I do not fear death. What I fear is that my rage will one day fade away.
— Kurapika to the — Kurapika to the Captain in “ An brush in the Storm
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Also known as

Kusari Yarō ) [ by the
Rat ( 子 ( ね ), Ne ) [ Zodiacs ] [ 1 ]

Chain Bastard (鎖野郎,) [by the Phantom Troupe Rat () [Zodiacs]


Japanese Voice

Noriko Hidaka (Pilot OVA) Yuki Kaida (1999) Miyuki Sawashiro (2011)

English Voice

Cheryl McMaster (1999) Erika Harlacher (2011)


Manga Debut

chapter 2

Anime Debut

Episode 00 ( 1998 )
Episode 2 ( 1999 )
Episode 1 ( 2011 )



Male.png Male


[ inference 🖱 ] ( vol. 0 )
17 * [ 2 ] ( Debut )
19 [ inference 🖱 ] ( via

12(vol. 0)(Debut)19(via Timeline


171 curium * [ 2 ] ( 5 ’ 7.5 ” )



59 kilogram * [ 2 ] ( 130 pound )

(130 lbs)


April 4th * [ 2 ]

Eye Color

Green ( 1999 )
Grey ( 2011 )

Brown (Manga)Green (1999)Grey (2011) Scarlet (Usually when feeling intense emotions)

Hair Color

Blond (Manga; 1999; 2011)
Amber (Pilot)

Blood Type

AB * [ 2 ]



General Status


Hunter Association
Nostrade Family

Oito Hui Guo Rou Zodiacs (Intelligence Team)

Previous Affiliation

Kurta Clan
Izunavi (Master)


Blacklist Hunter
Nostrade Family Boss

Royal Bodyguard for Prince Woble Hui Guo Rou

Nostrade Family Boss Zodiac (Rat)Royal Bodyguard for Prince Woble Hui Guo Rou Nen Teacher

Previous Occupation

Nostrade Family Bodyguard
287th Hunter Exam Examinee #404Nostrade Family Bodyguard 289th Hunter Exam 1st & Final Phase Examiner


Unnamed Father (Deceased) Unnamed Mother (Deceased)



Specialization (When eyes are scarlet)


Holy Chain

Steal Chain

Little Eye (Stolen; Former)
Air Blow (Stolen; Former)
Erigeron (“Stolen”; Former)

Chain Jail
Dowsing Chain
Judgment Chain
Emperor Time
Stealth Dolphin

Image Gallery Kurapika ( クラピカ, Kurapika ) is the last survivor of the Kurta Clan. He is a blacklist Hunter and current leader of the arrangement founded by Light Nostrade. He is a member of the Zodiacs with the codename “ Rat “ ( 子 ( ね ), Ne ). His goal is to avenge his kin and recover the remaining Scarlet Eyes.

Reading: Kurapika

He takes the character of the chief supporter in the Yorknew City and Succession Contest arch. He was besides the deuteragonist of the Hunter Exam bow .


Kurapika has medium blond hair with brown eyes ; blue in the 1999 anime adaptation ( grey/dark grey in the 2011 zanzibar copal adaptation ). His eyes glow a beautiful and coveted red when experiencing intense emotion. In his first appearance in the series, he wears a blue tabard decorated with an orange-colored ( crimson in the 2011 zanzibar copal adaptation ) hem and a white full-body discipline suit underneath. He changes his tabard and trail courtship for the duration of the Yorknew City arc. His shoes are Chinese-style winkle-picker flats. From the Election arc he wears a black suit with black shoes, and in his following appearance, he is besides wearing a black necktie. Kurapika besides wears a single, shed earring ornamented with a ruby in his exit ear. After learning Nen, he starts using black reach lenses in order to hide his Scarlet Eyes .


Kurapika is a cool and intelligent individual, possessing huge cognition. He is restrained ; not one to open up to people easily and quite judgmental. His distance from others initially keeps him healthy and moralistic, but his heart has been poisoned with sadness and hatred. Having been traumatized from losing everyone he loved at the historic period of twelve, Kurapika closes his heart to newfangled people and remains introverted as to stay focused on his goal. however, Kurapika can be kind and affectionate, smiling when those friends are happy. Though Kurapika outwardly states that he desires to become a blacklist Hunter and his ultimate goal is to capture the band of thieves that massacred his class, he is will to compromise his personal ethical motive and delve into the flyblown side of society in rate to achieve his goal. He is prone to fits of indocile anger should the memory of his kin be insulted in any way. After becoming a master Hunter, Kurapika starts upon a self-destructive way. His wrath leads him to commit nefarious acts of wrath as catharsis for his pain. Kurapika ‘s allow demeanor makes him very pitiless and excessive at times, but his friends are the only ones able to slenderly settle his seething enough for him to think rationally. He lento transitioned from considering his friendships to be a weakness hindering him from succeeding in his aims to appreciating their value, and he was uncoerced to put his revenge on the Phantom Troupe on hold for his friends ‘ wellbeing. He even questioned the legitimacy of his quest after experiencing the deep ties that bind the Spiders together, particularly Pakunoda ‘s loyalty, although it ultimately did not deter him. Although he made himself unavailable for a menstruation, the people dear to him became separate of his drives, leading him to search for more might in order not to lose anyone else. Upon closely completing his goal of retrieving the eyes of his brother, he began to feel a deep feel of loss, believing to have no one and nowhere to return to. As a child, his personality was more akin to Gon ‘s where he sought out adventure and had an impulsive nature. Kurapika was placid protective of his friends, however, going adenine far as to beat a world for his derogative comments against one .


Kurapika was born to the Kurta Clan in a cloistered afforest in the Lukso Province. As a child, he about fell from a cliff but was saved by his best friend, Pairo. While he was unharmed, his ally Pairo had harmed both his leg and eyes, their condition worsening every day. Kurapika felt responsible for the incidental and resolved to leave the forest and search the outside world for a sophisticate who could cure Pairo. Kurapika frankincense approached the Kurta Clan ‘s elder several times to request to go to the outside world, but he was constantly refused. This sparked a durable debate between the two, with Kurapika perceiving the Kurta Clan ‘s fear of the outside world as excessive and backward. After one such argument, he talked to Pairo and discovered that people outside of the Kurta Clan do not have Scarlet Eyes, which caused their kin to be persecuted. [ 3 ] At some compass point, Kurapika and Pairo saved a female outsider called Sheila. As thanks, she gave them a koran about the adventures of the D Hunter in the outside universe which they read together, their desire to visit the outside worldly concern becoming stronger. After Sheila left, Kurapika realized that the Kurta Clan ‘s elder had stolen the book and confronted him about it. Having an argument again, the kin elder finally allowed Kurapika to take the test to go to the outdoor world. Studying arduous and passing all the tests successfully, the elder gave him his final test : to go shopping in the outside world with a partner without revealing their Scarlet Eyes. Kurapika chose Pairo as his spouse. The elder had them put drops in their eyes which would cause their eyes to remain crimson for days if they change color during the test. During the travel, Kurapika vowed to himself to find a direction to cure Pairo so that they would be able to explore the outside world together. [ 3 ] While buying groceries, Kurapika and Pairo were bullied and closely swindled by three thugs. Kurapika managed to maintain his steady entirely thanks to his supporter. The other people at the supermarket took their side and chased the thugs aside. After the boys completed their shop, they were approached by the trio again. This time they mocked Pairo ‘s circumstance, making Kurapika angry. His eyes turned scarlet and he single-handed beat them up. The hood revealed that the elder had paid them to rile him up. Pairo had them report that they failed. Having recognized them as Kurta, the people who had previously defended them turned violent and frightened. On the way back, Kurapika noticed that his eyes had gone back to their normal discolor, with Pairo disclosing that the previous day he had heard that the elder planned to cheat, and so had swapped the drops for his eye medicine. [ 4 ] Having passed the screen, Kurapika was granted nonsensitive license to go to the outside world. Before leaving, Kurapika promised Pairo that he would return with a repair and that they would one day go to the outside world together. Pairo had him besides promise to have playfulness and enjoy himself while outside, having adventures just like the Hunter they read about from Sheila ‘s book. Six weeks late, while Kurapika was away, the Kurta Clan was approached by the Phantom Troupe and massacred, their eyes sold on the black market. The news reported the end of all 128 members of the Kurta Clan and of scores of dead bodies with eyes gouged out in their wake. [ 4 ] As the last outlive member of his kin, Kurapika vowed to gain back all the stolen eyes of his people and to arrest all of the members of the Troupe. [ 5 ]


Hunter Exam bow

preliminary phase

Kurapika makes his first appearance onboard a embark that goes from Whale Island to a testing site of the 287th Hunter Exam. He, Gon, and Leorio are the only 3 candidates unaffected by a storm the night earlier. When the Captain announces an even ferocious one is approaching, the three are the only candidates not to leave the boat. He initially refuses to answer the Captain ‘s interrogate about his motives, but when he reveals that he is an examiner Kurapika replies that he is the final of the Kurta and wants to capture the Phantom Troupe. When Leorio objects he does not need to become a Hunter to do thus, Kurapika condescendingly explains a license facilitates the skill of information. When Leorio answers the captain that he is attracted by the material possessions provided by being a Hunter, Kurapika remarks that money can not buy class. The two quarrel over their unlike opinions and decide to end it with a competitiveness out on the pack of cards while another storm is raging. When they are about to start, a crew member is knocked off the deck by a piece of woodwind broken off from a yard. Leorio immediately rushes to help him, followed curtly by Kurapika, but they fail to catch him. Gon jumps overboard and grabs him, while the two catch him by his legs. They both reprimand Gon for his recklessness, then apologize to and makeup with each early. Seeing that, the captain laughs and decides to take the trio to the port nearest the examination mansion, Zaban City ‘s. [ 6 ] once they dock, the Captain tells Gon to head for a alone corner up a mound, and Gon decides to follow his advice alternatively of taking the bus topology to Zaban City. Kurapika decides to follow him, interested in what he may do. Leorio belated rejoins them after learning the bus does n’t head to Zaban City. In what seems an abandoned town, Kurapika and Gon hear people around them. An old lady, besides an examiner, asks them a question which they entirely have 5 seconds to answer. While Kurapika and Leorio shuffle over the prospect of one causing the other to fail, another applicant takes the test in their place. While Leorio protests the unreasonableness of the question, Kurapika hears the applicant the lay get happen belly laugh and understands how to pass the test, but the screener silences him and, after Kurapika agrees to it, poses them her interview. Getting annoy, Leorio picks up a wooden joint and attacks her but is blocked by Kurapika, who explains to him that they have passed because keeping silent is the right answer to this question. The old lady then tells them to go to a house in the afforest to find a couple, who will be their navigators if they consider the trio qualified. Kurapika and Leorio joke at Gon when he states he can not find an answer to the question, but become brooding when he suggests they might one day be faced with a similar choice. The three then take the path opened by the screener. [ 7 ] Four hours late, upon entering the house, they see a hurt homo lying on the floor and a woman being held captive by a Kiriko. The freak flees a soon as it sees them. Telling Leorio to take wish of the conserve, Kurapika and Gon chase after it, and Kurapika is impressed by Gon ‘s vision in the darkness, and shocked by his ignorance about charming Beasts. Gon clubs the creature and forces it to let go of the wife. Kurapika catches her and notices the strange tattoo on her hands and expression. Leorio then shows up and says that there is nothing to worry about the conserve. Kurapika hits him in the face with his wooden sword. It turns out this Leorio is a Kiriko in disguise, but Kurapika claims he did not know, and that he hit him because he thought he left an hurt. After the monster runs away, he asks the wife who she very is, ready for fight. After Gon is able to tell the two about identical Kiriko apart, they reveal to be the Navigators and that the couple they “ saved ” are their two children. The daughter states that Kurapika passed the test thanks to his huge cognition and deduction skills, which allowed him to recognize the virtue symbols on her body and understand that she could not have a husband. meanwhile, Gon is able to tell 2 identical-looking Kirikos apart, which greatly surprises them. The 2 Kirikos and the conserve and wife, who are actually their son and daughter, then explain to the trio how they have qualified for the following test—Kurapika for his huge cognition on ancient symbols, Leorio for his well checkup skill and assurance, and Gon for his extraordinary movement and notice. The Kiriko fly all three of them to the examination hall. [ 8 ] When they arrive in Zaban City one of the Kiriko takes them to the secret capture of the examination hall. Kurapika and Leorio start a debate over why one would become a Hunter, with Kurapika stressing the nobility of securing order, and they both ask Gon what being a orion means to him. Before he can reply, they reach the web site of the first test, a large tunnel, Kurapika, Leorio, and Gon to see a lot of experts. Tonpa, nicknamed Rookie Crusher, offers each of them a can of his laxative-spiked toast but Kurapika pours it on the floor after Gon claims that it has a bad taste. [ 9 ]

first Phase

An examiner, Satotz, then appears and tells the candidates to follow him through the burrow. He runs faster and faster but Kurapika has little problem keeping up with him. [ 10 ] While running, he reveals to Leorio the floor about the steal Scarlet Eyes of his people and his decision to retrieve them and capture the Phantom Troupe. The marathon finally ends when they reach the Milsy Wetlands, besides known as the Swindler ‘s Swamp. [ 5 ] Satotz warns them of the dangers and tells them to follow him through the swamp in another marathon. On the way, Kurapika, Leorio, and a number of other candidates are attacked by Hisoka, a homo ill-famed for his bloodiness. [ 11 ] All of them are killed in a short time, except for him, Leorio, and Cherry, testee # 76. Knowing that they have no chance of winning against Hisoka, they split up in 3 different directions. After a while, Kurapika returns and sees Gon kneeling there with a traumatize expression on his face. [ 12 ] While running together to the site of the Second Phase, the Visca Forest Preserve, Gon tells him about what happened to him and Leorio. [ 13 ]

second base Phase

At the web site of the Second Phase, two Gourmet Hunters, Menchi and Buhara, appear. The second Phase starts with Buhara asking them to cook ridicule pork barrel. even though the kind of slob that they need to catch, the Great Stamp, is the most dangerous pig bed in the world. Kurapika, his 3 friends, and many other contestants have little difficulties passing the test after they discover that these pigs have a spot of weakness on their foreheads. [ 13 ] The future test has however proven to be a real problem as the other examiner Menchi asks them to make sushi. Despite having read some books about this dish and his careful analysis of the hints that Hanzo, a dissenter from the nation of sushi, and Menchi unintentionally gave away, Kurapika however failed like the respite. [ 14 ] When the Second Phase is on the scepter of having no modifier, Chairman Netero of the Hunter Association arrives in an airship, criticizes Menchi for losing her temper as an examiner, and tells her to give them another test, which she herself besides has to take. This time around Menchi asks them to cook boil Spider Eagle eggs, which hang from impregnable strings connecting the two sides of deep ravines. even though they have to jump into a ravine to find the egg, Kurapika and 41 other examinees pass the test and are subsequently taken to the locate of the Third Phase in the Chairman ‘s airship. [ 15 ]

third base Phase

The Third Phase of the Hunter Exam starts atop the Trick Tower, which has numerous passages, and they have seventy-two hours to get to the bottom of it alive. [ 16 ] Kurapika, Leorio, Killua, and Gon are forced to form a team of 5 with Tonpa to pass through the 1st door. [ 17 ] They advance, using the majority rule several times on the means, and their road leads them to a chopine set up in the middle of a bottomless abyss where they have to participate in a best-of-five series consist of 5 no-hold-barred one on one matches against a team of 5 long-run prisoners. Tonpa is the first to fight and he measuredly forfeits the match to undermine his teammates. [ 18 ] Gon ‘s pit is the second, and thanks to his promptly think he manages a win to level the mark at 1 – 1. [ 19 ] The 3rd match is Kurapika ‘s and his opponent is Majtani, an imposter with a spider tattoo on his back who brags about his juke Phantom Troupe membership to Kurapika. Enraged, his eyes turn scarlet and he knocks Majtani down with a single punch, [ 20 ] however, the peer is still going on because he refuses to kill his adversary, who seems to be unconscious. [ 21 ] Seeing that, Leorio steps in makes a bet that Majtani is calm alive, and pretends to drop him into the expiate. Majtani is indeed frightened that he stops playing possum and admits frustration. The score is now 2 – 1 in favor of Kurapika ‘s team but they have lost 40 hours ascribable to betting. Leorio ‘s own match is the fourth, and he loses it after a rock-paper-scissors bet on along with a count of ten-spot hours on the gender of his adversary, Leroute. [ 22 ] With the score being 2 – 2, Killua cursorily kills his opponent, Johness the Dissector, in the end match, putting it at 3 – 2 in their favor, but Kurapika ‘s team now have less than 10 hours to reach the bottomland. [ 23 ] As they advance, they have to use the majority rule some more times and face many other obstacles such as electric quizzes, a multiple-choice maze, mine camps, “ Go ”, etc. Thanks to a brilliant idea of Gon ‘s in choosing ways, they manage to reach the buttocks of the column with barely thirty seconds left, thus qualifying them for the Fourth Phase. [ 24 ]

Fourth Phase

During the Fourth Phase, the remaining examinees are taken to Zevil Island to take part in a 7-day manhunt among themselves to capture each other ‘s number badges. [ 25 ] Kurapika ‘s designed target is Tonpa, who in turn has Leorio as his target. After Leorio is tricked by Tonpa and Sommy and loses his badge, Kurapika appears, knocks Tonpa down, and asks Leorio to team up with him, to which Leorio agrees. [ 26 ] They take the badges # 16 and # 118 from Tonpa and Sommy. [ 27 ] even though Kurapika already has six points from his own and Tonpa ‘s badges, he even helps Leorio find his target Ponzu, testee # 246. [ 27 ] As they are looking for the target, they again encounter Hisoka, who tells them to give him their badges if they want to live. Kurapika says that he will give him the badge # 118 which alone means 1 item to them, as for the other 3 badges, they will fight with their lives to protect them. Hisoka agrees, lets them go, and takes the badge # 118. [ 28 ] At the end of the one-sixth day, he and Leorio meet Gon and tell Gon about Ponzu. Gon helps them find her by tracking the smell of the medicine that she uses to defend herself. finally, they find Ponzu, but together with her they are trapped in a cave fully of snakes whose owner Bourbon, testee # 103, is already dead [ 29 ] due to anaphylactic shock caused by her bees. Thanks to Gon ‘s fearlessness and ability to hold his hint for an exsert menstruation of time, all of them are able to get out of this situation by using a narcotic natural gas of Ponzu ‘s to make the snakes sleep. Before they go, Gon takes the badge # 246 from a sleeping Ponzu and leaves her the badge # 103. With this, Kurapika and his 2 friends qualify for the following and besides the end phase. [ 30 ]

final phase

The Final Phase of the Hunter Exam is an elimination tournament with a twist—the achiever of a pit will be removed from the list and receive his very own Hunter License and the failure will be given more chances, depending on their placement in the bracket. [ 31 ] Kurapika ‘s first contend is against Hisoka. After fighting for a while, Hisoka whispers something to him and quits the match, allowing him to become a license Hunter. [ 32 ] When Illumi Zoldyck wants to go murder Gon, Kurapika, Leorio, Hanzo, and some examiners block his way. [ 33 ] belated, he besides requests that the Hunter Association examine the nature of Killua ‘s act of murder against another dissenter, Bodoro, during the Final Phase and has a brief controversy with Pokkle, who wins by nonpayment thanks to Killua ‘s disqualification, but they make up with each other after the examination has ended. [ 34 ] He then decides to go with Gon and Leorio to Kukuroo Mountain to rescue Killua from the control of his family. [ 35 ]

Zoldyck Family arc

Kurapika, Leorio, and Gon arrive at the entrance of the Zoldyck Estate, the Testing Gate, on Kukuroo Mountain on a go bus. They tell the erstwhile gatekeeper, Zebro, that they are Killua ‘s friends but he says he can not let them enter until they can at least advertise open the first test door which weighs four tons, because going into the estate via any other way will result in them getting killed by the huge guard frank named Mike. [ 36 ] The trio then accepts Zebro ‘s invitation to stay in his house to train, using his big equipment. [ 37 ] After 20 days, they are all able to open a testing door and point for the Zoldyck Residence without any problem until they are stopped at another gate by a female attendant named Canary. She beats Gon up to prevent them from advancing but thanks to Gon ‘s insistence, she becomes more and more reluctant to block their path and last asks them to save Killua. Kikyo Zoldyck then appears with her son Kalluto, knocks Canary unconscious mind, and tells them to leave. [ 38 ] shortly after she and Kalluto leave, Canary regains consciousness and says she is going to lead them to the attendants ‘ room. [ 39 ] While staying in the servants ‘ board, they are forced into playing a guess plot with some butlers of the family, which they manage to win. Killua at last arrives and leaves the Zoldyck Estate with them. [ 40 ] Kurapika then tells his three friends what Hisoka whispered to him during the Final Phase. He would wait for Kurapika in Yorknew City, where the largest auction in the earth takes place, on September 1st to tell him some matter to things about the Phantom Troupe. It is 6 months until that day so Kurapika says adieu to his friends, after telling them that he is going to look for some work as a Hunter and arranges to meet up with them late in Yorknew City in September. [ 41 ]

Heavens Arena arc

At some item after parting company with his friends, Kurapika succeeds in finding an representation specializing in providing rich and celebrated people with bodyguards and hirelings. however, he is immediately told that despite his Hunter License, he is not qualified for such work. The agent says that his Hunter Exam is not finished. [ 42 ] During Gon and Killua ‘s prepare in the Heavens Arena, it is revealed by Wing that Kurapika learned Nen after the Hunter Exam. [ 43 ]

Yorknew City arc

At The Flesh Collector ‘s mansion

Kurapika learns Nen in six months and looks for a customer who has strong connections with the auction in Yorknew City. At the beginning of August, he appears at the sign of the zodiac of a collector who collects body parts to apply for a job as a bodyguard. In the mansion he meets five other people, three of them Hunters themselves : tune, Baise, Shachmono Tocino, Basho, and Squala. A homo shows up on the screen in the mansion where they are waiting and tells them that if they want the job, they at least have to get out of the sign of the zodiac alive. As he finishes, a group of 11 people who wear black hooded robes and masks and are armed with guns and swords abruptly appear and attack them. [ 44 ] Using his Dowsing Chain, Kurapika blocks a number of bullets fired at him and jumps onto a chandelier to avoid the sword users and observe the site. [ 45 ] Noticing that Tocino is the merely person who is not being attacked, he jumps devour, puts a tongue at Tocino ‘s throat, and orders him to stop the attackers in three seconds. Tocino obey by making the Eleven Black Children vanish and tells them that he is a Hunter ordered by the owner of the sign of the zodiac to test them and that they can get out of the mansion now. Kurapika suspects that he is trying to confuse them. Using his Dowsing Chain again, he discovers that Squala is another infiltrator, which is further confirmed by Melody ‘s, Baise ‘s, and Basho ‘s techniques. He and 3 other genuine applicants therefore pass the test. [ 45 ] After each of them completes another mission of finding a rare body region, they are all formally hired by the world who was on the screen previously, Dalzollene. [ 46 ]

In Yorknew City

Kurapika and the company ‘s beginning tax is to guard their boss on a travel to Yorknew City, where they will be participating in the Mafia Community ‘s Underground Auction. The bos turns out to be Neon Nostrade, [ 46 ] the daughter of the Nostrade Clan ‘s drawing card. Neon, besides being spoiled, is besides a specialist whose ability— Lovely Ghostwriter —allows her to make accurate predictions about the future. Her father has been using her ability to gain high condition within the Mafia, hence the motivation for a bombastic number of bodyguards. [ 47 ] They arrive in Yorknew City on September 1st [ 48 ] and on the nox of that sidereal day the Underground Auction is attacked by the Phantom Troupe, who want to steal all the auction items. Some of Kurapika ‘s comrades and many clients from the Mafia are slaughtered by the Troupe. [ 49 ] however, having been warned about a potential attack via Neon ‘s predictions, one of the Shadow Beasts, a group of the best ten Nen users within the Mafia, has already removed all the items from the vault. [ 50 ] Believing that the Phantom Troupe has stolen them, the Mafia organizations in Yorknew City give furrow, and Kurapika is instructed to join in. The Phantom Troupe decide to confront the Mafia, in the hope of luring out the Shadow Beasts to question them about the auction items. One penis of the Troupe, Uvogin, is an extremely strong Enhancer. He single-handed massacres a big number of armed Mafia gangsters. This has the intended effect, as four of the Shadow Beasts appear and attack him. [ 51 ] even though they manage to injure and paralyze Uvogin, they are ultimately killed by him. Seeing the spider tattoo on Uvogin ‘s back, Kurapika flies into a rage. [ 52 ] Despite his comrades ‘ discouragement, he goes forward, takes advantage of the situation to capture Uvogin using his Chain Jail then leaves on a cable car with his comrades. The Troupe immediately chase after them, but their pursuit is halted by the arrival of the rest of the Shadow Beasts. On killing most of the Shadow Beasts, the Phantom Troupe oversee to find out the Owl is the one with the auction items. [ 53 ] back at their headquarters, Dalzollene tries to torture Uvogin to force information about the items from him. Despite being impervious to these attempts thanks to his solid Enhancement air, Uvogin reveals that the Shadow Beasts took the items away. He besides suggests that, since the Spiders could not steal anything, if they are to release him immediately, he will spare their lives. Kurapika questions Uvogin about his comrades. On hearing that they were killed according to the Spider ‘s plan, Kurapika hits him in a rage, managing to damage his nuzzle and lips slightly. After Kurapika has left to meet up with Hisoka, Dalzollene calls members of the Mafia in to take Uvogin in hands. shortly subsequently, the Phantom Troupe arrive, dressed as Mafia members. They kill Dalzollene, cure Uvogin ‘s paralysis, and free him. His ferocious cry upon let go of is heard by Melody, [ 54 ] allowing Kurapika ‘s teammates prison term to escape. Finding no one, Uvogin swears to hunt down the chain user, Kurapika. meanwhile, at the pre-arranged rendezvous Kurapika meets up with Hisoka, who tells him about his secret purpose of joining the Phantom Troupe and offers to team up with him. Kurapika tells Hisoka to meet again the next day, September 3rd, at the same time. [ 55 ] Meeting up with Melody and the rest late, he suggests that they get Neon to contact her church father and ask for his advice. Light Nostrade promotes Kurapika to team leader, and makes arrangements to meet them late. meanwhile, Uvogin has managed to track them down. Kurapika stays behind to confront him. [ 55 ] After agreeing to go to a locate far from the city where they can fight freely, [ 56 ] Uvogin and Kurapika face off in a Nen conflict. [ 57 ] He manages to capture Uvogin and deprive him of his Nen. [ 58 ] After questioning him unproductively, he is forced to kill Uvogin. [ 59 ] Kurapika ‘s defeat of Uvogin makes him the main prey of the Phantom Troupe, who begin to actively search for him. [ 60 ] On September 3rd, they catch Gon and Killua. [ 61 ] One of them, Pakunoda, has the ability of mind-reading through touch. Since neither Gon nor Killua knows the “ range guy ” is Kurapika, Pakunoda assumes that they have nothing to do with him. concisely subsequently, Killua realizes that Kurapika is the one the Troupe are searching for, [ 62 ] but fortunately he and Gon oversee to escape at night, before being questioned by her again. [ 63 ] good before Gon and Killua are captured, Kurapika meets with Light Nostrade. He learns that the Ten Mafia Dons have hired a group of professional assassins to eliminate the Phantom Troupe and that Light wants him to join the assassination team. [ 60 ] After meeting up with the assassins in the auction construction on the night of September 3rd, he is told that Neon has slipped away from her guards to attend the reschedule auction herself. Using his Nen ability, he manages to find her whereabouts. [ 64 ] The auction construction is once again attacked by the Troupe [ 65 ] in revenge for Uvogin, [ 66 ] and most of the hired assassins and 2,000 Mafia gangsters protecting it are killed promptly. [ 67 ] Two elite assassins, Zeno and Silva Zoldyck, however about succeed in killing the Troupe ‘s leader, Chrollo, but merely before they can finish the job, Illumi Zoldyck calls and tells them the Ten Dons have been assassinated in a mission whose client is Chrollo. The Zoldycks therefore spare his biography and leave. [ 68 ] then, using the ability of a member, Kortopi, the Phantom Troupe fake their own deaths, [ 69 ] create copies of all the items and continue the auction using the fakes. [ 68 ] Kurapika arrives just in clock time to see the fake corpses and win the last detail : a pair of talk through one’s hat Scarlet Eyes. [ 69 ] The adjacent day, September 4th, Kurapika meets up with Gon, Killua, [ 70 ] and Leorio again. He tells them about the secrets of his Nen abilities and his connection with Hisoka, knowing that they are true friends. now that Gon and Killua have learned of his abilities, they realize the terror Pakunoda poses. [ 71 ] He then receives a message from Hisoka saying that the bodies are fakes. [ 72 ] Kurapika decides to keep chase after the Phantom Troupe entirely, but Leorio, Killua, and Gon want to help him. [ 73 ] While following the Phantom Troupe, Gon and Killua are again captured. [ 74 ] Pakunoda questions them again and finds out who Kurapika is. [ 75 ] With the help of Leorio and Melody ; Kurapika manages to capture Chrollo Lucilfer before Pakunoda could reveal what she has found out. [ 76 ] When Pakunoda comes with Gon and Killua to meet him for a hostage exchange, Kurapika uses his Judgment Chain to forbid Chrollo from using Nen or communicating with the other Phantom Troupe members, and besides to forbid Pakunoda from revealing what she knows about him. [ 77 ] After the exchange, [ 78 ] Kurapika collapses from exhaustion due to his continual consumption of his Scarlet Eyes. [ 79 ] once he recovers, he leaves Yorknew City to continue his search for the Scarlet Eyes. [ 80 ]

Greed Island discharge

After Killua returns to Greed Island, he informs Kurapika of the hypothesis that the Judgment Chain on Chrollo was removed. however, Kurapika assures Killua that it is calm staying in Chrollo ‘s body. After that, he has a short conversation with Light Nostrade, who is in a department of state of great confusion due to the loss of his daughter ‘s prophetic ability. [ 81 ]

13th Hunter Chairman Election discharge

Kurapika is one of the absentees during the first four rounds of the election, despite the reappearances of his comrades under Light Nostrade such as Melody, Basho, and Linssen. [ 82 ] He has not visited the hospital where Gon is being given intensive-care treatment and is not available on the phone either, which makes Leorio wonder, what he may be doing. [ 83 ] After the events regarding the election and Gon ‘s recovery, Leorio tries to call him again. Kurapika is seen in a church service, making a funeral for his mangle comrades, ignoring all incoming calls. He managed to find several of their stolen Scarlet Eyes, looking more than ever determined to avenge them. [ 84 ]

Dark Continent Expedition bow

Mizaistom approaches Kurapika and requests that he accompany them to the Dark Continent, which Kurapika initially refuses. Mizaistom asks Kurapika about his progress retrieving the Scarlet Eyes. Enraged, Kurapika warns Mizaistom to choose his future words wisely. Mizaistom then reveals he has identified the owner of a big count of Scarlet Eyes that was uploaded in a darknet site six months ago, and offers to contribution this information in exchange for Kurapika joining the Zodiacs and spending two months on a ship before reaching the Dark Continent. Mizaistom points to Kurapika that figuring out that person ‘s identity was only by mere chance after performing background checks on a VIP for the Dark Continent trip and that it would be impossible for Kurapika to know from the video alone. Kurapika then asks if that person will be on board, to which Mizaistom refuses to answer. Kurapika decides to join the Zodiacs on their trip since his main precedence is to recover his brethren eyes. He asks about the owner ‘s identity, and as Mizaistom spells the owner ‘s name he shows Kurapika a video of Kakin ‘s fourth prince, Tserriednich Hui Guo Rou. [ 85 ] late, Kurapika is seen back in the church, staring at the remains of his brethren, recalling all the people he had threatened, coaxed, and paid off to get them back. He addresses his childhood supporter Pairo about the candidate of his travel ultimately beginning, after he should reclaim the last of the eyes from the last freak, wondering where he should go after that, since he has no home to return to, or anybody to welcome him back. En route to the Hunter Association ‘s headquarters, he talks to Leorio on the telephone, who demands to know his electronic mail address. rather of answering, Kurapika says Mizaistom informed him of Gon ‘s situation and offers his help, but Leorio assures him that Gon is already fine. After the call ends, Kurapika thinks Leorio would have no trouble getting accustomed to his new condition since he ‘s not the bashful type. Mizaistom besides notes that Leorio seems to have a draw of religion in him, which Kurapika doubts since he believes his abilities would not be of much help in the approaching deputation. Kurapika thanks Mizaistom for the newsworthiness about the Kakin prince, and Mizaistom assures him in fall that he can prioritize his own clientele on board, but warns him that dark rumors surround Tserriednich and that he should be careful and drive for an amicable solution. Kurapika merely replies he knows how to deal with the likes of him. [ 86 ] When Mizaistom asks Kurapika what he will do with the prince after getting the eyes back, Kurapika assures him that he will yield to most demands deoxyadenosine monophosphate long as he reclaims his brother. Mizaistom presents the possibility of the prince refusing to hand him the eyes, which angers Kurapika who then recounts the story of the two men who claimed they would rather die than give them up, but ultimately renounced without dying. He assures Mizaistom it will be the lapp for the prince, although Mizaistom is however doubtful. [ 87 ] Leorio greets Kurapika as he arrives at the headquarters, stating that the mission seems tougher than expected and wonders about his impression on it. Kurapika ‘s already aware of the mission ‘s premise about traveling to a aboriginal continent, however, he is not worried. soon after, Cheadle assigns Kurapika the codename “ Rat ” and leads the two into the Zodiacs meet room. She starts explaining about V6 ; the 6 countries representing each of the continents who all tried ( except Kakin ) to explore the Dark Continent in the past and have failed, the Five Threats ; the reasons behind V5 failures. Cheadle surmises that the difficulty degree of all five ranges from B+ to A, whereas the Chimera Ants, most were ranked B. She explains their mission is to overcome any of the five threats and retort with something beneficial to mankind, all while supervising and escorting Beyond to the guess “ New Continent “, mentioning besides they have n’t reached a consensus on whether they should take beyond to the Dark Continent or not since there are pros and cons on both sides of the argumentation. At this point, Cheadle asks if there are any questions, Kurapika raises a hand and says he has a few : his inaugural being the number of allies Beyond has within the Association, much to everyone ‘s jolt. Kanzai asks him how he would know the being of allies in the first place, which surprises Kurapika, as he thought it was obvious : It is clear that Beyond was waiting for his founder ‘s death and had been making preparations all along, while being convinced in his ability to control a project of this scale even under confinement. And since he was the one who turned himself in, it ‘s clear involving the Association is besides a part of his plan. In orderliness to pull the strings, Beyond needed both a competent right-hand man and a solid group of followers, which Cheadle recognizes as Pariston and the Temp Hunters. Kurapika reflects that everything up to the election makes smell, and ponders his adjacent wonder before getting interrupted by Mizaistom who asked for a spill outside the room. [ 1 ] Mizaistom reveals to Kurapika that he and Cheadle have already begun an internal investigation about the matter and that they reached the lapp conclusion that there ‘s a counterspy among the Zodiacs ; and since no one has conduct connections to Beyond, all Zodiacs are considered suspects. He continues to explain that the early Chairman had appointed Pariston as the Vice-Chairman for entertainment while refusing to listen to any objections. Mizaistom voices his concern that Pariston might be a red herring to cover for the very spy. He admits to Kurapika that part of the reason he was chosen to join the Zodiacs was that he is an outsider, and therefore unrelated to either english. Mizaistom then demands that Kurapika keeps the universe of a mole in the Zodiacs a confidential, and Kurapika agrees. Kurapika later apologizes to the rest of the Zodiacs for making accusations without having a compass on the complicated situation within the Association and states that he is will to use his connections with outlaws to offer information about Beyond and Kakin that government sources could never provide. Cheadle late assigns him to the Information Team with Mizaistom, Pyon, and Saccho in training for the voyage to the Dark Continent. [ 1 ] One calendar month late, as the 289th Hunter Exam comes to an end, Pariston informs Ging that his refilling seems to be quite competent, failing all Beyond ‘s assassins. One of the applicants Muherr comments on how everyone who could ‘ve passed the lie detector test was failed by this guy, and that he might ‘ve known about Beyond ‘s escape design if they had been told the details. Pariston shakes off the possibility knowing they do n’t have an escape plan yet. [ 1 ] Through a flashback, Kurapika watches a television read of the candidates during the final test of the 289th Hunter Exam. He uses his Dowsing Chain to determine liars and eliminate spies from infiltrating the Association. While listening to their Q & A session, he passes one applicant and disqualifies two others : the first for hiding important information, and the second, Muherr, for mixing lies with some truth. Kurapika did n’t expect many spies to have survived the psychological test of the first orotund, outsmarting both the thermography and lie detector procedures. Mizaistom, who ‘s in the same room providing aid, is impressed by Kurapika ‘s ability as he was excessively modest about it. Kurapika suggests not overestimating it since the ability ‘s mechanism is still indecipherable to him. Kurapika then offers his own interpretation ; he can unconsciously perceive hour changes in the target that would otherwise go unnoticed by using the chain as a medium, but normally he would need to be directly in front of the subject. Emperor Time is able to circumvent this by letting Dowsing Chain work through a video recording recording provided he ‘s met the subject ahead. Kurapika then explains that the ability can entirely see through train liars, meaning if a spy wanted to hide any clues to his identity, he could have person erase or alter his memories ; that manner, since the aim does not know he is lying, the chain would most likely stay still. While Mizaistom mulls this over, Kurapika inquires whether there is anyone in the higher ranks of the Hunter Association capable of doing sol : if they were on the foe ’ s side, they could easily pass all the tests. [ 88 ] After reflecting some, Mizaistom concludes he does not deem it potential. He tells Kurapika there should be no matchless in the Zodiacs with the ability in question. He then proceeds to explain why he can not be completely sure. In the past there were three factions among the Zodiacs, corresponding to their political orientation. In normal missions, the members of each cabal often worked together ; so Cheadle, Botobai, and Ginta ( who, aboard Mizaistom, were a region of the moderate conservative faction, supporting remainder ) can be counted out. And since they will be split into speciate teams during the Dark Continent voyage, all Zodiacs agreed to partake information on their abilities. Kurapika asks if he will have to do the same, and Mizaistom reassures him of the inverse ; having been mindful of his position from Leorio, he promises to not press for any details or unwrap whatever he hears regarding his ability. In tax return, he won ’ t be able to contribution with him everyone ‘s abilities. Kurapika is relieved and realizes it is thanks to Leorio ‘s intervention that things are going smoothly for him. Mizaistom admits he ‘s been a huge help to the Association as good. [ 88 ] Continuing on with his rationale, Mizaistom sums up that, to their current cognition, none of the Zodiacs can alter memories, and they credibly do n’t know anyone who can do it, since he had examined the detailed history of all the past hunts for all members. Kurapika objects that a person with that ability could have been given top-secret missions or worked outside the Association, but according to Mizaistom the results of the Hunter Exam predominate out this possibility. In fact, if there were a mole of that quality within the Association, their party must ‘ve taken measures to ensure the passing of top-rated personnel such as Muherr the materialistic, and Juhnde the biochemist. Mizaistom even admits that he had considered Juhnde as a mediator between the Science and the Flora/Fauna teams, to the point where he doubted the machines when Juhnde failed the first trial. Mizaistom even acknowledges the possibility of those two being used as mere decoys to distract them from even more powerful spies, but what actually worries him is Pariston ’ s quiet and immediate departure after the election, as alone the being of an ally on the Zodiacs ‘ side would justify it. Kurapika then activates Emperor Time, offering his help oneself to test the members in secret. As the Zodiacs ( minus the new “ Boar ” and “ Rat ” ) share information about their abilities, Kurapika watches them through a video television camera. He passes Kanzai and three others. immediately after, his Dowsing Chain starts to swing, indicating that Saiyu is the informant. [ 88 ]

succession Contest arch

Afterward, Kurapika and Mizaistom watch the commemorate of the latter ‘s conversation with Beyond. While Beyond was eating, Mizaistom announced the departure date is on August 8th, 35 days from then. King Nasubi Hui Guo Rou had petitioned directly to V5 for Beyond to attend the eve festival and the passing ceremony, as it would pain him for his benefactor to miss this historical event. Mizaistom promises Beyond he will be dislodge to go to the ceremony, provided he reveals which of the Zodiacs is on his side. After a here and now of secrecy, Beyond stated that Mizaistom is wrong on two things : he knows nothing about any spy, and he does n’t care about any ceremonies. All he knows is that he will have to eat and sleep in that cellular telephone for a month, and then wait two more months for the Black Whale to reach the New Continent. Until then, he will behave in Hui Guo Rou ‘s sake even though he ‘d like to decline all ceremonies, seeing that his dependable goal lies after the ocean trip. But since he is still considered a hero and a pioneer who will lead the way to the new populace, and that honor is important to Kakin, Beyond is sure they will pressure V5 anyhow, and in that case, the Zodiacs themselves will be begging him to attend. At the end of the read, Kurapika states that Beyond has been telling the truth. Mizaistom concludes that Pariston is the mastermind conspired with Saiyu, and the one diagram to release Beyond. [ 89 ] Kurapika suggests they leave Beyond entirely until landing since he ‘s not hiding any later motives. Mizaistom remains disbelieving as Pariston and Saiyu might hush encourage him even if Beyond did n’t plan to escape before land. Kurapika explains why it is improbable : beyond ’ s compress with Kakin includes taking civilians to the “ New Continent ” as he wishes to highlight Hui Guo Rou ’ s accomplishment, so he won ’ t be causing any problems en path. And in the worst-case scenario of him escaping, V5 might turn the embark around, even if it means breaking ties with Kakin. All of which contradicts Beyond ‘s initial decision of announcing a armistice and letting himself be captured. consequently, it would be inexpedient for them to do anything about Saiyu in the interim. Mizaistom agrees, but says he ‘d rather avoid sitting idly while Pariston and his spy are plotting. Kurapika is then given permission to watch the contribution of the commemorate where Saiyu explains about his Nen ability ( Three Monkeys ). He concludes that Saiyu was much more stable during his explanation, contrary to his proclaim worry. On the reversion side, the remaining Zodiacs were obviously nervous about the gamble of the spy learning about their abilities, so far still desiring to trust the others, which in turn affected their body linguistic process ; all stereotyped behavior of the innocent. Kurapika surmises that Saiyu was telling the truth about his ability, and he is besides on Beyond ‘s side. He then proposes keeping tabs on Saiyu in secret to uncover his plans while gathering tell. Mizaistom agrees it is safer than tailing him at all times, flush if it means leaving him free to act. [ 89 ] Kurapika states that knowing Saiyu ‘s ability enables them to narrow down potential escape plans. however, if they were to restrain him besides soon, Pariston may arrange something else. Kurapika expects them to escape good after the festival on the New Continent. Therefore, the best course of action would be to arrest Saiyu right before landing without Beyond detect, ideally with some kind of proofread to support their claim. In the off-chance of failing to do so, Mizaistom will have to admit he acted on his own in league with the newcomer, much to Kurapika ‘s dismay. Mizaistom confirms his suspicions, stating he will besides be criticized after speaking of resolution when in reality he has been working behind their backs to identify the perpetrator. Some of the Zodiacs might even change their approach to the mission if they find out that Mizaistom ‘s means were based on a forcemeat. Later, Kurapika answers a earphone call from Linssen, who tells him that six of Kakin princes are hiring bodyguards to “ eliminate gamble factors ” aboard the ship. none of their identities are shown, only each prince ‘s respective wage. [ 89 ] Kurapika hires Izunavi, Hanzo, Basho, Melody, and Biscuit Krueger —whom was recommended to him by Killua—so that the six of them can apply to all offers, and he can get closer to his main target, Prince Tserriednich. After a brief collide with Biscuit, he remembers Killua ‘s advice and pacifies her with flatter. Looking at the six offers, he tries to deduce which of the anonymous employers could be Prince Halkenburg, who appears to have a airless relationship with Tserriednich. In hopes of finding his client, he singles out two offers that state the prince will personally conduct the interview, as it shows signs of maturity and confidence. One has the highest pay up as a solution of the one-upping contest, and the other ‘s yield never changed. Kurapika surmises Halkenburg is most likely the latter as it signifies his potent self-esteem and self-denial. [ 90 ] He sends his request and heads to a hotel managed by Hui Guo Rou, where he is surprised to discover that his employer is, in fact, Queen Oito, mother of Fourteenth Prince Woble. The fagot reveals the reason it was decided the offers had to be anonymous was to fend off assassins from infiltrating the popular princes ‘ security. Halkenburg figured this much and did not put up a post. On the other hand, Queen Oito is looking for guards that would try to contact Halkenburg, seeing most of them are either assassins or imposter followers, which would simplify a discussion relationship. The assassins will get to wait for their chance while protecting them, and the followers plotting to manipulate Halkenburg can learn his weaknesses. Queen Oito explains that pro guards only specialize in protecting dignitaries, and are not trained in proactively killing person before she reveals the Black Whale voyage will turn into a war due to the rules of Kakin ‘s succession as enforced by Nasubi. When Prince Halkenburg becomes the future King, and if this succession struggle becomes public, he will be the one to suffer the most damage. For that reason, she hopes to buy hers and Woble ‘s safety by blackmailing Halkenburg with his engagement. She tells Kurapika if he accepts the job, she will give ten times the promise pay provided he can get them off the ship active. And if he leaves now, he ‘ll however be paid the predict fee if he keeps this conversation confidential. Kurapika agrees to protect her, so army for the liberation of rwanda as his terms are respected. Oito agrees and tells him about the gap in status between higher and lower wives. After reminiscing about her past life, she lets Kurapika hold her daughter. [ 90 ] erstwhile subsequently, Kurapika boards the ship with Oito and Woble. He repeats the security measures before thinking to himself that the battle forte of his side is unaccented, particularly since some Hunters may be spies. He has a call conversation with Mizaistom, during which the latter informs him of the conditions of the three lower decks, leading Kurapika to think the meeting of the Zodiacs will be called off. He warns Oito that if something unexpected happens, they may be able to flee to the lower decks, escaping the sequence war. While he contacts the system control room, he is startled by air radiating off Woble ‘s cradle. [ 91 ] One of Oito ‘s bodyguards is found absolutely in a toilet, all blood drained out of him. Kurapika inspects the consistency and concludes the perpetrator may have used Nen ; however, the bodyguards who are not Hunters have never heard of it, while the Hunters do not say anything. He late confronts them about their muteness, causing them to reply they are surprised he disclosed the information. From their conversation, Kurapika gleans he is the only one who knows about the succession war, meaning Pariston may be unaware of it arsenic well. When the corpses of four more bodyguards are found, Kurapika conjures his Dowsing Chain, and, pointing a gunman at his colleagues, states he will shoot them if they lie. [ 92 ] The assistants and Hunters are revealed to be impeccant, but the other two guards admit each of them is working for a higher ranking queen. They are tied to chairs before they continue their confession. From what they say, Kurapika infers Woble has received a Nen ability, which is probably triggered by her self-defense instinct. Kurapika deduces Woble sensed Woody ‘s malevolence and killed him. however, he has trouble accepting Woble could have learned Nen in one month, but Bill tells him it would be possible with parasitic type Nen. At that point, the Nen beasts of multiple princes drove into the board. Kurapika promptly contacts Melody and Biscuit. The latter tells him that there were Nen beasts in their quarters, but only the Hunters were able to see them, leading her to believe it is a parasitic type ability. Kurapika has Bill tell him everything he knows about that type of Nen and later accepts to reveal his agenda to improve cooperation. When Sayird stabs Kurton and the two restrained bodyguards to death, Kurapika prepares to fight him to take him active. [ 93 ] Kurapika manages to subdue Sayird and asks Bill if he ‘s one of the significant people mentioned. Bill claims that Kurton was more crucial due to his transformation skills. so Kurapika then tries to interrogate Sayird on his Nen type and ability, but to no avail. Although Bill first is against such a personal motion, Kurapika convinces him due to the situation at hand and he reveals Sayird ‘s Nen type and a brief explanation of his Nen ability. In a flashback Kurapika has, Izunavi advises him to focus on co-operation with allies. Back in the deliver Kurapika uses his index finger ‘s ability to steal Sayird ‘s Nen ability, while forcing him to go into a submit like to Zetsu. With Sayird ‘s baron stolen and aura drained the Nen animal that was manipulating him escapes, while Kurapika summons a Nen dolphinfish that equips the power and gives a little more detail explanation of Sayird ‘s Nen ability. no longer of habit and to use less department of energy, the Stealth Dolphin is put on stand by. Regaining awareness and nowadays restrained, Sayird explains what happened to him and, before being taken away by the Kakin Empire united states army for questioning, explains his Nen ability in greater detail to Kurapika. With only Kurapika and Bill left to protect Prince Woble, Kurapika inquires what options they immediately have, immediately that Kurton is dead. Bill expounds that they have to either ask Pariston Hill or, harder still, Beyond Netero to leave the Black Whale. [ 94 ] After listening to the rest of his explanation concerning parasitic type Nen, Kurapika concludes the very conflict will start once all princes are back from the ceremony. [ 95 ] The two review their options, with Kurapika refusing to use Sayird ‘s ability due to the miss of information on the other princes. When Vincent arrives, he immediately kills one of Oito ‘s attendants with the excuse of acting in self-defense, which leads Kurapika to realize he ‘s not there as a spy, but as an assassin. [ 96 ] Kurapika considers attacking Vincent, but cursorily gives up when he surmises even an act of self-defense would be held against him due to Prince Benjamin ‘s influence. He raises his hands and declares Vincent is the biggest threat to Woble ‘s biography. The gunman replies by asking him to “ cooperate ”, by which he implies he wants the two Hunters ‘ serve in murdering Oito and Woble, leading Kurapika to insult him mentally. Removing his contact lenses, he turns to the queen and asks her if she trusts him. When Woble reaches her hands towards him, Oito declares she has the utmost faith in him. Kurapika then stabs her with Steal Chain, transferring Little Eye to her. As Bill attacks Vincent, Kurapika steals the latter ‘s ability and restrains his hand. He accuses Vincent of wanting to kill Woble, which Vincent denies, but Oito promises she ‘ll testify against him. Noticing his earphone, Kurapika states he has an ability that can force him to tell the truth. Defeated, Vincent commits suicide by drinking poison obscure in one of his back dentition. Kurapika sedately states it could not be avoided and points the earphone to an shake Bill, crushing it only after giving anyone who might be overhearing misinform information. [ 97 ] Kurapika wonders if he should wait until the following feast and have Oito use Little Eye on Prince Marayam ‘s hamster, but due to the backfire of Emperor Time, he promptly realizes it is an impossible plan. thus, he explains Little Eye to the tabby and instructs her to use it on a flee or mosquito. He then declines the dolphin-like construct, which asks him if it should equip Vincent ‘s ability. He orders Bill to search the board and Shimano to answer the phone. The maid informs him there are three princes wishing to speak to him : prince Benjamin, Prince Zhang Lei, and Prince Tubeppa. Since speaking with any of them first would be interpreted as an act of disrespect towards the others, who ‘d besides believe him to be allied with the first prince he spoke to, and not replying would be a declaration of war, Kurapika reflects on his future move, while Benjamin ‘s raw envoy arrives. [ 97 ] confident that Benjamin believes him to be a Manipulator, he decides to speak to him and asks Bill to keep watch on Babimyna with Gyo, but he is surprised when he discovers Shimano has connected him with Zhang Lei. At the prince ‘s request, Kurapika explains he decided to answer him because he would be the most outdoors to discussion, but refuses to disclose any more particulars as they are likely to be related to the cause he was called : Nen. After Oito and Woble are allowed to come along, Kurapika accepts to meet the prince in 15 minutes. He finds out Benjamin has hung up, but Tubeppa is calm waiting. Her guard Maor offers to exchange information regarding Nen beasts. When the bodyguard declares he is about to come over, Kurapika replies they have a private soldier of the first prince in front of their door, and letting Maor in but not to him may have consequences. They agree to meet in one hour. Kurapika then interrogates Shimano about her disobedience. Finding her explanation—Zhang Lei being likely more exposed to discussion than Benjamin, whose soldier they have killed and who was unlikely to be on the call himself—convincing, he consults her about the best course of natural process to take with Babimyna, to which she replies they have to let him or they will be detained by the army, which would allow Benjamin to kill Oito and Woble. With newfound respect for her, Kurapika contacts Benjamin ‘s private soldier and informs him they are going to meet Zhang Lei. Babimyna resolves to wait in the room together with Bill. Kurapika, Oito, and Woble therefore reach Zhang Lei, who offers them bottles of water to drink. Kurapika immediately begins his explanation, which is partially directed at Oito, who is able to see Zhang Lei ‘s Sacred Beast. Declaring the next piece of data could potentially affect the consequence of the succession war, he asks Zhang Lei if he intends to continue their conversation with the bodyguards Coventoba and Slakka who are spies sent by other Queens and Princes in the room. [ 98 ] The Prince pretends not to mind, but points out Kurapika likely has an appointment with either Tubeppa or Benjamin subsequently, and gives Oito two of his own bodyguards Sakata and Hashito. Under Queen Unma ‘s orders, Slakka goes with them besides. On the intercommunication system, Kurapika cursorily checks on Bill and, after entering, updates him. With the total of enemies in their midst, Kurapika starts to get nervous ascribable to Emperor Time’ second lifespan-shaving condition, since he can not have Oito use Sayird ‘s ability. [ 99 ] In holy order to have Shimano and Bill search the room for bugs, Kurapika proposes the early bodyguards and Bill follows him in the bedroom. This results in a brief argument with Babimyna, which is won by Kurapika when he states he ‘s doing it for the king ‘s peace of take care, as people were killed in the hall. Kurapika begins his explanation about Nen and the Guardian Spirit Beast protecting the princes, but is shocked to spot a cockroach on the ceiling. As he wonders what to do with it, Oito orders the bodyguards to catch it, feigning disgust. Kurapika summons Bill and Shimano and orders the former to catch it with Nen, allegedly in order to prove the truthfulness of what he told the guards. Bill and Oito understand his plan, which leads to its achiever : while Bill pretends to send out his air, the queen use Little Eye through Kurapika ‘s dolphin construct. Kurapika then resumes his call on the carpet, asking Babimyna for confirmation. He then proposes to teach Nen to all bodyguards within two weeks, stating the princes will decide if they should participate or not. To himself, he notes Babimyna ‘s refined En and speculates the soldier already knows that it was Oito who gained control of the roach. [ 100 ] An hour late, Kurapika sees Oito turn the page of her notebook, from which he infers she finished investigating the foremost prince. however, he worries about his remaining stamen, as his eyes have been scarlet for about 3 hours. The queen abruptly screams that Momoze is being murdered in the adjacent room. To save appearances in front of Babimyna, Kurapika pretends she only had a nightmare, but she knocks his hand away and insists on checking. Kurapika tasks Bill with it. As the prince ‘s cadaver is taken away from her room, Kurapika reflects the accident is worrying, as the time seems distrust. Sakata interrupts his musings by demanding to know why Momoze ‘s beast failed to protect her. Kurapika replies her unusual sleeping radiation pattern may be related, and that both things were credibly consequences of the said beast being one of the two that attacked the other bodyguards. Despite acknowledging her genial state, Kurapika reasons he has to ask the queen to keep using Little Eye. When Babimyna asks Oito why she screamed, Kurapika realizes he knew about the queen all along and is surprised when he withdraws with the other guards and removes his En. Oito agrees to keep spying on the Princes, but specifies she is doing it for her daughter and not Kurapika. As she takes notes, Bill informs Kurapika some princes have already accepted his offer, but there are two problems. The first base is the phone number of bodyguards, and Kurapika suggests they limit them to two per prince. Due to the fatigue duty caused by his Scarlet Eyes, Kurapika passes out before he can hear the moment. [ 101 ] 9 hours late, he regains awareness. Bill, who hid his faint fit from the other bodyguards, tells him Oito passed out when he did. Kurapika grows horrified at the think that Emperor Time has remained active agent for that long and questions its limit. He then asks the queen to resume her surveillance from the 4th Prince rather of the 12th. Oito becomes fishy of his motives, but Kurapika explains that is the best move, as the beginning prince and probably the second have Nen users among their guards, and they are allies with the third, while they know nothing about the third. Kurapika then kneels in presence of her, swearing again her and Woble ‘s lives are his precedence. When Woble reaches for him, he lets her touch his fingers. Oito frankincense agrees but, mere moments belated, she screams in terror. Kurapika passes her exclaim off as a nightmare to dismiss the guards who came running, and she tells him that a woman, whom Kurapika speculates to be Tserriednich ‘s Spirit Guardian Beast, killed the cockroach. Kurapika ‘s ability is frankincense dispelled, but the tire caused by the elongated use of his Scarlet Eyes does not decrease. When Oito asks him to teach her Nen, Kurapika apologizes, as lend her a Nen ability had the side effect of opening her aura nodes. [ 102 ] not much later, at 9 ante meridiem, the lessons begin. After all the participants have gathered around him, Kurapika, with his back to Oito ‘s quarters, draws a occupation on the earth with white adhesive material magnetic tape, demanding that no matchless intersect it, lest they be forced to leave or he ‘ll use force without warning. Myuhan immediately steps on it, causing Kurapika to ask his diagnose and affiliation. Dropping the magnetic tape, he states that will be Myuhan ‘s concluding warn. Myuhan pretends not to have noticed and apologizes, but threatens Kurapika and indirectly asks him if he is just planning on stalling them. The Hunter promises once again they will all learn Nen in two weeks. He then retorts that if all Myuhan can do is speak in a provocative manner, it says a set about his prince, causing the guard to lose his cool. Kurapika immediately draws his accelerator, but Danjin holds back his fellow bodyguard and apologizes on their behalf. [ 103 ] Kurapika suggests everyone state their name and affiliation. He subsequently repeats the function of the meetings, ensuring that even though there will be differences in person proficiency, everyone will learn Nen in the promise time. To make the lessons go smoothly, he asks if anyone can already use Nen. Belerainte and Furykov raise their hands, and Kurapika nominates them, supervisors. An unknown Nen ability on the spur of the moment attacks and kills Barrigen, with Sakata shooting the white snakes that crawl out of his clothes. Kurapika notices Zhang Lei ‘s guards use 9mm bullets, which are intemperate to defend against even with Gyo, thinking he should besides expect .45 caliber and HK handguns. He quickly deduces the attacker is not a defender Spirit Beast, but an assassin in their midst. [ 103 ] He forbids his students from using firearms no matter the circumstances. He gives everyone 15 minutes to decide if they want to continue and heads to Oito ‘s room. He uses his Dowsing Chain to ask Bill and Shimano if they are the users of Silent Majority, earning a minus response in both cases. He explains to her that ascribable to the use of Conjuration in the ability, it can not be Woble ‘s defender Spirit Beast, which leads him to speculate that, due to the complex system of Vows and Limitations that must be in place, it is possible that if one prince dropped out of the succession war, all Nen beasts would disappear. When he goes rear to the hall, cipher has withdrawn. He begins his moral and has Belerainte and Furykov check on everyone ‘s aura stream. [ 104 ] Kurapika confronts Shedule and Yuhirai about their ample aura output, unachievable for a real founder. For safety and secrecy reasons, he agrees to speak with one of them at the end of the lecture. Sakata insists on participating, using his superscript know and the deal with Prince Zhang Lei as leverage. Kurapika is reluctant, but Yuhirai gives his consent, stating Prince Halkenburg would do anything to put a blockage to the succession war. Yuhirai explains about his strange mark, which Kurapika suspects to be the work of a soliciting-type Manipulation ability. The two convoke it is related to the prince ‘s Nen beast and that it serves as a symbol of one, expressing a contradiction inside Halkenburg : he wants to put an end to the monarchy, and the fastest way would be to win the succession contest, but he refuses to participate ; however, his defender Spirit Beast wants to fight. Kurapika tests Yuhirai, determining he has not in full awakened to Nen and warns him that if Halkenburg truly wants everyone to be the same, the Limitations that are probably in place risk being severe and affecting everyone who bears his set. He manages to convince him Queen Oito wants to escape the contest besides, adding that the lower princes must band together or they ‘ll be killed off one by matchless. He then resolves to contact each of them via the Hunter Association. [ 105 ] Kurapika returns to Room 1014. unable to return to his real body, Hanzo enlists his assistant. Due to clearance issues, Kurapika replies the most can do is ask Halkenburg ‘s guards to contact Room 1013 for him, but he will be able to do so only the take after day. Shimano informs Kurapika that the Captain of the Guards of Prince Marayam is on the telephone and would like to speak to him. [ 106 ] Kurapika attempts to convince Vergei the room he is in has been isolated ascribable to a Nen ability, but the bodyguard ignores him and requests that he investigate about the identity of Momoze ‘s cause of death. When Kurapika reveals he already knows who the perpetrator is, Vergei initially pretends to be accommodating, accepting to open the door to a Hunter Association member in switch over for the information, but then asserts that he is not convinced by the rumors spreading about Nen, which seem besides convenient for the Hunters. still hoping to form an alliance, Kurapika tells him that the killer whale was Tuffdy and how he carried out the murder. Vergei states that Kurapika ‘s explanation has only strengthened his impression that the Hunter Association intends to weaken Kakin from the inside and hangs up. [ 107 ] Kurapika relays his impressions to Hanzo and asks him to stay in Room 1013. He warns the ninja that Vergei might suspect the presence of a gram molecule in their midst since he did not inquire about his sources. When Hanzo asks him what he ought to do adjacent, Kurapika tells him to prioritize finding information on how to ensure Prince Marayam ‘s base hit. When Hanzo leaves, with Babimyna ‘s consent, Kurapika answers Sakata ‘s questions about Room 1013, adding that he suspects the Nen beast of the Thirteenth Prince to be involved. meanwhile, he wonders about Babimyna ‘s impart. [ 107 ] At 10:00 ante meridiem of the surveil day the lessons resume, but Myuhan is killed by Silent Majority ampere soon as he steps into the toilet. While giving dispositions to everyone else in the room, Kurapika surmises the user can see and control the snakes from afar, which probable makes them a Manipulator. Satobi and Maor accuse Kurapika ‘s faction of being responsible for the attacks and of using the lectures as bait. The Rat acknowledges that the circumstantial attest might be adequate to indict all of them, which could result in Oito and Woble being imprisoned individually. Belerainte comes to Kurapika ‘s care and insists that if the lectures stop, the real perpetrator will get away and everyone will lose their probability to study the other princes ‘ defenses. Kurapika asks to speak to the Hunter in individual and thanks him. Belerainte requests to talk to Bill for 10 minutes, therefore as to make his report to Room 1013 without seeming to talk to himself. [ 108 ] Over the adjacent few days, the lectures continue without the user of Silent Majority making another act. On Friday, he feels an fabulously knock-down aura, but he resolves to keep his sedate so as not to weaken his own Nen. [ 109 ] The dawn after the banquet, during one of the lectures, Kurapika and Bill feel the rumble air rush again. They conclude it comes from an odd-numbered board. Kurapika assures Sakata that its key signature is different from the one of Prince Zhang Lei ‘s defender Spirit Beast and that therefore it is improbable that it belongs to him. From the way it swells before disappearing abruptly, Kurapika estimates that it is an Emission ability, which might be able to go through walls. Sakata then says that Kurapika ‘s students are starting to have doubts about the train due to repeating the same practice over and all over. Kurapika replies that he will start the adjacent stagecoach the play along day and performs the Water Divination screen as a specialist in front of them. [ 110 ] After explaining its aim, he points Ladiolus as his most advanced disciple to provoke some of the other bodyguards into being competitive. He states that one ‘s Nen class should never be revealed and that the screenings will be conducted in a separate room and witnessed lone by Bill and him. When Maor, Satobi, and Danjin object, Kurapika justifies his decisiveness with the requirements of the coach, the risk he took by showing his own Nen type, and his camp ‘s wish for a stalemate, which means that he has no intention of gathering intelligence to hurt the higher-ranked princes. once again, he adds that if they can not accept his conditions, they can drop off the prepare. [ 110 ] One by one, Kurapika invites Ladiolus, Maor, Yuri, and Satobi into the main bedroom. There, contrary to what he told them, he does not have them perform Water Divination, but, after receiving their consent, he forces their Aura Nodes open with Stealth Dolphin and concisely gives them Bill ‘s Erigeron ability. He then enforces a gag orderliness preventing anyone from disclosing what transpired until every one of his students has, purportedly, taken the test, lest the coach be canceled. [ 111 ] When the lesson ends, he thanks Bill for revealing his ability and, when the latter calls himself a coward for choosing Room 1014 to guard because he believed he could avoid major fights and for resolving to stay out of shame, Kurapika points out that cowards do not steel themselves as he did. Hashito approaches him, demanding to be teach Nen right aside in return for allowing Tenftory to be awakened last. Kurapika accepts, but warns Hashito that, since he has not taken the train, he will be besides exhausted to even move for a while subsequently. [ 111 ] At 11:30 of the surveil day the rumbling aura can be felt again. Kurapika observes that the intervals between one billow and the adjacent are becoming short. [ 111 ] Spoilers end here.


Bokken: During the Hunter Exam, Kurapika wielded two wakizashi -sized bokken as his weapon of option. The handles of his two bokken are wrapped in bandages and linked together by a weave, which allows Kurapika to wield them as a nunchaku. In the 1999 zanzibar copal adaptation, the bokken are revealed to actually be sheathed swords. Knives: In the Hunter Exam, Kurapika carried at least three knives hidden under his invest. however, according to Majtani, he does not seem to rely on them much. Shuriken: In the Hunter Exam, Kurapika had at least two shuriken hidden under his vest. Like his knives, they are an extra precaution. Switchblade: After learning Nen and joining the Mafia, Kurapika started to use a switchblade for intimidation. Handgun: Kurapika started carrying a black pistol after being hired by Oito. so army for the liberation of rwanda he has used it only for purposes of determent .

Abilities & Powers

Kurapika has all the benefits granted by his status as a Hunter. As a Zodiac, his authority in the Hunter Association is inferior only to that of the chair herself. Being Light Nostrade ‘s right-hand man, he had power over the kin and is now the emboss of Light ‘s new organization. Kurapika ‘s powers increase greatly as the series progresses. Hisoka was the first to grow matter to in him, listing him as one of the “ k yield ” with huge potential. Although at the beginning he was weaker than Killua, during the Yorknew City discharge he had become stronger than him due to his Nen abilities. He is one of the few characters ( the others being Hisoka and Silva ) to have killed a member of the ill-famed Phantom Troupe, and a identical potent one. [ 59 ] His exceeding intelligence is matched by high battle art and iron will that stems from his desire for revenge. He is besides very versatile as he has been seen wielding different weapons. In his confrontation with Uvogin, he used his chains when afar and at airless quarter fight. [ 58 ] While he normally maintains a composure and collected character, he tends to lose his cool whenever the Phantom Troupe or his kin, are nominated, frequently turning fierce .
Scarlet Eyes: When a member of the Kurta Clan becomes enraged, their eyes turn a intense shade of red, which triggers an amazing increase in physical intensity. In this state, even as a child, Kurapika could gain the upper hand in terms of amphetamine and forte against three adults and easily overpowered them. however, Kurapika admitted that when his eyes turn red, he loses all constraint and rationality and becomes cardinal, which besides occurs whenever he sees a spider. [ 20 ] Furthermore, overusing his Scarlet Eyes can have dangerous repercussions on his health, as doing thus caused him to become helpless and feverish for more than one day without Melody ‘s Nen ability managing to lower his body temperature. [ 79 ] His current restrict is about 3 hours, after which the pain and fatigue become besides intense and he passes out [ 101 ] for 3 times as long. Kurapika besides speculates that repeated long uses or ones induced by stealing peculiarly brawny abilities may cause him to reach the limit earlier than 3 hours. [ 102 ] At some point during his Nen train, Kurapika learned to turn his eyes scarlet at will and acquired the ability to control his emotions. [ 112 ] Advanced Hearing: Kurapika has a cutting sense of hearing than average humans, which enables him to perceive indicative sounds [ 7 ] and catch conversations others would miss. [ 19 ] Preternatural Perception: even prior to learning Nen, he was one of the few candidates of the Hunter Exam to notice being followed by a proctor during the Third Phase. His beginning meet with Izunavi demonstrated that he has a developed instinct, as he dodged an acorn permeate with Nen without knowing anything of inner energy, but understanding in a consequence it would have been lethal for him to be hit. [ 113 ] Enhanced Strength: After training at Zebro ‘s house, Kurapika managed to open the foremost door of the Testing Gate, whose full weight is 4 tons. His forte increases when his eyes turn scarlet. [ 114 ] With Nen, his blows become more destructive, to the bespeak he can not entirely inflict pain to Uvogin despite the latter ‘s soundbox being impervious to bullets, but besides inflict damage on him. [ 59 ] Enhanced Speed and Reflexes: Kurapika struck Uvogin respective times before he could react and even disappeared out of view in a space clear of hideouts with a leap. [ 58 ] He can catch bullets with one of his chains [ 45 ] and restrain a target with another in 0.5 seconds from a clean distance, [ 115 ] and in approximately 0.2 or 0.3 from alone a few meters. [ 76 ] Enhanced Agility: Kurapika can jump several meters in the air and hit his opponents from diverse angles with acrobatic moves without losing his balance. [ 58 ] This is first prove when he leaps on top of a chandelier during the examination to be hired by Light Nostrade [ 45 ] and late in the confrontation against Uvogin. [ 58 ] Enhanced Endurance: possibly due to the abhorrence he harbors toward the Phantom Troupe and the absolute decision to win the battle, Kurapika seemed about unfazed by Uvogin breaking his arm. [ 58 ] Genius-Level Intellect: Kurapika is one of the most brilliant characters in the series. Because of this, he was appointed drawing card of Neon ‘s bodyguards after the demise of Dalzollene. [ 55 ] He outsmarted minds of Chrollo ‘s grade with carefully planned strategies, and his predictions have rarely turned out to be amiss. He besides has an huge deal of cognition about many topics, ranging from psychology to other cultures, from history to forensic, a quality that surprised his buddy when he was alone a child. due to his longing for new notions, he is a firm apprentice with an impressive memory. Kurapika ‘s analytic skills are so great they have led to the spread of the rumor, among Muherr ‘s assassins, that he is able to read minds. [ 1 ] When searching for Halkenburg on the Kakin bodyguard registration, he used the vaguest of clues to choose whom he felt to be Halkenburg, something praised by Oito. [ 90 ] Master Strategist: Kurapika can formulate flawless plans even in fight to exploit his adversary ‘s weaknesses to the fullest. His intuition is matched by his coherent think and meticulous preparations. Although he can retain his cool in desperate situations, he can barely stick to his own plan when it concerns the Phantom Troupe, to the extent he might flush snap and endanger not entirely himself, but his friends ampere well. On the Black Whale he exhibited greater composure than earlier and has performed his greatest strategic feat yet, becoming the anchor of a stalemate, or at least an obstruction, of the succession contest with an endless series of ad hoc tactics, mixing truth and lies, secrets and intentionally disclosed information. [ 111 ] His disclosure of the being of Nen and his classes constituted the biggest game-changer of the succession contest, forcing an deadlock and increasing the odds of lower-ranked princes to survive. [ 108 ] [ 110 ] [ 111 ] Proficient Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Kurapika was able to land respective punches and kicks on a fighter specialized in unarmed battle such as Uvogin with about no damage on his function. [ 58 ] Master Weapon Specialist: With the full extent of his abilities in the field being indecipherable, Kurapika used a match of bokken swords linked by a thread before learning Nen, and could wield them besides as a nunchaku. In the 1999 anime, it was revealed the bokken swords were actually two sheathe blades. He displayed the ability to use them skillfully against Hisoka. When he worked as Neon ‘s bodyguard, he carried a knife with him, although he used it entirely for determent. however, the weapon Kurapika specializes in presently are his chains, which he learned to use in conflict with bang-up skill in a rather short total of fourth dimension. He can move them with such mastery that they act as lifelike extensions of his arm, being even able to entangle targets at a outdistance of about 30 meters in less than a second. [ 58 ] The chains are suited for both offense and defensive purposes ( normally the Dowsing Chain ), [ 45 ] deoxyadenosine monophosphate good as immobilizing the opposition ( Chain Jail ). [ 53 ] Bilingual: Kurapika ‘s mother tongue is the terminology spoken by the Kurta, but he has besides acquired perfective proficiency in the speech used in the world at big. [ 3 ] NVC Expert: even without the custom of his chain, Kurapika is adept at recognizing lies by looking at his interlocutor ‘s eyes. He demonstrated it when inquiring about Melody ‘s motivation for becoming a bodyguard : he not only understood her answer was sincere, but besides that she was hiding important details. [ 49 ] When trying to identify a counterspy within the Zodiacs, he could tell it was Saiyu barely by observing his body terminology. [ 89 ]


Kurapika is a Conjurer, a Nen user that can create objects out of thin breeze according to his resource, but he becomes a specialist when his eyes turn scarlet. [ 114 ] He learned Nen in a very light time and is deemed a very skilled user. In terms of theoretical cognition, he can divide Nen apprentices by aptitude, [ 104 ] and is an adept in the mechanics of Limitations and Manipulation Nen. [ 105 ] Kurapika has Nen abilities that incorporate elements of Emission, Manipulation, [ 112 ] and Enhancement ; [ 114 ] in summation, he has exhibited proficiency in Transmutation, [ 105 ] proving himself a all-around Nen exploiter and one of the identical few who can entree all six Nen categories. The weapon that he conjures is a alone one—five chains that extend from each finger on his right hand. Some of the fingers were specially designed to deal vengeance on the Phantom Troupe. [ 53 ] To increase the potency of his chains against them, Kurapika placed stern Limitations on the custom of his chains. [ 114 ] Since the chains are materialized, their size and length can be controlled to a certain degree. [ 53 ] He is able to conceal his chain through In in club to bind his opponent without their cognition until it is besides recently. Kurapika is besides technical in other branches on Nen, such as Shu, [ 58 ] which, combined with Emperor Time, gives his chains the ability to shatter rock, and Gyo. [ 58 ] He has reached a flat of skill senior high school enough that he can remain in a express of Ten without conscious think. [ 103 ] By using a limitation that puts his own life at interest, his abilities received a bang-up boost. [ 53 ] [ 114 ] In fact, one of his chains is so strong that Uvogin, an know champion, assumed that it was a real chain that Kurapika was manipulating. [ 59 ] The combination of his limit, the increase in skill granted by his Specialization ability, and the aura boost granted by his Scarlet Eyes allowed him to reduce the gap in strength against a master Enhancer such as Uvogin. [ 58 ] Repeated usage of his Scarlet Eyes combined with Nen takes a heavy price on his mind and consistency, [ 59 ] causing him an disable high fever that, after the death of Pakunoda, lasted several days and could not be relieved by Melody ‘s flute. [ 79 ]

Kurapika’s Nen Type: Conjuration[note 1]
Type: Conjuration Dowsing Chain (



The Guiding Ring Finger Chain )[note 2]

1342922695569.jpg Shaped like a ball and chain, Kurapika uses this frequently under normal situations, for defensive and offensive purposes.[45] It has a small ball-like weight at the end, which moves toward whatever he is dowsing for. It is also useful for investigative activities, like determining the location of missing individuals,[64] and identifying if someone is lying.[45] If this ability is used in a group, it works better if the persons questioned reply one at a time.[93] In ordinary conditions, Kurapika must be directly in front of the target for the lie detection to be effective. However, when Emperor Time is active, he can also use that ability through video recordings, provided he has met the subject before. Kurapika himself is unaware of how this side of his power works. His guess is that, through the conveyance of the chain and extreme focus, he can unconsciously detect subtle indications that someone is lying.[88]
Type: Conjuration Chain Jail (



The Restraining Middle Finger Chain )[note 2]

Uvogin Chained.jpg Shaped like a hook, this very durable chain is designed to envelop and restrain Spiders.[53] It forces its prisoners into a state of Zetsu, shutting off their aura and preventing the use of Nen abilities. Consequently, it is only possible to escape from it through brute force, although not even Uvogin, the strongest Spider, could break free from it.[59] Kurapika can fully restrain a distant target in half a second.[115] To create this chain, Kurapika imposed a Limitation that allows him to use it only against members of the Phantom Troupe, with the added stipulation that violating this condition will result in his death.[53]
Type: Specialization Emperor Time (



Absolute Time )[note 3]

EmperorTime.png When Kurapika’s eyes shift into scarlet, he changes from a Conjurer to a Specialist. This ability allows him to utilize all the types of Nen to 100% efficiency (for a Conjurer).[114] Kurapika explains this using the terms “Level”, “Force”, and “Accuracy”: his “Levels” in the various Nen categories remain the same during Emperor Time, but his “Force” and “Accuracy” for every category are raised to 100%. Thus, if Kurapika’s “Level” in Conjuration was 10, his “Level” in Emission (the polar opposite aura type) would remain 4 at the most, but his “Force” and “Accuracy” in any Emission ability would increase from 40% to 100%, making him evenly matched against a Level 4 Emitter.[112] However, the price to pay is considerable, as every second spent in this mode shortens Kurapika’s lifespan by one hour.[97]
Type: Conjuration and Enhancement[59] Holy Chain (



The Healing Thumb Chain )[note 2]

HolyChain.png Shaped like a cross, it cures wounds by drawing from Enhancement abilities. When Kurapika is in his Specialist state, it can heal serious injuries, such as a fractured arm, within seconds.[59]
Type: Conjuration, Emission, and Manipulation[112] Judgment Chain (



The Arbiter Little Finger Chain )[note 2]

JudgmentChain.png ​The Stake of Retribution, a blade on the end of this chain, enters the victim’s body and wraps around their heart. Kurapika gives the victim an order, which, if violated, results in the Stake of Retribution piercing the victim’s heart, killing them.[59] Kurapika himself has a blade wrapped around his heart, which he used to set the Limitations for the use of Chain Jail ability.[53] He is capable of issuing a minimum of two commands per Stake of Retribution,[77] and he can dispel it at will.[112] He is confident that he would be alerted if a Spider removed it.[81] Due to Kurapika’s low affinity for and mastery over Emission and Manipulation, Judgment Chain can only be used in conjunction with Emperor Time.[112]
Type: Conjuration Steal Chain (



The Thieving Index Finger Chain )[note 2]

Steal Chain.jpg Shaped like a syringe, upon piercing the body of the target this chain drains their aura and steals one of their Nen abilities. While their aura is being drained, the target is forced into a state similar to Zetsu. The process appears to be very painful for them. The target is unable to use the stolen ability until it is returned to them. There no conditions to steal an ability aside from piercing the target with the syringe : thus far, he has stolen two abilities, one after the owner’s Nen type had been revealed and the general mechanics of the ability explained,[94] and another that was about to be used without any prior knowledge. The death of the original owner does not result in Kurapika losing possession of a stolen ability.[97]
Type: Specialization Stealth Dolphin (



The Index Finger’s Emperor Time )

Steal Chain2.png
Chap 364 - Oito and Nen Dolphin.png

By activating Emperor Time, Kurapika can summon a dolphin-like construct with a syringe on each pectoral fin that is visible and audible only to himself. This construct can “equip” and analyze the stolen ability, informing Kurapika of its name, functions, and conditions. Kurapika can then use the stolen ability for himself[94] or loan it to another person, including non-users, by stabbing them with the Steal Chain. In the latter case, a listening device is conjured in that person’s ear that enables them to see the dolphin and communicate with it via telepathy. The dolphin can counsel the new recipient on how to use the ability,[97] and will utilize it itself when given the order by the recipient of the loaned ability.[100] When Kurapika or someone he has loaned an ability to activates it, it is fueled with the aura that Steal Chain took from its owner, ensuring that it is used with its original power.[111] A side-effect of Stealth Dolphin is that when it is used on a non-user it will allow them to see aura [ 98 ] and, after the lend ability is activated, semi-force all of their Aura Nodes open, basically making them Nen users, although trail is still necessary to control one ‘s own aura stream and prevent its escape. [ 111 ] If Kurapika equips the dolphinfish with a stolen ability and transfer it to person else he can use Steal Chain again, but transferring it does not allow him to exit Emperor Time until he call back the dolphin and the stolen ability have to be used for that. [ 97 ] Regardless of who controls it, a stolen ability can be used lone once, after which it is returned to the original exploiter. As a downside, vitamin a long as all stolen abilities are not returned, Emperor Time will remain active. The dolphin will regularly advise Kurapika of how long Emperor Time has been active for unless it is put on standby, in which shell it can be made to disappear. [ 94 ] Should Kurapika faint while person else is using an ability loaned to them by him, that person will pass out arsenic well. [ 102 ]

Former Stolen Abilities

Type: Emission and Manipulation[94] Little Eye (



Rear Window )

Roach.jpg An ability Kurapika stole from Sayird via his index finger chain[94] before giving it to Oito.[97] The user launches an aura ball at a bug or any other small living being, capturing and gaining control over it. The largest creature the user can control is about the size of a hamster. The user gains knowledge of anything the manipulated animal sees or hears. For this reason, the ability is particularly useful when utilized on flies or mosquitoes, but since they have many natural enemies, they often die while under the effect of the ability. Faster animals may be hard to catch. The ability cannot be used on living beings conjured via aura.[94] The controlled animal maintains the user’s capability of seeing aura. This ability seems to consume very little aura, as even someone who was originally not a Nen user could maintain it for one hour without visible strain.[101] Furthermore, it is not deactivated if the user passes out. It was returned to Sayird after one use.[102]
Type: Unknown Air Blow (



Empty Air Fist )

Vincent Air blow.jpg An ability Kurapika stole from Vincent via his index finger chain. Little is known about it. The original user attempted to activate it through his left palm in order to break the guard of a Nen user who was capable of stopping bullets with his aura. It does not seem to require direct contact with the target to work.[97]
Type: Enhancement[111] Erigeron (



Bulb )

Halcyon.png An ability Kurapika “stole” from Bill, with his permission, via his index finger chain. Kurapika transferred Bill’s Nen to other individuals to awaken their Nen during the Water Divination ceremony. The ability dramatically accelerates the growth of a living being when the user brings the palms of their hands close to it. By using the ability on a seed inside a glass of water, Bill made it sprout in mere moments. Bill told Maor that he can use Erigeron on humans to improve their Nen abilities, although the effects on untrained or unskilled individuals are weak.[111]

Battles & Competitions

  • Hunter Exam arc:
    • Kurapika vs. Great Stamp†[13]
    • Kurapika vs. Majtani (Trick Tower)[20][22]
    • Kurapika and Leorio Paradinight vs. Tonpa and Sommy (Zevil Island)[26]
    • Kurapika vs. Hisoka Morow * (Final Phase)[32]
  • Yorknew City arc:
    • Kurapika, Basho, Baise, and Melody vs. Shachmono Tocino and Squala[44][45]
    • Kurapika vs. Uvogin† (Gordeau Desert)[56][57][58][114][59]
  • Succession Contest arc:
    • Kurapika vs. Sayird *[93][94]
    • Kurapika and Bill vs. Vincent[97]
  • Zoldyck Family arc:
    • Kurapika, Gon Freecss, and Leorio Paradinight vs. Gotoh (coin game)[40]


  • (To Leorio) “Their eyes were stolen from every single body. All of them… Killed for what death creates. So I’ve sworn to capture the Phantom Troupe… And recover the eyes of my clan!!”[5]
  • (To Leorio) “My own pride is nothing compared to my kinsmen’s suffering.”[5]
  • (To Leorio) “My mind perceived that tattoo was a fake, but my emotions… I just saw red… and… to be honest… Whenever I see a spider, any spider, my rationality collapses, and I turn primal! Heh… I suppose that’s reassuring. It means the rage inside me has not yet faded.”[20]
  • (To Izunavi) “Because there are people at large who need to be chained to hell.”[114]
  • (To Uvogin) “The noises, the physical contact, the smell of blood… They make me sick. How can you not think of anything or feel anything?!”[59]
  • (Referring to Gon, Killua, and Leorio) “I’ve been blessed with good friends.”[112]
  • “I must get those two back…!! That’s my top priority!! I don’t want to lose any other… Never again!![77]
  • (To Mizaistom, who mentioned the Scarlet Eyes) “From this point on, choose your words wisely. This is no place for you outsiders. I am indeed looking for their eyes. What of it?”[85]
  • “A daughter of the Mafia. Teacher. Lawyer. Musician. Investor. Priest. Doctor. Swindler. Board of members from multiple corporations. Tycoons. The founder of a religion. Politician. Artist. And… a king’s son… I’ve threatened, coaxed, paid people off… I lost something every time I got back a part of my brethren. But this will soon end… This… This is the last monster with the last of the eyes…! Among them… Pairo… My journey may finally begin. But… where would I go…? There is no home for me to return to… and nobody to welcome me back. I have nothing left.”[86]

other quotes :

  • (To the Captain) “One could simply dodge the question with a plausible lie. But I consider lying a sin equal to greed, and as dishonorable. Yet to give an honest answer to someone I don’t know is not, to me, a reasonable alternative. The matter is simply too personal.”[6]
  • (To Leorio) “Not everything in this world can be bought, Leorio! You know that!”[5]
  • “There must be social ties between other flesh collectors. A network of scum who make a contest of their disgusting appetites. I’ll arrest them all, every last one!![44]
  • (To Uvogin) “Some place remote where we won’t cause a nuisance. I get the feeling your final moments will be raucous.”[56]
  • (To the freelance assassins) “Poor teamwork would only confuse people. Those who need help can rely on the community’s staff. There’ll be fewer arguments if we work on our own. I’ll be fine by myself.”[64]
  • (To Zenji) “Step aside. Don’t tempt me. I don’t care who I lash out at. It might as well be you.”[69]
  • (To Bill) “Bill, cowards don’t steel themselves.”[111]


  • In the official databook, his name is also spelled as “Curarpikt“.[2]
    • In one of Hunter × Hunter’s card collections, the character is also alternatively named as “Kurapica“.[122]
  • In the Japanese manga, Kurapika uses the pronoun “watashi,” which is a formal, gender-neutral pronoun most often used by women. As a child, Kurapika used the pronoun “ore,” which is an informal pronoun used by men. A child that uses “ore” is trying to give an older impression and appear tough.
  • Despite his clan’s name, Kurapika has never been shown with a full name. However, “Kurapika Kurta” is the name given by the fans. Among the four main characters, Kurapika is the only one whose last name has not been mentioned yet.
  • Kurapika wears two earrings, although only one is seen throughout the series.
  • Kurapika is the only character who falls under two different Nen categories.
  • During Kurapika’s Water Divination on the Black Whale, his aura caused the water to change colors and the leaf to spin[110] (his result as a Specialist).
  • After killing Uvogin, Kurapika temporarily stopped wearing his chains out in the open.[64][66][65] This probably contributed to him not being recognized as the “Chain Dude” by the Troupe members who passed themselves off for auction staff when he bid at the Underground Auction and picked up the forged Scarlet Eyes.[69]
  • Kurapika’s Japanese voice actress Yuki Kaida, also voiced the Heavens Arena 200th Floor Clerk and Fumi in the 1999 anime adaptation.
  • In the Hunter × Hunter The Real 4D attraction movie at Universal Studios Japan, Kurapika’s bounty was Jenny Symbol 2011.svg
  • According to the “Hunter × Hunter Manual” section found in the Yu ☆ Yu ☆ Hakusho official character book (Shueisha Jump remix), * Kurapika’s stats are:
Story Arcs mind skill body Nen inventiveness intelligence
Hunter Exam arc 3/5 2/5 2/5 0/5 2/5 3/5
Yorknew City arc 3/5 3/5 3/5 4/5 2/5 4/5

Anime and Manga Differences

  • In the 1999 anime adaptation, both of his earrings are shown only once.[123]
  • Although Kurapika wore a different outfit for the Zoldyck Family arc, in the 2011 anime adaptation, he has the same outfit from the Hunter Exam.
  • An analysis of Kurapika’s character arc treatment in the 1999 anime adaptation, supported by some storyboard archives, resulted in a hypothesis that the director might have originally planned to kill Kurapika in a final battle against Chrollo to end the series.

Intertextuality and References

  • In Volume 11, the author revealed Kurapika was inspired by the Ohmu in Hayao Miyazaki’s manga Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind.
  • Kurama, one of the main characters in Yoshihiro Togashi’s other manga and anime, YuYu Hakusho, bears some similarities to Kurapika:
    • both are cunning master strategists who always plan their attacks in advance;
    • both are prodigies who rapidly learned how to control their superhuman abilities;
    • both are highly intelligent with vast knowledge in many fields;
    • both have an androgynous appearance that has led readers to wonder if they were in fact girls. In one chapter, Kurapika is mistaken as being a girl by his archenemy, while on the last episode of YuYu Hakusho, Kurama is mistaken for Kuwabara’s girlfriend;
    • both wear Chinese-style clothes;
    • a calm, collective, and friendly personality belies both Kurapika’s and Kurama’s sinister, wrathful, and hateful feelings towards those who had hurt them;
    • both bared a profound feeling of respect and platonic love towards their friends and family, and would never sacrifice their lives in order to achieve their own personal goals;
    • both are capable hand-to-hand combatants, although they mainly fight with weapons;
    • just as Kurama can manipulate plants in order to immobilize, capture, attack and kill his enemies, Kurapika has the ability to conjure up a chain from his aura, which is used for the same purposes as Kurama’s plants are. Furthermore, Kurama wielded a whip in origin, making his combat style very similar to Kurapika’s;
    • in the same way that Kurama was ranked second place for the most popular character in the YuYu Hakusho manga, Kurapika was also voted on second place in the Hunter × Hunter popularity contest;
    • just like Kurama is the second person that Yusuke meets out of the main team, Kurapika is the second person on the main team that Gon meets;
    • and both Kurama and Kurapika have the same first two syllables on their names and are the only main characters to do so.
  • Kurapika is similar to Saint Seiya character Shun in his androgynous appearance and the usage of chains as weapons.
  • Kurapika bears resemblance to Lyserg Diethel from Shaman King in that:
    • both have androgynous traits which have caused them to be mistaken for girls;
    • their weapons of choice are similar;
    • both have dowsing abilities;
    • both are renowned for their deduction skills; furthermore, Lyserg sought to become a detective, Kurapika a Blacklist Hunter;
    • and both want to exact their revenge on a group of villains who murdered their family.
  • Kurapika’s name is briefly mentioned in Chapter 91 of the Roboco of the Me & Roboco manga. He was supposed to be what Motuso cosplayed as.


  • Kurapika was ranked second in all of the 3 popularity polls that have been conducted so far by Weekly Shōnen Jump: he acquired 13,498 votes in the first character popularity poll; 7,176 votes in the second poll, and 3,467 votes in the third one.
    • In Volume 7, where the results of the first poll were published, it was revealed that voters were impressed with his resolve, and many questioned his sex.
  • Kurapika is referred to as the “Chain Bastard”, the nickname the Phantom Troupe gave to him, in one of the tracks for the 2011 Original Soundtrack 2.
  • His voice actress in the Pilot OVA, Noriko Hidaka, also voices Shalnark in the 2011 adaptation.
  • Kurapika is played by Akiko Kimura in the Hunter × Hunter stage play Hunter × Hunter: Real Stage.
  • Out of the 4 main characters, Kurapika is the only one whose birthday does not fall on a Japanese holiday.
    • Nevertheless, it is indeed relevant: in Japanese culture, the number 4, due to one of its possible pronunciations, is considered the number of death**, and April is the fourth month of the year. This date reflects his determination to apprehend or kill the members of the Phantom Troupe, and he is indeed referred to as a “god of death” in one of their predictions.
    • The number of the month and day of his birthday are the same: Kurapika shares this characteristic with the other three protagonists and Hisoka.

Translations around the World

Language Name
The Arab world Flag.png Arabic كورابيكا (Kurabika)
China Flag.png Chinese 酷拉皮卡 (Kù lā píkǎ)
Greece Flag.png Greek Κουράπικα (Kourápika)
South Korea Flag.png Korean 크라피카 (Keurapika)
Malaysia Flag.png Malaysian Clapika
Russia Flag.png Russian Курапика (Kurapika)
Thailand Flag.png Thai คุราปิก้า (Khu rā pik̂ā)


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