Biscuit Krueger

Biscuit “Bisky” Krueger is a Nen user from the anime HunterxHunter voiced by Tara Sands. Biscuit is a double Star Treasure Hunter .

Powers and Abilities






Immense strength: Biscuit ‘s lastingness is vastly superhuman. tied without reverting to her original appearance, she was able to cause Binolt to vomit a large come of blood and briefly incapacitate him with a single palm thrust to his bet on without even using Nen, claiming that he would have died differently. She was besides capable of throwing a ball with adequate persuasiveness that one of Razor ‘s Nen beasts, despite being able of redirecting his fabulously brawny throws, failed to catch it. When she returns to her real shape, her physical brawn increases manifold. A single punch from her in that submit was enough to crush Bara ‘s face and knock him out, whereas six blows in her younger body suffering and injured him without defeating him. Immense speed and reflexes: Although she hides her true abilities, Biscuit is fabulously fast even in her younger phase. When they did n’t know her true identity, Killua Zoldyck and Gon Freecss praised Biscuit for keeping their pace while running through the forest. late, she slapped Killua without him being able to catch a glimpse of her bowel movement, despite his being on defend and possessing exceptionally agile reflexes. When she fought Bara, she was able to get behind him before he could react even in her younger form, despite Bara being quick enough to catch an arrow mid-flight, and he was never able to counter her attacks until she let him hit her. When she turned rear, she closed in on him and punched him before the latter could notice her moving. Biscuit besides managed to dodge a sneaky ball thrown by Razor who, pretending to be aiming at Killua, had rigged it to turn in her direction. In fact, her reaction clock time allowed her to avoid the ball with her wholly soundbox, unlike Hisoka Morow, and it was only the bagginess of her hedge that caused her to be eliminated. Immense stamina: Biscuit watched over Gon and Killua for weeks during their train without apparently getting any sleep herself, surely none for at least ten days, and still did not show the slightest sign of exhaustion.

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Magical esthetician: Biscuit can summon a masseuse she called “ Cookie ” which uses different massaging techniques and a Nen-transmuted lotion to relieve fatigue duty and restore vitality to anyone it massages. It can besides burn off excess fat and cure arthritis, muscle tension, and locked joints. It is particularly useful for training/recovery purposes and to treat aging ailments. This ability is a concoction of Emission, Manipulation, and Transmutation. Although entirely one massage has been show nso far, according to Biscuit there are a lot more, some of which are cartilage massage, mind massage, and roller massage. Piano massage: With this, thirty minutes of sleep will be equivalent to eight hours. Cookie emits aura from her hands while massaging. Body transmutation: Biscuit is capable of changing her appearance to look younger and less muscular. She can change back to her original human body at will, restoring big altitude, weight, and reach advantages over her opponents. Although this besides makes her a larger target, so far she has been able to overpower her enemies without suffering any kind of injury .




High status: Due to her condition as a pro Hunter, Biscuit has access to large funds and relegate information, as was proven by the fact that she knew that “ Blue Planet ” could be found only in Greed Island. As a Double Star Treasure Hunter, her contributions in her field have been judged crucial, and appropriately, she seems particularly knowing about gemstones. She is held in high think of within the Hunters Association, as can be inferred by her reaching the fifth round of the election. Master hand-to-hand combatant: Biscuit is an incredibly skilled and mighty fighter. Through ghastly coach, she was able to reach the point of her physical potential. Out of all the participants in Razor ‘s game, she was the merely one to emerge wholly uninjured, despite playing in her younger class. She has so far to show any offensive-oriented particular abilities, as the combination of her extensive cognition in Nen, honed body, and martial art has been enough to dispatch all her opponents therefore far. Her full exponent is besides unknown, but she managed to defeat troublesome opponents such as Binolt and Bara single-handed, with them growing terrified at her dependable abilities. even Killua Zoldyck dreads her strength.

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Since her adversaries have not been a equal for her so army for the liberation of rwanda, her degree of domination in this field is ill-defined. In her fight with Binolt, she dodged his attack and at the same time flipped him over, putting him in a suitable position for a critical assume. Against Bara, she demonstrated the ability to accurately strike vulnerable areas, such as the chin and the neck, and to successfully exploit blind spots. Another testament to her skills in battle is given during a spar meet with Killua, a enormously capable warlike artist himself, from which she came out completely unharmed while inflicting him respective bruises, in hurt of him focusing on evading. She was the one who trained Wing in the Shingen-ryu school of kung fu, and is therefore a master of this style. High intellect: Aside from her combat skills, she is besides endowed with a bright mind and a fair emount of know owed to her senesce. High intelligence: Biscuit is identical ache, analytic, and knowing, particularly regarding Nen. She was capable of well deducing the weaknesses of the beasts of Greed Island. besides thanks to her know, she is a applaudable tactician, her predictions much proving accurate. Lie detection: A complete liar, she has developed the ability to tell when person is hiding something, even if that person is Hisoka Morow, and she uses her youthful appearances to trick her opponents into underestimating her. Immense will power: She has an firm intensity of take care and confidence, which allow her to never hesitate during a contend.

Hyper-vigilant: Due to her train, she is adequate to of resting with a larger separate of her brain wake up than convention, remaining argus-eyed even as she sleeps. Hyper-keen perception: Biscuit was able to detect Binolt ‘s bloodlust and determine his situation in an moment, whereas both Gon Freecss and Killua were wholly unaware of his presence. She is a peculiarly adept judge of world power. Excellent teacher: Gon and Killua grew in intensity and Nen abilities enormously and in a shortstop time due to her train. She can devise bespoke coach methods depending on the receiver, the environment and the resources at handwriting. Hisoka acknowledged her abilities in this field. She was besides able to teach them how to shape their air using their finger .

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