Milestone’s Crossover Officially Begins in Icon & Rocket Season Finale

The Milestone superhero team-up that had been teased has begun in Icon and Rocket : Season One. Static is joining Icon and Rocket ‘s side in the finale. Warning! Spoilers for Icon and Rocket: Season One #6
The Milestone superhero team-up that had previously been teased for the Dakotaverse has finally begun in the season stopping point for Icon and Rocket: Season One. As Icon and Rocket are taking on a cockroach foreigner and other super-powered threats, Static is joining their side .
Throughout the first seasons of Static and Icon and Rocket, the titular superheroes became the recognizable versions that fans had known from Milestone Media ’ s original serial in the 1990s. Their elaborate origin stories set a foundation for the boot Dakotaverse going forward, as DC Comics had reincorporated Milestone within the past year. The characterizations of Virgil Hawkins, Raquel Ervin, and Augustus Freeman allowed for any likely crossovers to feel organic and not rushed. A milestone Justice League-like crossover voter was initially hinted by imprint co-creator Denys Cowan and writer Reginald Hudlin at DC Fandome that the future of the Dakotaverse would bring the heroes together for an epic poem venture. nowadays that Virgil has taken on his static character with a new costume, the stage has been set for a team-up with his colleague Dakota-based superheroes.

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In Icon and Rocket : Season One # 6, Static shows up to the season finale struggle, helping rocket when she is in indigence of backing. Afterwards, static partners alongside her and Icon to take on a variety of super-powered threats. Although Virgil already crossed paths with Raquel at their senior high school school, this is the first meter they have fought together as Static and Rocket in a massive crossover consequence. The issue is written by Reginald Hudlin and Leon Chills with art by Doug Braithwaite, inks by Andrew Currie, and colors by Brad Anderson .

The heroes are besides joined by Xiomara and Lil Bit, who appeared earlier in the series. The collective five superheroes could be a team of their own in Dakota, and will likely cross paths again soon. previously, Virgil had met Curtis Metcalf, who gave him his first prototype costume, and has since become the high technical school vigilante Hardware. With his engagement, the team could take on Edwin Alva, knock babies, and other threats to Dakota .
As Edwin appears in the last page of the issue in a hologram, it ’ s teased that the storyline will continue somewhere that “ readers don ’ t expect. ” This could be a nod to the approaching Milestones in History particular one-shot, which is said to affect the Dakotaverse in a surprising room. Alva had been the catalyst for the Big Bang, Hardware ’ s origin fib, and events in Icon and Rocket. now, the nefarious businessman appears to be bringing the heroes together .
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