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    When Gon, Killua and Kite are hired to investigate a strange insect branch that washed ashore, genic testing links it to an abnormally boastfully ant .

  1. Watch Reunion x and x Understanding. Episode 76 of Season 5.

    76. Reunion x and x Understanding


    Gon and Killua use the cards they brought back from the game to warp to Nigg, who they believe is Ging. however, they are sent to a different man .

  2. Watch Unease x and x Sighting. Episode 77 of Season 5.

    77. Unease x and x Sighting


    Gon and Killua join Kite ‘s team to investigate the Chimera Ants, dangerous insects that can pass traits from the prey they consume to their offspring .

  3. Watch Very x Rapid x Reproduction. Episode 78 of Season 5.

    78. Very x Rapid x Reproduction


    Kite uses the placement where the Chimera Ant sleeve was discovered and ocean patterns to determine the placement of the actual Chimera Ant .

  4. Watch No x Good x NGL. Episode 79 of Season 5.

    79. No x Good x NGL


    After passing a rigid checkpoint, Gon and his new friends enter NGL where they suspect the Chimera Ant is. however, ten other teams already arrived .

  5. Watch Evil x and x Terrible. Episode 80 of Season 5.

    80. Evil x and x Terrible


    Pokkle and Ponzu use Ponzu ‘s bees to deliver messages asking the Hunter Association to help eliminate the Chimera Ants .

  6. Watch The x Fight x Begins. Episode 81 of Season 5.

    81. The x Fight x Begins


    Gon, Killua and Kite discover the remains of a destroyed village. There, they encounter their first Chimera Ant .

  7. Watch Kite x and x Slots. Episode 82 of Season 5.

    82. Kite x and x Slots


    Some of the more aggressive chimera Ants have eaten the villains who ran the NGL belowground, and have grown increasingly evil .

  8. Watch Inspiration x to x Evolve. Episode 83 of Season 5.

    83. Inspiration x to x Evolve


    The Hunter Association has dispatched a force to exterminate the Chimera Ants. meanwhile, Gon and his friends are being targeted by Chimera Ants .

  9. Watch A x Fated x Awakening. Episode 84 of Season 5.

    84. A x Fated x Awakening


    Hagya sends his soldiers after Gon, Killua and Kite in an try to appropriate rare humans. Gon and his friends struggle as Chimera Ants approach .

  10. Watch Light x and x Darkness. Episode 85 of Season 5.

    85. Light x and x Darkness


    Kite, Gon and Killua follow Hagya as they seek the Chimera Ant nest where the Queen awaits .

  11. Watch Promise x and x Reunion. Episode 86 of Season 5.

    86. Promise x and x Reunion


    Kite used himself as a decoy to allow Gon and Killua to escape. The two boys vow to save Kite, believing that he lives .

  12. Watch Duel x and x Escape. Episode 87 of Season 5.

    87. Duel x and x Escape


    Gon and Killua are training to take the tokens from their targets. immediately after finishing their train, they ‘re sent by Bisky to fight Knuckle .

  13. Watch Rock-Paper-Scissors x and x Weakness. Episode 88 of Season 5.

    88. Rock-Paper-Scissors x and x Weakness


    Gon and Killua head second to their charge, exhausted after battling Knuckle. That is when their second opposition, Shoot, attempts to finish them off .

  14. Watch Compassion x and x Strength. Episode 89 of Season 5.

    89. Compassion x and x Strength


    Gon has finally forced Knuckle to use his wide military capability. however, Knuckle immediately identifies the failing in Jajanken, Gon ‘s extra attack .

  15. Watch Interest x and x Curse. Episode 90 of Season 5.

    90. Interest x and x Curse


    Gon and Killua are finally facing off against Knuckle and Shoot. Killua takes Shoot while Gon ‘s opposition is Knuckle .

  16. Watch The Strong x and x the Weak. Episode 91 of Season 5.

    91. The Strong x and x the Weak


    At long last, the Queen gives parentage to the King. The chimera Ants are cowed by the menancing aura emitted by the King .

  17. Watch One Wish x and x Two Promises. Episode 92 of Season 5.

    92. One Wish x and x Two Promises


    After surrendering, Colt requests that the Hunters save the dying Queen. Morel immediately dispatches a team of researchers to the castle .

  18. Watch Date x with x Palm. Episode 93 of Season 5.

    93. Date x with x Palm


    The King is on the move. After invading the Republic of East Gorteau and eating a Nen exploiter ‘s aura, his own office grows .

  19. Watch Friend x and x Journey. Episode 94 of Season 5.

    94. Friend x and x Journey


    While Gon is on a date with Palm, Killua encounters Rammot in the forest. Killua does not want to let Gon — who ca n’t use Nen — get in a competitiveness .

  20. Watch Grudge x and x Dread. Episode 95 of Season 5.

    95. Grudge x and x Dread


    The dispute in physical strength between Chimera Ants and humans is huge, as the two Hunters appear to be overwhelmed by Cheetu ‘s accelerate .

  21. Watch A x Lawless x Home. Episode 96 of Season 5.

    96. A x Lawless x Home


    Kalluto, Feitan, Shalnark, Phinks, Shizuku and Bonolenov arrive at Meteor City after hearing that Chimera Ants have taken over .

  22. Watch Carnage x and x Devastation. Episode 97 of Season 5.

    97. Carnage x and x Devastation


    Zazan has built a modern Chimera Ant nest in Meteor City, base of the Phantom Troupe. The Phantom Troupe members head inside the nest to defeat Zazan .

  23. Watch Infiltration x and x Selection. Episode 98 of Season 5.

    98. Infiltration x and x Selection


    Gon and Killua infiltrate the Republic of East Gorteau in an attempt to stop the choice process that is occurring, entirely to find it desert .

  24. Watch Combination x and x Evolution. Episode 99 of Season 5.

    99. Combination x and x Evolution


    Killua and Gon split up to stop the survival process, but Gon finds his path blocked by two new Chimera ants, an owl and a cricket bat .

  25. Watch Tracking x and x Pursuit. Episode 100 of Season 5.

    100. Tracking x and x Pursuit


    Knuckle and Shoot attempt to ambush Cheetu, but at the last moment, Cheetu changes directions and vanishes .

  26. Watch Ikalgo × and × Lightning. Episode 101 of Season 5.

    101. Ikalgo × and × Lightning


    The sniper targeting Killua was actually Ikalgo the octopus. even though his life at risk, he refuses to betray his friends .

  27. Watch Power × and × Games. Episode 102 of Season 5.

    102. Power × and × Games


    Gon grows closer to the ant-chimera Meleoron, who explains his motivations. The king kills clock time ( and sometimes his opponents ) by playing board games .

  28. Watch Check × And × Mate. Episode 103 of Season 5.

    103. Check × And × Mate


    While the king lines up his matches against the young Gungi champion in Peijing, the das kapital, Morel uses his powers to besiege the city .

  29. Watch Doubt × And × Hesitation. Episode 104 of Season 5.

    104. Doubt × And × Hesitation


    Morel is inactive stuck with Djido, while his deeply Purple continues to clean the city with Nov. The king keeps losing against the young Gungi champion .

  30. Watch Resolve × And × Awakening. Episode 105 of Season 5.

    105. Resolve × And × Awakening


    The Gungi matches are non-stop and the king is in a bad position. Nov approaches the palace but will he be able to get in ?

  31. Watch Knov × And × Morel. Episode 106 of Season 5.

    106. Knov × And × Morel


    When Neferpitou lowers his guard, Nov manages to sneak into the palace. He tries to put his exit tunnels in place while Morel confronts Leol .

  32. Watch Return × And × Retire. Episode 107 of Season 5.

    107. Return × And × Retire


    Morel fights Leol. Palm begins her mission in the palace ’ s under-belly. Killua wakes up in the hospital with Ikalgo by his side .

  33. Watch Komugi × And × Gungi. Episode 108 of Season 5.

    108. Komugi × And × Gungi


    Neferpitou takes the leave in the survival. The king keeps playing Gungi but his opponent is tough. Pufu worries about the female child ’ s influence on him .

  34. Watch Taking Stock × And × Taking Action. Episode 109 of Season 5.

    109. Taking Stock × And × Taking Action


    Gon and his comrades put the finish up touches on the mission before entering the palace. The guards kick off the big gain before the selection .

  35. Watch Confusion × And × Expectation. Episode 110 of Season 5.

    110. Confusion × And × Expectation


    Everyone stays in their positions and envisions different scenarios. Welfin doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate understand what Nov did in the palace. Bizeff panics .

  36. Watch Charge × And × Invade. Episode 111 of Season 5.

    111. Charge × And × Invade


    As Morel prepares to give the sign, Netero and Zeno throw themselves over the royal palace. Pitou smells a menace. Netero will show his lastingness .

  37. Watch Monster × And × Monster. Episode 112 of Season 5.

    112. Monster × And × Monster


    Gon and his friends unwrap Yupi. Zeno ’ s Dragon Dive causes slaughter. Killua finds out that Netero hired Zeno but Gon was the first to attack Yupi .

  38. Watch An × Indebted × Insect. Episode 113 of Season 5.

    113. An × Indebted × Insect


    A hurt shoot must still face Yupi. Morel has to find Pufu while Ikalgo heads to the palace basement. Gon and Killua hunt down Pitou and the king .

  39. Watch Divide × And × Conquer. Episode 114 of Season 5.

    114. Divide × And × Conquer


    The king, Netero and Zeno collide merely like Shoot and Yupi. Pufu is a prisoner in Morel ’ s Smoke Jail. Ikalgo runs into Djido and Burovuta .

  40. Watch Duty × And × Question. Episode 115 of Season 5.

    115. Duty × And × Question


    Ikalgo looks for Palm but doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate know that Burovuta and Welfin distrust him. Knuckle takes on Yupi single-handed in order to save Shoot .

  41. Watch Revenge × And × Recovery. Episode 116 of Season 5.

    116. Revenge × And × Recovery


    Gon and Killua finally find Neferpitou, the guard who killed Kite. Gon is anxious to fight it out but Pitou is busy looking after Komugi .

  42. Watch Insult × And × Payback. Episode 117 of Season 5.

    117. Insult × And × Payback


    Gon waits for Pitou and Killua runs aside with Meleoron. Knuckle understands that Yupi wants to protect the enthrone and decides to get rid of Shoot .

  43. Watch A × False × Revenge. Episode 118 of Season 5.

    118. A × False × Revenge


    Ikalgo looks for Palm and stumbles upon the touch where Bizeff was hiding his wives. however, Burovuta is watching him, lurking at the passing .

  44. Watch Strong × Or × Weak. Episode 119 of Season 5.

    119. Strong × Or × Weak


    Killua, who has good saved Knuckle, vents to Yupi who is incredulous. Ikalgo thinks about the best way to neutralize Burovuta .

  45. Watch Fake × And × Real. Episode 120 of Season 5.

    120. Fake × And × Real


    Morel attacks Pufu ’ s chrysalis but it is empty. Pufu has decomposed and is rebuilding himself act by snatch. Morel tries to stop him .

  46. Watch Defeat × And × Dignity. Episode 121 of Season 5.

    121. Defeat × And × Dignity


    Pufu seems to be trapped by Gon and Pitou and demands an explanation. Morel seems exhausted but Yupi uses so much Nen that he is truly at risk .

  47. Watch Pose × And × Name. Episode 122 of Season 5.

    122. Pose × And × Name


    Pufu ’ mho design has worked well : Pitou has revealed the king ’ s position and Pufu goes off to find him. The king and Netero must fight .

  48. Watch Centipede × And × Memory. Episode 123 of Season 5.

    123. Centipede × And × Memory


    Netero and the king train for their final struggle. Ikalgo hates that he can ’ thymine kill Burovuta and help his friends but on the spur of the moment, Welfin surprises him .

  49. Watch Breakdown × And × Awakening. Episode 124 of Season 5.

    124. Breakdown × And × Awakening


    The selection must create a new subspecies of soldier ants, but the beginning experiment is about the hatch. While Killua goes to meet Gon, she finds Palm .

  50. Watch Great Power × And × Ultimate Power. Episode 125 of Season 5.

    125. Great Power × And × Ultimate Power


    Knuckle meets Gon who waits for Pitou to cure Komugi. He provokes Pufu, who escapes from the tugboat to rejoin the king. Pufu and Netero conflict it out .

  51. Watch Zero × And × Rose. Episode 126 of Season 5.

    126. Zero × And × Rose


    Netero and the king continue their contend. Netero wants to kill the king but the king has to deliver Netero animated then that he reveals his name .

  52. Watch Hostility × And × Determination. Episode 127 of Season 5.

    127. Hostility × And × Determination


    President Netero is at the web site of the Rose Miniature explosion. Pufu and Yupi understand that a calamity has occurred and go determine where it took place .

  53. Watch Unparalleled Joy × And × Unconditional Love. Episode 128 of Season 5.

    128. Unparalleled Joy × And × Unconditional Love


    Pufu and Yupi find the king in agony after the explosion. There international relations and security network ’ t enough clock time for his guards to take him to Pitou. Pufu has a radical solution .

  54. Watch Formidable Enemy × And × Clear Objective. Episode 129 of Season 5.

    129. Formidable Enemy × And × Clear Objective


    The baron, resuscitated by his guards, goes rear to the palace to get his memory back. Pufu is deflect on killing Komugi so the baron won ’ thymine remember her .

  55. Watch Magic × To × Destroy. Episode 130 of Season 5.

    130. Magic × To × Destroy


    Pufu does his best to stop the king from remembering Komugi. Gon arrives at Peijin where Pitou has promised to treat Kite .

  56. Watch Anger × And × Light. Episode 131 of Season 5.

    131. Anger × And × Light


    Gon understands that something has happened to Kite. He becomes ferocious and risks his life by transcending himself. Killua rushes to his friend .

  57. Watch Flash × And × Start. Episode 132 of Season 5.

    132. Flash × And × Start


    Pufu and Yupi do their best to make the baron forget about Komugi but Pitou comes rear, unaware of it all, and the victim is in Palm ’ s clasp .

  58. Watch Deadline × To × Live. Episode 133 of Season 5.

    133. Deadline × To × Live


    Pufu spreads his soporific scales on the herd outside the palace. Yupi doesn ’ thyroxine know that Gon has killed Pitou. Their design is obstruct because of Gungi .

  59. Watch The Word × Is × You. Episode 134 of Season 5.

    134. The Word × Is × You


    Pufu still hopes to get rid of Komugi. The king deploys his En and finds Welfin, who he then interrogates. Pufu ’ s confidential might come out .

  60. Watch This Person × And × This Moment. Episode 135 of Season 5.

    135. This Person × And × This Moment


    The king knows that he was poisoned. He uses his en to find Palm and asks where Komugi is. He wants to spend his concluding days playing Gungi with her .

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    Watch Homecoming × And × Real Name. Episode 136 of Season 5.

    136. Homecoming × And × Real Name


    The king is dead. The last chimera ants leave East Goruto. Killua and his friends watch Gon. The Hunters prepare for president Netero ’ sulfur sequence .

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