Hunter X Hunter: 8 Characters Who Can Defeat Chrollo (& 7 Who Can’t)

Chrollo is one of the strongest antagonists featured in Hunter x Hunter zanzibar copal while a few characters could eke out a acquire, most would n’t. Chrollo Lucilfer is one of the chief antagonists in Hunter x Hunter. He leads an ill-famed band of criminals known as the Phantom Troupe. Chrollo is extremely knock-down, and his skills are up there with the best in the series .
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few can hope to take him on in a fight, and flush fewer can hope to defeat him in a prolong battle. That said, there are surely those who are above his level, and we think Chrollo is n’t quite ready to defeat them in a battle.

Updated on Dec 31st by Ajay Aravind: Chrollo Lucilfer is overpowered, even by Hunter x Hunter standards. His Skill Hunter is capable of stealing his opposition ‘s Nen ability, giving him a massive boundary in most battles. There are identical few characters who can bring Chrollo down, many of who are n’t even human .

16 Can Defeat Chrollo: Meruem’s Strength And Intelligence Were Transcendent

Meruem was the strongest character in Hunter x Hunter. He was the drawing card of the Chimera Ants and his subjects referred to him as King. His force was faultless, and so was his intelligence. few could ever hope to hold their ground against him in conflict. The only one to do so was Isaac Netero — but even then, Netero ended up losing ill. person like Chrollo stands no chance in front of Meruem .

15 Doesn’t Stand A Chance: Killua Needs To Grow A Lot Stronger

Killua Bored During the Hunter Exam Killua is an incredible assassin, and his skills were drilled into him at a young long time by his kin. Killua has grown very much over time and he ‘s nowadays potent adequate to fight against a Chimera Ant Squadron Leader & defeat them. That said, he ‘s not close to the strongest characters in the series. That ‘s not to say that he ca n’t surpass him, of course. Killua ‘s electric potential is frightful, and one day he could possibly get stronger than Chrollo .

14 Can Defeat Chrollo: Kurapika’s Chain Jail Is Designed For The Phantom Troupe

Another one of Gon ‘s friends, Kurapika is a member of the Kurta Clan which was once annihilated by the Phantom Troupe. He seeks to avenge his kin by killing off the members of the Phantom Troupe involved in the tragedy .
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As an expert Nen user, Kurapika can defeat any extremity of the Phantom Troupe since he ‘s bound himself by a abridge that lets him deal with them well. He was able to defeat Uvogin without much trouble and even got Chrollo to submit to him .

13 Doesn’t Stand A Chance: Leorio Would Be Decimated In Seconds

Leorio is a Hunter who is presently studying to become a Doctor. unfortunately, Leorio ‘s skills are n’t on the same level as his friends. He may be brawny to some extent, but is n’t anywhere close to Chrollo. If the two were to fight, Chrollo would decimate him within seconds. It goes without saying that Leorio needs to grow stronger if he is to keep up with the crew .

12 Can Defeat Chrollo: Menthuthuyoupi Is The Strongest Of The Royal Guard

Menthuthuyoupi Menthuthuyoupi ‘s Nen is incalculable, presumably surpassing evening Chairman Netero ‘s overwhelm aura. Although he is never vanquished by the heroes, he is pushed to the brink of kill on more than one occasion .
Despite his near-losses, Menthuthuyoupi returns to battle stronger than ever earlier. He is ultimately killed by the lapp poison that took Meruem ‘s life, proving that Youpi ‘s lastingness and exponent are far beyond Chrollo Lucilfer .

11 Doesn’t Stand A Chance: Ikalgo Is Barely Able To Survive Killua


Ikalgo’s special ability is known as Fleadom, which generates blood-sucking bullets from a tentacle-based gun. These projectiles are highly effective, seeing as even Killua finds it difficult to avoid them entirely .
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however, Ikalgo possesses a limited number of offensive moves, which means that he ‘s no catch for person like Chrollo. In fact, the alleged head of the spider would n’t need more than a few seconds to dispose of this especial Chimera Ant .

9 Can Defeat Chrollo: Adult Gon Is Supposedly As Strong As Meruem

According to the fib, Gon was comparable to Meruem himself in his adult form, meaning he was much stronger than person like Chrollo. Of course, Gon ca n’t use this shape again, but Chrollo would n’t stand a opportunity if he did .

8 Doesn’t Stand A Chance: Genthru’s Nen Is Severely Limited

Genthru Hunter x Hunter Another antagonist from Hunter x Hunter, Genthru made his appearance during the Greed Island discharge. He led to countless deaths in the plot, and needed to be stopped by Gon. Genthru ‘s Nen ability allowed him to plant bombs, which gave him the nickname of “ The Bomber. ” Despite his madly abilities, Genthru was n’t able to defeat Gon in a fight. If he were to come up against Chrollo, he ‘d lose within minutes .

7 Can Defeat Chrollo: Neferpitou Is Just Too Strong To Be Taken Down

Neferpitou Hunter X Hunter Neferpitou was a member of the Royal Guard of Meruem. They ‘re highly mighty and their abilities were such that even Kite was n’t able to do anything to them. According to Colt, Pitou was far stronger than even Netero .
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While potent, Chrollo does n’t have the skills to deal with Pitou at all. even if Chrollo has some sort of avail, we highly doubt that he ‘d be able to put up a fight against Neferpitou since they ‘re precisely that potent .

6 Doesn’t Stand A Chance: Silva Zoldyck Is A Shade Weaker Than Chrollo Lucilfer

silva zoldyck Hunter X Hunter Silva Zoldyck is the current drawing card of the Zoldyck syndicate and not to be underestimate. He ‘s very knock-down, as he ‘s proven in the by when he fought against Chrollo and even the chimera Ants. During the York New City Saga, Silva and Zeno fought Chrollo in concert, and he was still able to hold them at bay .

5 Can Defeat Chrollo: Hisoka Might Be Able To Win In A Fair Fight

Hisoka Activates His Nen In Hunter X Hunter Hisoka and Chrollo have quite a bit of history. He outright challenged Chrollo and lost the crusade. That said, it must be noted that Chrollo had a frightful total of cooking clock for being able to pull this off, and even acknowledged that. furthermore, it is probable that Chrollo secretly received help oneself from the members of the Troupe in this fight, which is how he was able to defeat Hisoka in the beginning place. In a fairly fight, Hisoka would win .

4 Doesn’t Stand A Chance: Cheetu Is All Talk, No Action

Cheetu Hunter x Hunter Cheetu was one of the Chimera Ants Squadron leaders. As expected of a Squadron drawing card, he was very powerful, capable enough to fight with person like Morel .
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however, he was killed in fair one snapshot by Silva Zoldyck, which shows us what his flush rightfully was .

3 Can Defeat Chrollo: Isaac Netero’s Guanyin Bodhisattva Is Practically Invincible

Netero Ball Game Isaac Netero ‘s most dangerous feature is not his 100-Type Guanyin Bodhisattva, which delivers some of the strongest attacks in Hunter x Hunter, but his decades of fight experience. Compared to the Hunter Association Chairman, Chrollo is nothing but a fledgling bird just out of his metaphorical nest. Netero might be forced to use all ninety-nine hands of his Bodhisattva during the battle, but the impingement would basically vaporize Chrollo .

2 Doesn’t Stand A Chance: Morel Mackernasey’s Deep Purple Isn’t Enough To Evade Chrollo

Morel Hunter X Hunter Morel ‘s prominence within the Hunter Association is directly proportional to his skillset — his manipulation Nen is versatile, far-ranged, mutable, and unexpectedly potent .
It is very difficult to come out of a battle with Morel without a unmarried scratch, tied for Chrollo. That said, the Phantom Troupe ‘s drawing card is equipped to deal with every technique Morel can throw at him, from deep Purple to Smoky Jail .

1 Can Defeat Chrollo: Biscuit Krueger Is Older, More Experienced, And Vastly More Powerful

Biscuit Krueger Biscuit Krueger ‘s childish tantrums and inexplicable fictional character traits apart, it is discernible that she is one of the most herculean characters in Hunter x Hunter, arguably nearing Netero in aura capacitance.

Chrollo would surely be able to stretch the contend out long enough for him to try all the tactics at his disposal, but Biscuit is excessively old and besides shrill for him. She would effortlessly evade his attacks before slamming him down into the flat coat with every snow leopard of force her muscular structure can muster .
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