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I Am Not Starfire – Mariko Tamaki, Writer; Yoshi Yoshitani, Artist

Ray – 8/10

Ray: so this book has gotten a distribute of attention before free from some of the worst elements on the internet, and when that ’ s the case I normally want to support the project. Add in Mariko Tamaki, one of the hottest writers in the industry, and Yoshi Yoshitani, the artist of the popular all-ages Zatanna graphic fresh released recently, and you ’ ve got a identical scheme comic—with one of the oddest concepts to come out of DC ’ s OGN line .
This book will decidedly be dissentious, because it grounds its report not just in one character, but in an original character—Mandy Koriand ’ radius, the almost-seventeen-year-old daughter of Starfire, who has none of her ma ’ second powers, none of her looks, and none of her bubbly attitude. She ’ s a dark, sarcastic goth who is muddling her way through senior high school school and constantly fending off people who precisely want to know about her mother—who is calm an active voice Titan .
This is basically a two-person drama in a batch of ways, with Starfire getting a more exhaustive focus than she has in a while. This version feels like a hybrid between the comic ledger version and the cartoon translation, possibly more towards the latter with her classifiable speech patterns. She seems to be a loving beget, albeit one who never can very connect with her daughter and winds up missing a bunch of clues that Mandy is struggling with… well, everything.

About two-thirds of the graphic novel—which is a faster read than most in the YA line—is very precisely devoted to Mandy ’ s personal drama. We see how she struggles socially, in truth only having one friend in chaotic Vietnamese-American anarchist Lincoln. Flashbacks to how her youth was dominated by her connection to the Titans serve to connect us to her, and it ’ s courteous to see a plus-sized heroine whose size international relations and security network ’ t constantly commented on. But her deadpan sarcasm and heavy attitude can get to be a piece overpowering at points—she ’ s about like a superhero adjacent Daria .
I should mention that this is basically a romance record, with an LGBT romance at its core. Mandy ’ s love interest Claire, a popular girl who she ’ s been crushing on for years, is a good case of how to write a character who is sympathetic and hush prone to mistakes and falling back on bad erstwhile habits. The active between them reminds me a bit of Luz and Amity from The Owl House, one of the best representations of young curious love in animation. But this decidedly international relations and security network ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate a kids ’ graphic novel—the lyric gets amazingly salty at points .
This was a low-key but playfulness coming-of-age graphic novel, but in the concluding third it takes a major turn that introduces a newfangled conflict and sets off the independent plot. unfortunately, while it made sense in-context, it didn ’ triiodothyronine very have time to flesh out the villain ( giving her a charitable backstory but making her act like a giant ) and by and large felt like a way to speedrun Mandy ’ s development and kind things out with her mother .
overall, I Am not Starfire is a fun narrative that I imagine a lot of girls will see themselves in. It ’ s not among the best of the OGNs ( or tied among Tamaki ’ s OGNs ) just because it makes no apology for its frequently abrasive lead character. If you like her and want to take this ride with her, this is a reserve you ’ ll love. I ’ molarity not wholly certain it was for me, but I ’ molarity not the target hearing and I could tell, and I hope it finds its hearing .
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