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The Phantom Troupe, sometimes known as the Troupe, is a ill-famed gang of thieves who have Class-A bounties on their heads. The group is besides known as the “ Spider, ” and its members are known as the “ Spiders, ” with the majority of its members hailing from Meteor City.

true to their name, the Phantom Troupe generate reverence in even the top-tier hunters. Their persuasiveness and skill are much compared to that of the zodiac. How do the company members compare to each other ? Ranking them on skill or lastingness alone is a closely impossible task. Fights in Hunter x Hunter are highly complex and much situational. even under neutral conditions, it is hard to gauge the forte of most characters as their dispatch electric potential is not so far revealed and the floor is hush ongoing. however, let ’ s try to rank the Phantom Troupe on who would win a 1v1 fight under neutral conditions .

15. Kortopi

Kortopi was the Phantom Troupe ‘s weakest known member in terms of physical intensity, and little is known about his fight talents. He was a natural-born Conjurer, and Kurapika praised him for his abilities with this type. Kurapika was blown away by Kortopi ‘s capacity to materialise entire buildings, implying that he was a natural-born expert in his playing field. His Nen skill looked to be more suit to stealing, diversion, and tracking than struggle. He was, however, easily murdered by Hisoka Morrow, and this, combined with the fact that he never battled a formidable adversary, indicates that he was among the group ‘s weakest members.

14. Pakunoda

Pakunoda was a valuable member of the Phantom Troupe, although she was n’t peculiarly strong, ranking 11th in the group in terms of forcible strength.
She was a Nen exploiter of the Specialization character, and with her abilities, she could extract memories from anyone she came into tint with, vitamin a well as plainly ask particular questions. Pakunoda ‘s ability was chiefly used by the Troupe to gather data. Despite her inexperience as a combatant, she was an invaluable extremity of the team. Though Pakunoda may not be much of a head-on combatant, her intellectual art, quick-thinking, sensing and ferocious commitment to Chrollo and the Troupe make her a formidable enemy .

13. Franklin Bordeau

Franklin ranks numeral 4 in terms of sheer forcible military capability amongst the Troupe members. An emitter, Franklin can cursorily overwhelm anyone with his nen bullets.

Franklin besides has strong defences as he can use Enhancer abilities with proficiency. however, this international relations and security network ’ t a compromising ability. person like him would not come out unscathed in a drawn-out battle against a skilled Nen exploiter. The likes of Illumi or Hisoka wouldn ’ t take more than a few seconds in disposing of Franklin

12. Shizuku Murasaki

Shizuku wields the baron of the Conjurer. Her Nen ability allows her to materialise a vacuum blank ( dubbed Blinky ) that suctions up everything except populate creatures and Nen objects. She makes manipulation of her abilities to clear up any evidence that the Troupe has left behind. Shizuku ‘s ability is strange, according to Shalnark. She was able to deal with some of the Chimera Ant warriors without excessively a lot difficulty during the Chimera Ant storyline. however, Shizuku is a specialist, she isn ’ metric ton much of a combatant when it comes to 1v1 fighting against more good opponents .

11. Shalnark

Shalnark was the Troupe ‘s tenth-best sleeve wrestler, and he was capable of defending himself in battle after surviving a confrontation with many armed Mafia members and obtaining a Hunter License through legalize means. He was besides regarded as an impressive individual by Razor. Despite this, he was well defeated by Hisoka, since he lacked access to his Nen abilities at the here and now. however, the strongest batting order up his sleeve is allowing him to set his soundbox on automatic pilot when up against brawny opponents, not much to be scared of eh ?

10. Nobunaga Hazama

When Gon and Leorio could n’t comprehend the order of magnitude of his and Machi ‘s force, Killua compared it to Hisoka ‘s. Killua calculated that Nobunaga ‘s swordsmanship would prevent him from approaching him without being sliced in two and that Nobunaga would placid have time to strike a second clock and kill Gon before the latter could even pass him. That said, where Nobunaga falls short-circuit is impromptu decisions. In the world of Hunter x Hunter, this is a black defect to have. Regardless his Preternatural sensing and agility are no jest and would give many firm fighters unplayful challenges.

9. Bonolenov Ndongo

Bonolenov fights with grace and a sense of fun, dancing to the melody created by the holes in his body while avoiding opposition blows. Without Nen, his conflict art is indecipherable, although given the Bap ‘s reputation as “ dancing warriors, ” he must have some fight abilities. He waited for his opposition to wear out before killing him off in a crusade against a Chimera Ant. however, this could have been a leave of the Ant ‘s ramp preferably than a scheme. He freely admits that he lacks a strategic mentality. Bonolenov is actually quite a skilled combatant, he just isn ’ t given much space to show off his skills and therefore hard to gauge .

8. Kalluto Zoldyck

If you would ask Kalluto himself, he ’ five hundred probably rate himself to be below most company members. however, he was considered skilled adequate to be a company member at the age of 10 which is quite impressive in itself. furthermore, he is a maestro of stealth, being able to perform a perfective Zetsu.

Kalluto ’ s control over his Nen is reasonably advance. He was able to watch the Troupe members ’ movements without them noticing it at all. Considering his young age and huge likely for emergence, he has been placed above feel fighters like Nobunaga and Bonolev. Given his lake superior intellectual skills, under the correct circumstances, he could even defeat the latter two .

7. Uvogin

Uvogin had the Phantom Troupe ‘s strongest body and was most suitable for close-range fight, such as against armed crowd. His firm spirit, in addition to his power and aura, allowed him to use his air effectively regardless of the situation. Uvo, as an foil, had accomplished manipulate of his Nen. Uvogin could overcome about anyone, according to Chrollo, but he was at a disadvantage against the intricate powers used by Manipulators and Conjurers. In the end, Uvogin was defeated by a Conjurer. Nonetheless, in the little clock, we had with him, his diaphanous might was terrifying to watch.

6. Phinks Magcub

Phinks ‘ lastingness, mental quickness, and hand-to-hand combat abilities make him a formidable fighter and Troupe member. In a matter of seconds, he killed numerous armed Mafia guys and cursorily blocked Killua ‘s safety valve attack. however, the entire scope of his skills has yet to be revealed. Prior to Uvogin ‘s death, Phinks was the second strong spider at arm-wrestling. The only cause he isn ’ metric ton higher up the tilt is that Phinks has so far to show any signs of strategic intelligence. His ability to punch people truly hard and fast, while impressive, can well be dealt with by any skilled Nen user with a modicum of battle intelligence .

5. Machi Komacine

Some people would disagree with Machi being placed so high up the list. Those people would be wrong. A wholly underestimate and under-utilized fictional character, Machi has given us a glance of the oscilloscope of her skills, strength and intelligence. not merely is Machi fabulously perceptive and battle-smart, her nen abilities are quite versatile and could be used in a variety of ways. Machi can heal unplayful wounds in a matter of seconds, follow people over large distances, and change physical bodies with her Nen Threads. She ‘s shown that she can use her weave to attack foes, strangling or slashing them, equally well as setting up traps and restraints. She can manipulate multiple bodies at once in Yorknew, not just use them as human shields or weapons. She is extremely confident in her abilities, as seen by her willingness to fight both Phinks and Feitan in order to free Pakunoda from the hostage barter with Kurapika. She besides assured Hisoka that if he always succeeded to kill Chrollo, she would kill him. The only reason she isn ’ t higher up the number is the people who actually are higher up the tilt.

4. Illumi Zoldyck

An assassin from the ill-famed Zoldyck family and a professional Hunter, Illumi joined the Phantom Troupe at the request of Hisoka, in order to find and kill Hisoka. Is that wind ? Yes. Is it on equality with his normal behavior ? besides yes. As for how strong he is, Illumi was able to eliminate a squadron of over 20 amateur Hunters on his own, without any of them managing to press the emergency button. He could very well be able to control his body in a way that alone superhumans can. Illumi is besides a talented impersonator, and he appears to be able to hide his military capability and early characteristics that would reveal his on-key identity when disguised, as he fooled Killua and the Phantom Troupe. The true setting of his actual powers is placid unknown and even then Illumi has managed to be one of the scariest people in the Hunter x Hunter Universe .

3. Feitan Portor

even among the Spiders, Feitan stands out in terms of combat art. His incredible speed, military capability, and swordsmanship skills, combined with his formidable Nen talents, make him a deadly enemy. His cruelty and mental temper enable him to act without hesitation. He has a proclivity for striking the opponent from behind their backs. A overcome fencer with a preference for torturing people, Feitan became the de facto leader of the company in the absence of Chrollo. Feitan ’ mho ultimate attack, Rising Sun is so overpower, that he rarely gets to use it in actual combat. It is a deadly attack that about killed the Troupe members trying to merely witness the attack in action. He frequently underperforms at the startle of a real fight since he rarely fights at full exponent. The only real luck you ’ d have at defeating Feitan in a fight would be at the very beginning and this meek helplessness is the reason Feitan international relations and security network ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate higher up the tilt although, in terms of sheer power, he and Hisoka are pretty much exchangeable .

2. Hisoka Morow

The true crazy card of the series, Hisoka is, hands down, one of the strongest Nen users of Hunter x Hunter. Just in terms of bleak beast intensity, he is right up there with the likes of Uvogin and Phinks. In a fight, his incredible physical abilities and battle skill make him incredibly dangerous, while his cognition of Nen, tactical genius, and flexibility allow him to promptly adjust to changing conditions.

His Nen-ability Bungee gum, while simpleton, is extremely versatile and Hisoka has used it in many advanced ways. even person of Chrollo ’ s quality wouldn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate wide area network na take him on in an ad-lib fight. Hisoka joined the Phantom Troupe chasing the thrill of killing a impregnable adversary in a head-on fight, who in this character happened to be Chrollo Lucifer.

1. Chrollo Lucifer

Chrollo is without a doubt one of Hunter x Hunter ‘s most potent characters, as evidenced by his numerous victories. The two oldest Zoldycks see him as a menace, and Zeno believes that if Chrollo had tried hard during their fight, he might have been able to kill him. Skill Hunter is Chrollo ‘s major ability. This enables him to collect Nen skills from others and save them in a bid ledger for later use. To do so, he needs to see the proficiency in action, ask the individual to explain their endowment, and then have them touch the front man cover of the script – all within an hour. It ‘s not dim-witted to pull off, but he ‘s done it enough times to accumulate a diverse set of skills. strikingly Chrollo was able to do what no one in the Hunter x Hunter series remotely came close to, defeat Hisoka Morow, rightfully earning the claim of being the strongest apparition Troupe member .

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