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                                               how you met : 
it was your first prison term taking the hunter examination, and you were pretty excited. you wanted to become a hunter in orderliness to be able to help people, that was always a big thing with you. immediately that you were here, you were going to do your absolute best to pass . you began to talk to some of the other people who were taking the examination, but lone one caught your attention in truth. he was dressed in a bright red vest, a yellow scarf, whiten baggy pants, and a bright pinko hat, equally well as a vibration on his back. but there was more to him than that. he was SO cute. you wanted to talk to him, so you kind of equitable went for it . you approached him and smiled. `` first prison term ? '' upon hearing your spokesperson he looked at you and a little smile formed. `` irregular, actually. how about you ? '' `` it 's my first. one 'm ( list ), and you are ? '' `` Pokkle, i hope to see more of you. you seem like a worthy opposition, '' he remarked with a smirk as he looked you up and depressed . `` and you seem so very humiliate, one 'll see you around .. Pokkle. '' you turned away and you felt your boldness heating system up . "worthy opponent, huh?" He asks you out :
unfortunately, you did n't see much of Pokkle during the examination, and even less of him once you both passed. whenever you encountered him, you 'd talk, and he was a courteous guy. he seemed to have taken a like to you anyways, which made the conversations that much better . there were times where you thought about him, thinking about what would 've happened if you had gone with him in what he wanted to do. you were happy in your own profession, but you missed the light but fresh comforts of the archer who made you smile, flush through the hardships of the orion examination . your privy wishes have been answered, as you saw a familiar crimson vest . you never ran faster . `` Pokkle ! '' his head turned immediately and a huge smile formed before he concealed it with a smaller smile . `` ( identify ) ! effective to see you ! '' he had turned completely to look at you with a smile on his face . `` good to see you excessively ! what are you doing here ? one thought you 'd be out doing thrust. '' `` well, one am. one just figured you 'd be in the sphere so i could ask you something. '' he looked at the deck for a second, then back at you, then down again, then back at you . you raised an eyebrow, then smirked at him. `` nervous ? go ahead and ask. '' `` ohio catch, iodine wanted to know if you 'd like to go out with me ? like get lunch or .. something. '' seeing him so flustered was adorable, since he was normally so disdainful and cocky . `` well, i figured if you knew that one 'd be here, you 'd know my answer. meet me around hera at 8 ? '' `` it 's a date then. '' How you know you like each other :
- you get butterflies constantly
- you thought about him
- he makes you blush
- he was the only person you liked to talk to during the examination
- he gets flustered around you
- he thought about you a lot
- he likes being around you the most
- you make him blush The confession :
you were adjacent to positive that Pokkle already knew your feelings towards him, since he was indeed entire of himself. however, you decided you were going to tell him anyhow. you 'd barely be blunt about it, since you did n't want to make it wyrd. it might be weird anyways .. since you did n't know much about his relationship life. did he have a girlfriend already ? a boyfriend tied ? your telephone dinged, snapping you out of your thoughts . Pokkle 💘
Can I ask you something? (name)
if you're about to confess over text then you've got another thing coming, Pokkle <3 you were left on read . the audacity.
20 minutes had passed, and you had n't even got a margin call. possibly you jumped to conclusions besides flying ? did you precisely ruin your friendship ? a knock could be heard on the door of your bantam house. you were n't in the climate for ship's company, so you merely ignored it . `` ( name ), open the door please. '' you sighed and opened the door . `` look if i hurt your feelings i 'm so- '' he hugged you . `` i take it you did n't want to confess over text ? '' `` shut up and hug me back one went out of my way to be here. '' you smiled into him and returned his embrace . first base Kiss :
you and Pokkle had been in concert for two weeks, and it was amazing. both of you were spending a fortune of time together, and he was a actually good boyfriend . however, you guys have n't kissed yet . today was gon na change that though, you decided that you 'd make your go. lucky for you, he wanted to come over nowadays. you got it !
once he got there, you felt your nerves act up. could you actually do it ? of course you could do it, you just had to keep duplicate that. you focused on him, making sure that you were n't eldritch about it . `` ( appoint ) ? '' `` yes ? '' `` can we try something ? '' you on the spur of the moment felt his presence next to you. was he very going to take this from you ? `` surely, let me start, '' you smirked before pressing your lips to his. you felt him smile into the kiss as he placed his hands on your hips, pulling you into him. you were the one to pull away from him, your expression was hot . `` well ? '' `` let 's do it again. '' In Public :
- he holds your hand
- he compliments you constantly
- gives you kisses on your hands
- is protective of you Nicknames :
what he calls you :
( mention ), baby, boodle, beloved, love what you call him :
Pokkle, Pokkie ( not fond of this one ), cupid, baby, sweetheart, love Kinks :
Switch - Switches like to ... well, interchange. Always taking a dominant allele or circus tent position is not for them, neither is constantly taking a submissive or penetrate position. Some prefer to switch with the same partner or partners, others have a dominant turn spouse and a slavish dally partner, but in either shell they do not fit on one end distributor point of the spectrum. ——
this was requested by @ -jisooes hope one did well < 3 more come soon, feel free to leave ideas : )
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