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S03 : E102 – power ten and X Games Gon learns Meleoron ‘s objectives ; the chimera ant baron meets a worthy opponent for his game.

S03 : E103 – Check X and X Mate Komugi baffles the chimera ant baron ; Cheetu springs a trap on Morel and issues a challenge. S03 : E104 – doubt adam and X Hesitation Cheetu ‘s game with Morel continues as Morel sets a trap for him ; Knov deduces the enemy ‘s technique. S03 : E105 – Resolve X and X Awakening The ant king wavers on his harsh position toward Komugi ; Knov and Palm try to sneak into the palace. S03 : E106 – Knov X and X Morel The royal guards intimidate Knov ; Morel faces a chimera ant who uses personal debts as power. S03 : E107 – Return X and X Retire Leol corners Morel in an underground church ; Palm detects an air ; Killua asks Ikalgo to join him. S03 : E108 – Gungi X of X Komugi Gon ‘s group finalizes their fire strategy ; the baron comes to a startle realization about Komugi. S03 : E109 – Taking Stock X and X Taking Action Gon and his friends prepare to infiltrate the palace ; the king wrestles with his growing conscience. S03 : E110 – confusion ten and X Expectation The wolf-like chimera ant Welfin sniffs out an intruder in the palace ; the king becomes recluse. S03 : E113 – An ten Indebted X Insect Morel lets Shoot and Knuckle handle things while he heads for the king. S03 : E114 – Divide X and Conquer The chimera ant king faces off against Netero and Zeno ; Shoot fights with Youpi. S03 : E116 – revenge x and ten convalescence Gon demands to fight Pitou, who insists upon protecting Komugi until her injuries can be treated. S03 : E117 – insult X and xPayback Knuckle feels the need to lay a punch on Youpi to avenge his acquaintance Shoot. S03 : E118 – A x False X Rage Ikalgo searches the lower levels of the palace for Palm and reads what may be her final message. S03 : E119 – firm x or X Weak Youpi admires the military capability of his opponents ; Ikalgo uses the palace ‘s security system to get away. S03 : E120 – Fake X and X Real Morel destroys the cocoon before him but as he suspected, Pouf is not inside. S03 : E121 – Defeat X and X Dignity Gon waits for Neferpitou to finish healing Komugi with Doctor Blythe, while Morel fights Youpi.

S03 : E122 – Pose X and X Name The battle between the King and the Chairman is finally about to begin. S03 : E128 – Unparalleled Joy X and X Unconditional Love Pouf and Youpi oversee to heal their baron, but he suffers memory passing as a consequence. S03 : E130 – Magic X to X Destroy The king returns to the palace hoping to recover his lose memories, forcing the hunters into hiding. S03 : E132 – Flash X and X Start Meruem searches for his doomed memories, but Pouf and Youpi worry his memory of Komugi will return. S03 : E133 – deadline x to X Live Welfin encounters Youpi on his way to negotiate a hostage exchange with the king. S03 : E136 – Homecoming adam and X True Name The surviving chimera ants seek newly starts ; Killua goes in search of aid for a badly wounded Gon. S03 : E137 – debate ten Among adam Zodiacs Ging sets rules for the election for Netero ‘s successor, but the first gear round yields no clear winner. S03 : E138 – Request X and X Wish Pariston tries to bend the election in his party favor ; Killua turns to family to save Gon. S03 : E139 – Alluka X and X Something Killua attempts to convince his family to allow his sister, Alluka, to leave the estate of the realm. S03 : E140 – Joining the Fray X and X Open Hostilities Killua secures a bargain with his kin to allow Alluka out of the mansion so she can treat Gon. S03 : E141 – sorcerer ten and X Butler Leorio becomes a darling to win the elections ; Illumi and Hisoka aim Killua. S03 : E142 – Needles X and X Debt Hisoka stands between the butlers and Killua ; Illumi manipulates others to do his command. S03 : E143 – Sin X and X Claw Illumi catches Killua and attempts to pry Alluka ‘s secrets out of him. S03 : E144 – Approval X and X Coalition The electoral battlefield shakes up ; Killua and Alluka make it to Gon ‘s hospital. S03 : E145 – Defeat X and X Reunion The elections come down to the wire as a healthy Gon arrives ; kin members unite. S03 : E147 – salvation ten and X Future Gon has a candid talk with Kite ; Gon says farewell to his friends to join his father.

S03 : E148 – Past X and X Future Gon and Ging share a moment together atop the World Tree as they discuss their journeys .

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