Top 38 Gorgeous Phantom Troupe Tattoo Design Ideas (2022 Updated)

Any true zanzibar copal fans out there ? Do you enjoy watching some of the most democratic cartoons or movies in your bare time ? What is the probability that you have watched Phantom Troupe ? This is a long-familiar and democratic anime/manga that you will love to pay close care to while besides credibly showing court to it by placing the blueprint somewhere on your body. Keep on read as we talk about this celebrated gang and your tattoo options down below !

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1. Who Is Phantom Troupe?

Who Is Phantom TroupeWho Is Phantom Troupe
Phantom Troupe is a world-famous crowd of thieves and a condemnable arrangement in the anime/manga series Hunter X Hunter. This gang has 12 members in it, and their names are :

  • Chrollo Lucilfer (leader)
  • Nobunaga Hazama Uvogin (deceased)
  • Machi Hisoka (temporary associate)
  • Shalnark (deceased)
  • Shizuku Feitan (temporary leader)
  • Pakunoda (deceased)
  • Franklin
  • Bonolenov
  • Phinks
  • Kortopi (deceased)
  • Kalluto Zoldyck
  • Illumi Zoldyck (temporary associate)

If you are a sports fan of anime, in general, you ’ re going to enjoy watching this show and finding inspiration with one of our ideas.

2. Who Should Go For This Design?

Anyone who loves to watch zanzibar copal movies or cartoons will enjoy getting this far-out tattoo. If you have watched this anime already earlier or if you plan on watching it we can vouch and guarantee that you ’ re going to enjoy one of these fierce characters. In the goal, anyone who likes playful tattoos and a full anime or manga story will like these characters angstrom well .

3. How Pricey Is This Tattoo?

Price-wise, this all can depend. Most tattoo artists will charge a hefty measure of money for this design since it is so singular, colorful and one of a kind. Make sure that you find yourself person who knows of this anime before giving them a call. Those who have feel will bill approximately $ 200- $ 500 for these characters as a group, or a bit less if you end up placing barely one individual character on top of your body .

4. Where To Place A Phantom Troupe Tattoo?

When it comes to placing this tattoo somewhere on acme of your body or your skin, what do you fancy ? Some women like to place this tattoo over their legs, thighs, or ankles, while guys will stick to their calves, back, and biceps. Your final placement will vary depending on your climate, preference, and your available and ink-free skin. We recommend sticking to something that is personal and fun to you .

Top 38 Phantom Troupe Tattoos

note : We included some other Hunter × Hunter Characters ( Who are closed refer to Phantom Troupe ) american samoa well

1. Black Spider Ink Tattoo

Black Spider Ink Tattoo Black Spider Ink Tattoo
A must-try Phantom Troupe tattoo if you want to represent and show your love for all of the characters. This spider represents all of them combined into one unit, which is a must-do and a must-try tattoo if you want to rock and represent each one of them equally .

2. Big Thigh Tattoo Design

Big Thigh Tattoo DesignBig Thigh Tattoo Design
Go for this giant second joint tattoo if you dare to wear something bluff and outgoing. This tattoo will look the best on men who have larger calves and legs, adenine well as a distribute more muscle. Add a pop of aristocratic to your invention and make it more interesting by adding dimension and depth. The end leave will suit anyone who has watched the manga .

3. Hunter X Hunter Tattoo

Hunter X Hunter TattooHunter X Hunter Tattoo
Get a tattoo of all of your darling characters from the Phantom Troupe and show how much you love the entire frame and express ! This cute and alone center concept system will show that you know how to see and appreciate the smasher in all the little things. No tattoo has to be besides bold or excessively big for it to make sense. Simpler details will still lurk the looks and the attention of the right type of audience .
Did you know that 60 out of the 100 Richest characters in the series are Hunters?

4. Phantom Troupe Tattoo Colorful Idea

Phantom Troupe Tattoo Colorful IdeaPhantom Troupe Tattoo Colorful Idea
Play along with some discolor and a start of ink when it comes to your newfangled tattoo. This one can take some time for your tattoo artists to get merely right. Make sure that you find person who you truly trust and who is skilled enough when it comes to anime .

5. Unique Phantom Troupe Tattoo

Unique Phantom Troupe TattooUnique Phantom Troupe Tattoo
This cunning, small, and amusing tattoo is for minimalists and those who know how to pay close attention to details. If you fully trust your tattoo artist and if they ’ ve seen the show they will know how to combine two characters into matchless with this tattoo .

6. Cartoon-Inspired Hunter Tattoo

Cartoon-Inspired Hunter TattooCartoon-Inspired Hunter Tattoo
Add a pop of red and know that it is such a masculine color to go for. not a lot of people like to get like designs since they are quite basic and straightforward. however, if you prefer authoritative pieces and you want to go with something that is a safe bet and a common solution, equitable know that you will not make a lot of attention with this result .

7. Giant Shoulder Phantom Troupe Tattoo

Giant Shoulder Phantom Troupe TattooGiant Shoulder Phantom Troupe Tattoo
Try out this shoulder tattoo and rock the beauty with full confidence ! Although it may look the best on guys, a draw of women should give it a chance. This is a musical composition of art that will look the best on those who love the color imperial, angstrom well as men or women who are true fans of the anime itself .
Fun fact: The very first character to have appeared in Hunter x Hunter Manga is Kite.

8. Blonde Hunter Tattoo

Blonde Hunter TattooBlonde Hunter Tattoo
This anime-inspired print will take a adept tattoo artist to recreate ! If you know of one and you trust their hand and their tattoo process, give it a proceed with this design. They will help you create such a masterpiece will paying conclude attention to all the little details .

9. Cartoon-Like Anime Phantom Troupe Tattoo

Cartoon-Like Anime Phantom Troupe TattooCartoon-Like Anime Phantom Troupe Tattoo
Go for this undimmed green and neon color if you want to get noticed easily with your new favorite creation ! Let everyone know how obsessed you may be with this zanzibar copal by choosing it as your next must-do print. Make certain that you have a set of solitaire since this tattoo can be heavily to get .

10. Eye Details Tattoo Characters

Eye Details Tattoo CharactersEye Details Tattoo Characters
Another mesmerizing tattoo with all the little eye details ! however, this one has a portrayal effect and a portrayal vibration. If you prefer real and life-like tattoo you ’ re going to naturally gravitate toward this one. It is a creative piece that will require a skilled tattoo artist, that ’ randomness for sure .

11. Big Shoulder Phantom Troupe Tattoo Design

Big Shoulder Phantom Troupe Tattoo DesignBig Shoulder Phantom Troupe Tattoo Design
Giant, bold, and brave shoulder tattoo that has its unique elements ! This Phantom piece will take you 5-6 hours to master. Make certain that you find an appropriate prototype and a true inspirational picture that matches your wish number before giving it a rifle .
Did you know that Hunter x Hunter has its own alphabets which can be translated directly to Japanese then to English?

12. Artsy Black Ink Phantom Troupe Tattoo

Artsy Black Ink Phantom Troupe TattooArtsy Black Ink Phantom Troupe Tattoo
Consider this blacken ink shoulder tattoo if you enjoy shade art. Those who enjoy retro looks and are a sports fan of detail ideas will like this consequence. In the end, it will take you around 6-8 hours to achieve this beauty. It will represent your true love for zanzibar copal and manga .

13. Pink & Black Duo Phantom Troupe Tattoo

Pink & Black Duo Phantom Troupe TattooPink & Black Duo Phantom Troupe Tattoo
Play around with shadows and red and blacken tattoo ink concepts. This tattoo will show that you ’ rhenium brave and bold and that you know who to real deal characters are. Express yourself through this charming tattoo and let everyone see your bold side .

14. Eye-detail Hunter Character

Eye-detail Hunter Character Eye-detail Hunter Character
Let the world see that eyes are a window to person ’ south soul ! If you ’ re a fan of romanticist and detailed tattoo you ’ re going to like this beauty. It is therefore well shaded and done with pure preciseness. If you ’ re person who enjoys art and graphic tattoo this zanzibar copal one will besides suit you .

15. Anime Phantom Troupe Tattoo

Anime Phantom Troupe TattooAnime Phantom Troupe Tattoo
Make certain that you are up for some monochromatic work. This tattoo will work and look so full on perfections and people who enjoy black and ashen couple. The consequence shows a person who is always eager to learn fresh things and has a batch of talents that he or she likes to keep private. No one is you, and no one has this tattoo, which is what makes you thus unique !
Fun fact: As of 2019, Hunter x Hunter has sold over 78 million copies.

16. Small Phantom Troupe Tattoo Idea

Small Phantom Troupe Tattoo IdeaSmall Phantom Troupe Tattoo Idea
Add some chilling loss ink to your tattoo to leave it looking with this blood-like effect. It is thus artsy and arrant for those who enjoy drama. If you have watched this manga and you ’ re ready to show off its full electric potential you ’ re going to enjoy wearing this tattoo on top of your skin .

17. Big & Pink Phantom Troupe Tattoo

Big & Pink Phantom Troupe TattooBig & Pink Phantom Troupe Tattoo
Bright pink and purple can look so good when done and combined in concert. If you enjoy flashy tattoo and you ’ re a fan of play this manga ink will suit you. Let the world see your love for this anime and wear the smasher with full confidence despite your sex .

18. Hunter X Hunter Print Idea

Hunter X Hunter Print Idea Hunter X Hunter Print Idea
Add some bluing ink and a bite of proportion to your tattoo to make it more scheme. This Troupe-inspired beauty will show who your front-runner charters were, american samoa well as where you stand when it comes to bold and obtrusive ideas .
Did you know that there are currently 10 three-star Hunters in the series?

19. Cartoon Inspired Anime Character

Cartoon Inspired Anime Character Cartoon Inspired Anime Character
This pink and rose-colored tattoo will work and look attention-seeking on those who like showy pieces. Do you know about this manga, and do you normally watch anime ? If the answer is yes we know that this smasher will suit you and matter to you. arsenic long as if you have respective hours to spare do commit to this design .

20. Brave & Bold Phantom Troupe Tattoo

Brave & Bold Phantom Troupe TattooBrave & Bold Phantom Troupe Tattoo
Cute forearm tattoo that you ’ re going to enjoy if you are a on-key die-hard fan. Those who have seen all the episodes of this zanzibar copal will like this artsy design. Make sure that you know who to bible before giving it a start with this giant and brilliant tattoo .

21. Artsy Anime Troupe Print

Artsy Anime Troupe PrintArtsy Anime Troupe Print
If you fancy artsy tattoo and you have an eye for details and dramatic credit line study, this is a must-do in your case ! Younger fans and anime fans, in general, will appreciate the beauty of this artwork. Let your personality usher and come through when it comes to this vibrant tattoo .
Fun fact: Neon Nostrade is dead.

22. Small Eyes Hunter Design

Small Eyes Hunter Design Small Eyes Hunter Design
Go for a favorite pair of eyes when it comes to your front-runner zanzibar copal character. This tattoo will take you less than 2 hours to get. Make sure that you find and choose your favorite character and go for person who can make your fantasy into reality. This while will suit anyone who likes realistic eyes and anime designs that are one of a kind .

23. Feminine Phantom Troupe Tattoo

Feminine Phantom Troupe TattooFeminine Phantom Troupe Tattoo
This retro and cute zanzibar copal cartoon female child will look amazing on true fans of the manga. This beauty will take you 5-7 hours to place on top of your skin. Bring this tattoo and this design with you as your fresh inspiration. You ’ ll enjoy the consequence if you ’ re into feminine and girly tattoos a batch more .

24. Scary & Retro Hunter Phantom Troupe Tattoo

Scary & Retro Hunter Phantom Troupe TattooScary & Retro Hunter Phantom Troupe Tattoo
If you like and enjoy scarier tattoo and you ’ re a fan of tinge, consider this as your new go-to. The use of colors shows a person who is constantly paying close attention to detail. If this was one of your favorite cartoons while growing up or recently, why not show court and pay deference to it with this Troupe tattoo ?

25. Anime Manga Phantom Troupe Tattoo

Anime Manga Phantom Troupe TattooAnime Manga Phantom Troupe Tattoo
The crimson color is common when it comes to anime and manga cartoons or tattoo. Make certain that you are well-equipped financially and mentally before you commit to this print since it is so large and hideous .
Did you know that Kurapika is the only protagonist with an unknown last name?

26. Black Ink Scary Phantom Troupe Tattoo

Black Ink Scary Phantom Troupe TattooBlack Ink Scary Phantom Troupe Tattoo
Go for some black and white colors if you don ’ thymine want to pay a lot for your new Phantom Troupe tattoo. once done in this way the concluding result won ’ thymine monetary value a fortune yet it will make a huge impression on those who love the manga .

27. Stomach Spider Number 8

Stomach Spider Number 8Stomach Spider Number 8
Stomach tattoos are not for the week of hearth or those who are “ huffy ”. If you prefer shroud and hidden tattoo that not everyone can comment about or spot, this is it ! You will know that you are a die-hard winnow when it comes to the Phantom Troupe, the entire global doesn ’ t have to know your little secret. Heads up since stomach or side stomach tattoo can be pretty irritating and uncomfortable to go for .

28. Small Tattoo Eye Detail

Small Tattoo Eye DetailSmall Tattoo Eye Detail
Dedicate your new tattoo equitable to the one person from the team. You can make the design therefore artsy and creative with the properly function of color. These tears and this blueprint will make you look like a truthful prima donna who knows how to appreciate and prize the smasher of this tattoo .
Fun fact: Killua once tried to commit suicide.

29. Shoulder Tattoo Phantom Characters

Shoulder Tattoo Phantom Characters Shoulder Tattoo Phantom Characters
display that you like smaller blacken and white tattoo and that you ’ re a sports fan of preciseness more than the storyline. This invention will show you as a creator and person who fancies manga in his or her own way .

30. Blue Shoulder Phantom Troupe Tattoo Design

Blue Shoulder Phantom Troupe Tattoo DesignBlue Shoulder Phantom Troupe Tattoo Design
Blue is a coarse color go-to when it comes to mysterious designs and scarier tattoo. You can make your invention total to biography and look more elegant and singular by sticking to this couple and color jazz band. You will look like a true apparition lover with this as your end solution .

31. Star & Tear Phantom Troupe Tattoo

Star & Tear Phantom Troupe TattooStar & Tear Phantom Troupe Tattoo
Go for these cool eyes and usher which character is your favored from this manga. true fans will know all there ’ randomness to it when it comes to this tattoo. Another bonus feature is that it can be an amazing conversation starter .

32. Gorgeous Phantom Troupe Tattoo Print

Gorgeous Phantom Troupe Tattoo PrintGorgeous Phantom Troupe Tattoo Print
If aristocratic or light blue is your favorite color we know that this is going to intrigue you. Show your passive side and your sleep together for accurate lines with this beauty. Make certain that you ledger a tattoo artist who has know with anime and manga. They will help you achieve the most example and beautiful naturalistic tattoo .
Did you know that three Kakin princes have died so far?

33. Purple Spider Number 4 Tattoo

Purple Spider Number 4 TattooPurple Spider Number 4 Tattoo
Add some black and purple lines to your tattoo and make it into a playful musical composition. With this spider picture, you will let the world see your love for the crew and in general. If you have no favorites stick to this design and wear it for cosmopolitan and common beauty, ampere well as a popular speech between anime lovers .

34. Black & Purple Phantom Troupe Tattoo Design

Black & Purple Phantom Troupe Tattoo DesignBlack & Purple Phantom Troupe Tattoo Design
Pay close attention to detail artwork and these lines. Bright purple and total darkness jazz band will suit feminine and easy individuals. The end result is cool and colored, perfect for anyone who likes larger ideas .

35. Giant Phantom Troupe Tattoo Print

Giant Phantom Troupe Tattoo PrintGiant Phantom Troupe Tattoo Print
Show off your love for Phantom Troupe with this character tattoo. Ask for all the fiddling details and add these cards arsenic well. once done the right way it will look like such a masterpiece if done by a skilled tattoo artist .

36. Small & Minimalistic Hunter Tattoo

Small & Minimalistic Hunter TattooSmall & Minimalistic Hunter Tattoo
tear will show your true love and dedication for Phantom Troupe characters. The best separate about this design is that it will take you less than 2 hours to achieve it. Go for an eye human body and eye details of your favorite manga character to round up your tattoo and enjoy a more personalize tattoo .
Fun fact: In each arc he appeared, Hisoka always changes his appearance.

37. All Character Phantom Troupe

All Character Phantom TroupeAll Character Phantom Troupe
All of your front-runner characters can look so good when paired and placed along one on top of the other. You can choose some of your favorite Phantom Troupe characters to in full customize the tattoo per your preference .

38. Black Artsy Ink Phantom Troupe Tattoo

Black Artsy Ink Phantom Troupe TattooBlack Artsy Ink Phantom Troupe Tattoo
last, you can go with this black and white tattoo. It will look so commodity when placed depleted on your arm. Make certain that you have 5-8 hours to spare when it comes to this print. It is a costly go-to therefore heads up before you give it a go .

Show Off Your Anime Lover Side

ready to show your nerdy side with one of these tattoos ? Let us know which invention was your front-runner among all of these. Phantom Troupe is a well-known and respect manga, and you can expect to gain a fortune of looks and attention by sticking to one of these tattoos yourself. Which one is your top choice, let us know !
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