General Information

Real name:

Thomas Elliot

First Appearance:

Batman #609 (2003)

Created by:

Jeph Loeb (writer)
Jim Lee (artist)
Scott Williams (artist)


Killer Croc
Poison Ivy
Jason Todd


Genius level intellect
Skilled surgeon
Adept marksman

Reading: Hush

Portrayed by:

Sam Neil ( Voice )
Cole Vallis
Gordon Winarick
Gabriel Mann Kevin Conroy (Voice)Sam Neil (Voice)Cole VallisGordon WinarickGabriel Mann Dr. Thomas “Tommy” Elliot was a childhood supporter of Bruce Wayne. He becomes a costume criminal who targets both Batman and Bruce Wayne. Although Hush ‘s name originates from a nursery rhyme, Hush lives up to it by using manipulation and craft rather of noisy “ signatures ”. Tommy and Bruce Wayne were childhood friends, and unbeknown to Bruce, dark reflections of each other. A childhood sociopath, Elliot tried to kill his parents so he could inherit their luck. When his plan failed, due partially to the surgical skills of Bruce ‘s father, Dr. Thomas Wayne, Elliot blamed Bruce. An incredibly skilled surgeon as an adult, Elliot planned an detailed revenge scheme on Wayne. He disguised himself as the villain Hush, his face covered in bandages, but in the conclusion he was defeated and unmasked by the Dark Knight. Hush still plots retaliation against Batman, generating complicated schemes with surgical preciseness .



Born a child of wealth and privilege, young Tommy Elliot became close friends with Bruce Wayne. Bruce ‘s church father, Thomas, was felicitous to see the children chemical bond, and felt that Bruce had ultimately found a acquaintance to whom he could relate. Tommy and Bruce enjoyed playing games of strategy, with Tommy constantly seeming to outmaneuver his differently brainy friend. however, while Bruce enjoyed his parents ‘ company, Tommy hated his beget, who was drink and constantly abusive. His mother, who had originally come from a background of poverty, did future to nothing to help her son, as she was uncoerced to endure every abuse conduct to her and her son in order to keep her lavish life style. rather of defending Thomas, she forced him to memorize Aristotle as a manner to deal in a subtle, passive way with his father – something for which he never forgave her. One day, Thomas Wayne took Bruce and Tommy with him on a business trip to Metropolis. He instructed them to stay in their hotel room, but they snuck out to see the big city, where they witnessed a conflict between the once retired super-hero Green Lantern and his previous bane the Icicle. Tommy crafted a scheme to obtain his own luck. He severed the brake lines on his parents ‘ car, sending the vehicle careening off the side of the road. Tommy ’ s father was instantaneously killed, but his mother managed to survive, thanks to emergency operation by Bruce ‘s father .


Tommy finally came into possession of the luck that he therefore desperately want, but he had to wait years, watching his mother digest and ultimately succumb to cancer. Twisted by his own avarice, he inwardly blamed Bruce Wayne for his perceived “ good fortune ” after the deaths of the Waynes left Bruce in precisely the position that Tommy had sought to create himself – a brain that would one sidereal day fuel an elaborate diagram to destroy Bruce Wayne wholly. Aided by the Riddler – who had recently used a Lazarus Pit and had an epiphany that led him to realize Batman ‘s true identity in the bargain – Elliot set up an elaborate plot against Batman. As separate of this plot, he mutated Killer Croc and had him set up a kidnapping to provide extra funds ; Poison Ivy took control of Catwoman – and later briefly controlled Superman – to provide extra security ; Elliot faked his own death at the Joker ‘s hands ( with Clayface posing as Elliot ‘s body ) to provoke Batman into killing the Joker and frankincense destroy him as a person ; and Scarecrow caused far discord among Batman ‘s allies. During this time, Elliot assumed the identity of a world whose head was wrapped in bandages and spoke in a low voice when observing his plans unfolding, finally adopting the appoint “ Hush ” based on the song “ Hush, Little Baby, ” about a male child who could n’t be satisfied. however, Elliot ‘s design was sabotage when Two-Face reformed after Elliot gave him fictile operating room in revert for his legal expertness, and Harvey Dent contacted the now-retired James Gordon to provide Batman with crucial aid until Elliot was unmasked .

Hush Returns

When Hush resurfaces, he does sol with a vengeance. even out to destroy Batman and determined not to let the rest of the villains get in his way, Hush quickly carves out a niche for himself, beating his erstwhile accomplice the Riddler to within an inch of his biography, and evening driving the Joker out of town. Hush besides ends up closely killing Poison Ivy in a bootless try to recruit her .
Following a ephemeral alliance with JLA nemesis Prometheus, Hush then begins to torment Bruce Wayne with the help of an all-new Clayface ( Johnny Williams ). Exploiting the latter ‘s shape-shifting abilities, Hush is briefly able to shed doubt on his true identity and has Wayne ‘s butler Alfred Pennyworth framed for mangle. Alfred ‘s list was former cleared, albeit through trickery .


The Joker finally returned to Gotham City with an army of trained pigeons and retaliated ( in Batman : Gotham Knights # 73-74 ). He captured Hush and kept him sedated for three weeks, during which time he implanted a pacesetter into his body, efficaciously gaining control of his heart. At the Joker ‘s mercifulness and ineffective to remove the device himself, Hush turned to the one man he felt he could trust ( or preferably, predict ) : Bruce Wayne. Wayne consented to help Hush on the condition that he allow himself to be treated in, and confined to, Arkham Asylum. Hush agreed, and then immediately escaped after being told that the operation had been a success. He was intercepted by Batman before he could confront the Joker, and the two men debated the merits of a code against killing such nauseating criminals. Hush demanded that Batman allow him to do what Bruce would not and finish off the Joker once and for all. Batman seemed to agree and began to leave, but then revealed that he had tricked Hush—the pacer was still in his body, and he had been allowed to escape the refuge. At that consequence the Joker arrived, and Hush begged Batman not to leave him. The issue ( and the Batman: Gotham Knights series ) ended open. Hush returned in the late Man-Bat miniseries, and was late shown remembering how afflictive removing the pacer alone was, and how the time between Gotham Knights and “ Heart of Hush ” about wholly was spent recovering from the damage suffered, confirming that Batman did desert Hush at the conclusion of “ Payback ” .

Heart of Hush

After a hanker absence, Hush returns in Detective Comics # 846- # 850, in the narrative “ The Heart of Hush ”, which ties in concert with Batman R.I.P .. In this discharge, Hush is portrayed in a slightly different thematic fashion than in his anterior appearances. Beyond being merely a manipulative sociopath, his past as a surgeon is made into a major aspect of his modus operandi. In the first issue, Hush makes it known he will not let anyone else kill Batman, as he sees that as his good. In the irregular part, Hush has teamed up with the Scarecrow, who had contact with Elliot as a child. Hush performs everyday plastic surgery on his own confront, only former revealing the consequence is about identical to Bruce Wayne.

Hush then ambushes and subdues Catwoman after she scratches off a dowry of his facial bandages, recoiling in horror at what she sees. He then cuts out her kernel, putting her on animation subscribe supplied by Mr. freeze and delivering her to Gotham General Hospital. Hush comments to himself that it was Batman ‘s desertion of him during the pacemaker incidental that inspired this current plan. While Selina is left in Doctor Mid-Nite ‘s worry, Batman squeezes the placement of Hush ‘s headquarter from Scarecrow. Hush, however, ambushes him by showing him the room containing Selina ‘s kernel, alive and pump, at which clock time he pumps Batman with a paralyze gasoline. He then confesses to Bruce his plan : using his newfound resemblance to Bruce, he will kill and disfigure him to steal his identity, then he will retire with the Wayne fortune. however, Batman is able to stave off the effects of the paralysis gasoline, recover Selina ‘s heart, and warn Alfred Pennyworth of Thomas ‘ misrepresentation. Hush manages to get into the Batcave where he about kills Batman, but Alfred ‘s continuing intervention and the arrival of Nightwing and Robin turn the tide. Hush retreats on the Whirly-Bat ( a one world helicopter ), but his bandages become tangled in the rotor and it explodes. Batman and his allies can find no touch of Hush save some bloody bandages, and count him absolutely. Selina Kyle, not taking chances and seeking some form of closure for her predicament and her current condition ( Doctor Mid-Nite made absolved that it is improbable she ‘ll be ever able to regain her forcible art ), has Oracle, Holly Robinson, Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn and Slam Bradley track down Hush ‘s mysterious bank accounts and stashes of cash and cut them off. Tommy Elliot, wounded but animated, limps off to plot his adjacent move .

captive Hush

Posing as Bruce Wayne, Hush travels to Australia and Vietnam, looting Wayne ‘s cash accounts in the companies he owns there. He is captured by Catwoman who knows perfectly well he is not the substantial Wayne. He ‘s then given in custody to Nightwing and Robin who, preferably than bring him into patrol hands, keep him contained in a secret safehouse to preserve their secrets. Elliot, still wearing Bruce ‘s appearance, decides to fake his resignation, merely acting for the right moment to escape .

After R.I.P .

Following Bruce Wayne ‘s ‘death ‘ in the final confrontation with Darkseid, Elliott attempted to escape and resume his original plan to take control of the Wayne fortune, but with Grayson, the Outsiders, and multiple other heroes keeping an eye on him, he has been forced to merely pose as Bruce Wayne in holy order to conceal Bruce ‘s death and avoid association between him and Batman ‘s late ‘change ‘ .
This strategy continued until Red Robin was forced to take official control away from Elliot when he tried to form an alliance with Ra ‘s aluminum Ghul. Elliot ‘s attempts to use Wayne ‘s determine to release dangerous criminals back onto Gotham ‘s streets finally backfired when the criminal Jane Doe- a womanhood who lost her face in an accident- becomes obsessed with ‘Bruce Wayne ‘ after his function in her free, to the point that she infiltrates his life by taking the font of his newly assistant, and subsequently cuts off Elliot ‘s fresh face with the intention of becoming Bruce Wayne herself, only for this attempt to be unstuck when Batman catches her and Hush. With Bruce Wayne ‘s late public revelation that he has been Batman ‘s fiscal angel for years rendering Hush ‘s cognition of Batman ‘s identity irrelevant, he is sent to Arkham Asylum .


While Hush is a mod character, there is a history of bandage-faced men in Batman comics. The Crime Doctor ‘s first gear appearance in Batman # 77 was as an underground surgeon who could change his identity with masks. In Frank Miller ‘s Batman : The Dark Knight Returns, Harvey Dent ‘s face is repaired through plastic surgery, but his violent surrogate personality resurfaces while he wears bandages that cover his face .

Powers and Abilities

  • Genius Intellect: One of Batman’s most intelligent adversaries, Hush has incredible, genius intellect which is displayed in his astounding talents in both medical science and strategies.
  • Master Physician: Hush is a genius master surgeon, his tremendous talent in surgery allow him to become a world class surgeon and neurologist, performing extremely difficult or near impossible medical breakthroughs such as removing Harold Allnut’s chronic Kyphosis that was deemed incurable by his contemporaries including Batman who had use all his resources to find a way to cure Harold’s Kyphosis to no avail and also curing Harold muteness, giving him the ability to speak. Hush had saved Bruce’s life from a fatal skull fracture, and also removed Catwoman’s heart and placing it in a machine constructed by Mr. Freeze to keep it beating without any permanent damage. Hush also repaired Harvey Dent’s half disfigured face perfectly restoring his previous visage and also perform plastic surgery on himself, using minimal anesthetic and sheer force of will to alter his face to look identical to Bruce Wayne.
  • Master Strategist: Hush is an extraordinary master planner and manipulator, his tactical genius is on pair with the Batman with his greatest asset being his talent for thinking like his opponents and using their abilities against them. Hush had shown his tactical genius at an early age, teaching Bruce the vital basics of relying on strategies and tactics to fufilled his goals, ingeniously planning to commit parricide by having his parents died in a car accident he set up which partially failed due to Thomas Wayne’s surgical skills. He had almost defeated Batman using cleverly planned tactics.
  • Master Marksman: Hush is a master marksman in dual wielding M1911 .45 caliber pistols. He managed to kill Harold Allnut via accurate shots to his head and heart from behind Batman. He could match Batman’s precision with his Batarangs, easily shooting down two of them in mid air and set off C4 explosive he had strapped to the Batmobile with a single shot.
  • Peak Human Conditioning: Hush maintains himself in peak physical fitness, he has incredible strength, speed and reflexes, able to brawl with Batman in a fist fight.
  • Strength level: Hush keeps himself in top physical form. He possesses great physical strength, often augmented by his hatred of Bruce Wayne.

In other media


See: Thomas Elliot ( Gotham )
See: Hush ( Arrowverse )

or the Arrowverse Wiki page


Hush appeared as the main antagonist in the the DC animated film Batman: Hush, an adaptation of the original story where he was voiced by Maury Sterling. However, unlike in the original story Hush was revealed to not be Tommy Elliot.
Instead, it was revealed that Hush was an alter-ego created by the Riddler as a means of proving himself a better super-villain after receiving mockery within the rogues gallery.

Video Games

  • Hush is voiced by Sam Neil in DC Universe Online.

Batman: Arkham Series




  • In-story, the name Hush is derived from the popular lullaby “Hush Little Baby”.
  • Behind the scenes, the name “Hush” came from the writers of the comic, who would respond, “Hush!” to the many people who asked them who the new bad guy was.
  • In 2005, Hush received his own action figure as part of the Batman: Hush series collection.
  • It is worth noting that he is very similar in appearance to the way Two-Face looked in Frank Miller’s elseworld story Batman: The Dark Knight Returns. He also appears in the story dressed identical to him. This may be a coincedence or not.
    • He also bears a resemblance to the Silver Age villain Doctor No-Face.
  • In The Batman (2022), Riddler reveals that Thomas Wayne and Carmine Falcone murdered reporter Edward Elliot. During this sequence, Riddler has the word, “Hush” appear on screen.

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