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317?cb=20170803071925 厄災 Yakusai

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June 3rd, 2016

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March 7th, 2017

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Total Defeat Battle to the Death List of Volumes Threats ( 厄災, Yakusai ) is the thirty-third volume of the Hunter × Hunter manga series. It was released by Shueisha on June 3rd, 2016 in Japan and by Viz Media on March 7th, 2017 in English .



The IPA film director and Steiner discuss the site with Kakin and the Dark Continent, with the early giving him a book titled Journey to the New World which details the Five Threats. From the video recording message left behind by Netero, the Zodiacs determine that Beyond ‘s former travel brought back new threats. He had forbidden his son from going there again until after his end, and he then orders the Zodiacs to explore the continent before his son does, telling them to return with hope. Beyond meets with the Zodiacs and allows himself to be put in their custody, confident that they will accompany him to the Dark Continent.

Steiner discusses the situation with V5 officials and suggests allowing Kakin to join the arrangement ( to become the V6 ) and having the Hunter Association supervise Beyond during the travel. Both sides agree to the consider, and the enormous Black Whale ship is made ready to transport astir to 200,000 people. meanwhile, Ging meets up with Beyond ‘s team and asks Pariston to let him join. After Cheadle invites Leorio to join the Zodiacs, Mizaistom meets Kurapika and asks him to come with them to the Dark Continent ( at Leorio ‘s request ). initially hostile, Kurapika is convinced when Mizaistom tells him that the owner of a collection of Scarlet Eyes will be aboard the embark : Kakin ‘s Fourth Prince, Tserriednich Hui Guo Rou. Ging ingratiates himself with the members of Beyond ‘s team and tells them that the author of the east edition of Journey to the New World is placid writing it : a man named Don Freecss.

After Gon contacts his father about not being able to use Nen, he returns to Whale Island and Mito overloads him with homework and assignments. Ging continues to work his way into Beyond ‘s team, and Beyond signs the narrow that puts him in the detention of the Association during the travel. Leorio and Kurapika join the Zodiacs, and at their first meet, Kurapika believes that Beyond has allies inside the Association and even a spy among the Zodiacs. Pariston and the others attempt to get Ging to reveal his ability, but their design fails. As numerous applicants are interviewed during the 289th Hunter Exam, Kurapika uses his Dowsing Chain while in Emperor Time to spot several spies trying to become probationary Hunters. first Prince Benjamin contacts his brother Tserriednich and tells him that their beget has decided that whoever survives the voyage will become the future king. During a meeting of the Zodiacs, Kurapika uses the same method acting to determine that Saiyu is the informant, finally learning that he is working with Pariston to break Beyond out of custody. Before boarding the Black Whale, all fourteen Princes take separate in the Seed Urn Ceremony and receive a defender Spirit Beast that feeds off their aura. After learning that the Princes are hiring bodyguards, Kurapika enlists the help of Biscuit, Basho, Hanzo, Izunavi, and Melody to infiltrate their teams and try to obtain information on Tserriednich. Kurapika thinks that he will be meeting with Halkenburg, but Queen Oito enlists his aid to protect Woble, revealing to him that the voyage will be a killing spree until one prince is left .

author ‘s note

About the how-to-draw-manga guide Jump Ryu: it was more difficult than I thought to draw while answering questions from someone behind me. I probably sounded like an idiot because my responses were so slow. Please, have a heart.
— Yoshihiro Togashi
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