]

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Hunter Exam bow

Leroute is among the five prisoners sent by Lippo to thwart the 287th Hunter Exam examinees. While Majtani pretends to be all in to further prolong the examinees from advancing, Leroute bets against Leorio Paradinight whether Majtani is animated or absolutely, using their time as credits. She proposes to use their remaining 50-hours each and continue until one party has no more time credits to bet. As a consequence, if Leorio loses, his team has lesser hours to escape the tugboat, but if Leroute loses, the time will be added to her sentence. [ 1 ]

Leorio agrees to the match and bets ten hours that Majtani is alive. He and Leroute check the prisoner, and confirm that he ‘s not dead so far. For the adjacent subject, Leorio proses if Majtani is actually unconscious or only faking it. Leroute bets 20 hours that her colleague is unconscious, but asks Leorio how to confirm it. He takes Majtani and dangles him off the ledge. Leroute protests that it will kill the prisoner, but Leorio assures her that if Majtani belly laugh, Kurapika will lose the match. She agrees on the terms, but changes her initial bet of 20 hours to 40 hours, claiming that the prisoner will wake up. As Leorio is about to let go, Majtani stops his pretense and runs back to the other prisoners. Leroute observes that Leorio knew all along, and he explains that he is a aesculapian scholar. [ 1 ] For the future bet, Leroute last removes her hood and bets whether she is a woman or not. She explains that Leorio can check her torso until he is satisfied, to confirm his solution. therefore, Leorio bets 10 hours that she is a man, but Leroute says otherwise. Just to confirm, she lets Leorio allude her, putting their scores at 90-10, the privilege being with the prisoners. [ 1 ] With only 10 hours to lose, Leorio bets on a rock-paper-scissors game. She agrees and starts analyzing the game and Leorio. For the first base try, it ends with a draw. She guesses that doubt would affect her adversary ‘s psychological stability and uses paper against Leorio ‘s rock. [ 1 ] Leroute wins the match, successfully reducing 50 hours from the examinees ‘ accord prison term to escape Trick Tower. Her conviction is besides reduced by 50 years. She is shocked, when she witnesses Killua kill Johness by tearing out and destroying his heart. [ 2 ]

Abilities & Powers

Leroute is not a champion, but in the 1999 anime adaptation she is very dangerous however. [ 3 ] She is highly analytic and intimate in psychology, to the point she can closely read the heed of a person [ 1 ] and efficaciously guess what memories haunt them the most, to use them to inflict pain or even force her victim to commit suicide. [ 3 ] She figured out Leorio ‘s think pattern the moment she set her eyes on him. additionally, she is very attractive, which contributes to the charm she has on her targets. [ 1 ] In the manga and the 2011 anime adaptation, she is shown to be a full gambler with cognition in statistics and who is able to anticipate the moves of her opposition. [ 1 ] [ 4 ]


  • Hunter Exam arc:
    • Leroute vs. Leorio Paradinight (Trick Tower)[1]


Anime and Manga Differences

  • In the 1999 series, Leroute was a psychologist who would manipulate her patients into committing suicide.[3]

Translations around the World

Language Name
The Arab world Flag.png Arabic ليروت (Layrut)
Brazil Flag.png Brazilian Portuguese Leluto or Lelute
China Flag.png Chinese 磊露特 (Lěi lù tè)
France Flag.png French Leluto
Russia Flag.png Russian Лерут (Lerut)


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