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Obanai was born into a kin of thieves who lived off an excessive sum of riches that had been stolen from those who had been killed by the Demon that they worshiped. This Demon took the shape of a woman with a snake-like lower body and front, and had a great taste for neonate babies, which is what the family sacrificed to her in exchange for their riches. As the first boy born into the syndicate for 370 years, Obanai lived out all of his days locked in a wooden cage being spoiled by his family, who insisted on bringing him thus many plates of rich food that he became pale of it due to the overally barbed odors of the food and the poor people ventilation of his board. The Serpent Demon besides took a like to Obanai, since he was a rare male child with heterochromia, and would spend the nights slithering around his cage in the dark and staring at him, which frighted Obanai so much that he could n’t sleep. [ 1 ] When he turned twelve, Obanai was ultimately allowed to leave his cell for the first clock time in his entire life. He was taken into a room that appeared to be an expensive shrine, and put confront to face with the Serpent Demon for the beginning time, immediately causing him to shake in fear and terror at the demon ‘s appearance and the realization that this was the very same thing slipping in his board stare at him every night of his life. The Demon remarked that Obanai was very small, and wondered to herself if she should wait to eat him until he was a short bigger. Deciding that she would, she organized his mouth to be cut wider, all the way to his ears, to match hers ascribable to her “ liking ” him. The blood that he shed from this routine was then collected into a chalice that she then drank from like fine Sake. [ 2 ] back in his cellular telephone with his hoist now covered by a bandage, Obanai began only to think of escape and survival upon realizing his destine. He began to scratch away at the lattice of his cell with a steal hairpin he took from one of his relatives that he would then use during the night in decree to prevent anyone from noticing his attempt to escape. Day by day he would be in a changeless state of matter of worry and fear and shaking in panic at the hypothesis of what would happen if the Snake Demon or his syndicate would discover his undertake at freedom. The only being he could trust was a small snake that had somehow strayed into his batting cage and became his only supporter, Kaburamaru. [ 3 ]

After a while of doing this, Obanai last manage to wholly remove a wooden chunk of his bars and escape into the night equally fast as he could. As he ran, the Serpent Demon began to pursue him, about catching up to him and killing him before the Flame Hashira by opportunity came to his rescue. Because of Obanai ‘s escape, the Serpent Demon had killed all fifty of his relatives and the only surviving penis of his pedigree was his older cousin, who had besides been saved by the Hashira. When they were reunited, however, Obanai ‘s cousin rejected him and began to violently attack and claw at him ascribable to her blaming him for their family ‘s deaths at the hand of the Demon due to them messing up and allowing him to escape and screaming at him that he should have fair let her eat him. [ 4 ] due to these harsh words from his cousin and his own sense of self abhor and guilt for having been born into such a class and allowing them to die for his survival, Obanai joined the Demon Slayer Corps and decided to turn all his rage onto whatever Demons he could find, figuring that he ‘d feel like a better person if he risked his life for the sake of others and somehow ease his guilt .


As the other Hashira discuss what to do with Nezuko Kamado, Obanai, lounging in a nearby tree, inquires how they would deal with Giyu Tomioka ‘s transgress of the Demon Slayer impart. [ 5 ] When Tanjiro insists Nezuko would never harm humans despite turning into a demon, the Snake Hashira tells him to not make such heedless remarks, as the female child would obviously protect her family, and as such he can not trust anything the young Demon Slayer says. [ 6 ] Soon afterwards, he notes with pastime that even though Giyu had interjected to stop Tanjiro and Sanemi Shinazugawa ‘s brief hassle, the former had inactive managed to land a gust on the latter. [ 7 ] Upon Kagaya ‘s arrival, the Snake Hashira descended the tree and bowed in deference to his superior. [ 8 ] He then reiterated his distrust for Tanjiro and Nezuko when his drawing card asked for all of them to accept the two, stating that they all hate Demons. He subsequently listened as Kagaya ‘s attendant understand Sakonji Urokodaki ‘s letter concerning Tanjiro and Nezuko, and how Sakonji, Tanjiro, and Giyu would all slit their stomachs should Nezuko always attack a human. [ 9 ] When Kagaya revealed that Tanjiro had come into touch with Muzan Kibutsuji, a mess of questions and arguments broke out, but Obanai and the other Hashira are silenced by a dim-witted gesticulate from their leader. [ 10 ] After Sanemi intentionally injured himself to bait out Nezuko, Obanai reminded his fellow Hashira that he would have to get out of the sunlight in order for her to appear. He then swiftly pinned Tanjiro to the grind to prevent him from interfering, [ 11 ] maintaining his hold despite Shinobu ‘s protests. Tanjiro continued to struggle heavily, but before Obanai could do anything far to him, Giyu grabbed his hand, allowing Tanjiro to escape from his clasp. [ 12 ] Obanai angrily removed his hand from Giyu ‘s grapple, demanding to know what he is planning. [ 13 ] The Snake Hashira was then chastised by Kagaya for his discussion of Tanjiro, causing him to reluctantly agree to refrain from such methods in the future. [ 14 ] Obanai stands on a rooftop alone after learning of Kyojuro Rengoku ‘s death, staring into the distance as he expresses his unbelief. [ 15 ] Obanai appears at the very end of the deputation, after Daki and Gyutaro were already defeated. He partially congratulates his fellow Hashira for the victory against the Upper Rank, but greatly emphasizes the atrocious injuries sustained against the “ weakest ” Upper Rank. He pressures the Hashira into remaining with the Demon Slayers, pointing to the vacancy left by Kyojuro ‘s death and the addition in losses of junior-grade Demon Slayers. a lot to his surprise, Tengen maintains that the younger Demon Slayers—especially Tanjiro—were “ decidedly growing. ” [ 16 ] Obanai was portray at the emergency Hashira suffer at the Ubuyashiki Estate. After Sanemi complains about not encountering any Upper Rank himself, Obanai comments that bumping into one is rare and then asks Mitsuri and Muichiro how they ‘re doing. Amane Ubuyashiki arrives and apologizes for the absence of her husband. Obanai and the other Hashira bow to pay their respects. Amane informs the Hashira about the Demon Slayer Marks and asks Mitsuri and Muichiro to tell about how and what are the conditions to acquire one. Obanai is visibly suprised when Amane mentions that these marked demon Slayers were close to defeating Muzan. When Mitsuri tries to explain how she got her distinguish, Obanai expresses embarrasment. After that Muichiro tells about his hypothesis on the conditions to acquire a Demon Slayer Mark to Obanai and the others. [ 17 ] When Giyu comments that he envies those simpletons who think gaining a chump is simple, Obanai glares at him, but says nothing. When the meeting ends, Giyu prepares to leave and tells the remaining Hashira to make future plans to acquire marks by themselves. Obanai angrily retorts that Giyu does not understand his position as the Water Hashira and asks if he plans to get a head begin on them. Giyu simply states he is not like them. The other Hashira protest Giyu ‘s decisiveness deoxyadenosine monophosphate well, but before the site escalates into fighting, Gyomei slams his hands together making Obanai and all of the others freeze in their tracks. Gyomei states he has a suggestion. [ 18 ] This proposition turns out to be extra discipline seance called “ Hashira Training ”. Obanai is put in charge of teaching proper sword techniques. [ 19 ] When Tanjiro arrives to his train, Obanai states he has been waiting for him. Tanjiro tries to introduce himself, but Obanai tells him to shut up. He tells Tanjiro that he has heard about him from Mitsuri, but warns him that unlike her he is not a nice person. Obanai reveals that his coach consists of swinging your sword while avoiding obstacles. He leads Tanjiro to a room where he has tied up all the students, making them into a sort of obstacle class. When Tanjiro questions Obanai about the students and what crimes have they committed to be tied up, he menacingly answers that they committed crimes of weakness, forget, taking their meter and pissing him off. For the next four days Obanai trains Tanjiro to hit him while not hitting any of the tied up students. During the fourth day Tanjiro finally manages to slice off the haori Obanai was wearing, thus completing the train. immediately afterwards, Obanai tells Tanjiro to “ get the hell out of there ” and to never talk to Mitsuri again. [ 20 ]

Obanai rushes to the Ubuyashiki estate after hearing the call that Muzan was there. however, Kagaya blows up the estate before he or the other Demon Slayers can arrive, killing himself, Amane Ubuyashiki, Nichika Ubuyashiki, and Hinaki Ubuyashiki while heavily wounding Muzan. Gyomei Himejima is the merely Demon Slayer to know of this plan advance, as Kagaya knew the other Hashira would oppose his decision. After seeing Muzan, Obanai readies himself to unleash his first form on him, but Muzan transports him and the rest of the Hashira into his Infinity Castle. [ 21 ] Obanai runs into Mitsuri and kills a group of Demons with the Serpent Breathing, Fifth Form: Slithering Serpent. [ 22 ] late, he and Mitsuri meet Nakime. Mitsuri jumps off a wall and lunges at the Demon, but Nakime uses her Blood Demon Art to erect a wall and send Mitsuri falling. Obanai jumps in and grabs her, getting her safely to another of the Infinity Castle ‘ pillars. As Nakime starts manipulating the Infinity Castle in the hope of crushing the couple, Obanai is well able to dodge. After Mitsuri tries to attack and was sent tumbling out of a window, Obanai tries to use the Serpent Breathing, Second Form: Venom Fangs of the Narrow Head to decapitate the Demon. however, he excessively is sent out a window, expressing in a torment manner how much of a pain Nakime ‘s Blood Demon Art is to deal with, despite it not being very deadly. [ 23 ] After fighting Nakime for a while, Obanai and Mitsuri are informed of Muzan ‘s revival and pick up orders to group up with the other Hashira. After hearing how Muichiro and Genya sacrificed their own lives in decree to defeat Upper One, Obanai berates himself for not contributing ampere much to the conflict as others have. He remarks how Nakime ‘s Blood Demon Art makes it impossible for him to settle the fight. He thinks he must somehow find a way to get out of this situation. [ 24 ] With the aid of Yushiro and his Blood Demon Art: Blindfold, Obanai and Mitsuri are able to get away from Nakime and they arrive to assist Giyu and Tanjiro who were fighting against Muzan. Obanai appears by Tanjiro ‘s side, who was about killed by Muzan, and tells him that he is a effect that needs to fallback. Tanjiro ignores Obanai ‘s advice and alternatively says he is gladiolus that Obanai is hush alive. Obanai tells him to worry about himself beginning rather of others. [ 25 ] As Muzan grows angry over Nakime ‘s failure, the conflict between the Demon Slayers and Muzan resumes. Obanai uses his first human body to attack Muzan, who blocks the attack. As the Infinity Castle starts to quickly change due to Yushiro manipulating Nakime, the floor below the Demon Slayers and Muzan disappears. Obanai falls and lands on his feet on the platform below. Muzan continues his attacks which Obanai avoids. Obanai worryingly thinks that they need to get out of the Infinity Castle before it crumbles, or they will all die. As Mitsuri is caught off guard by the platform rise, Muzan uses this gamble to attack her, but Obanai jumps in to get her out of the way of Muzan ‘s attack therefore saving her life. The Infinity Castle crumbles, but due to Yushiro, Obanai and the others are safely transported to the airfoil. [ 26 ] As the conflict moves on to the open, Obanai emerges from the wreckage of the Infinity Castle. A gloat informs the combatants that an hour and a one-half stay until dawn. Muzan blasts the wreckage aside with his newly manifested Spine Whips and taunts the Hashira to try keep him there for that farseeing. Muzan starts attacking once again. Obanai uses his third base imprint and manages to get close to Muzan. He starts cutting of his drumhead and remarks that even if Muzan does not die from getting his mind cut off at least they could weaken him by slicing him to pieces. This does not prove to be the right move as Obanai is shocked when his attack does nothing to Muzan. Obanai and the others realize Muzan is able instantaneously regenerate to the point that it is useless to try to weaken him using this tactic. As they figure out their err, they besides realize they got excessively close to Muzan and are about to be killed by him. however, before that can happen Obanai and the others are shielded by lower rank Demon Slayers who use their own bodies as shields. Obanai is grabbed by one whose entire lower half of body is sliced off. He is visibly shocked by this sacrifice but says nothing. Muzan reveals that just getting scratched by him once is a death prison term as he points to Tanjiro who is laying down on the grate lifeless. [ 27 ] Obanai and the two other Hashira continue their fight against Muzan. Obanai remarks on how he ca n’t continuously breathe even with the three Hashira there due to Muzan ‘s accelerate. As the battle rages on, Obanai is slashed once in the forefront and once in the shoulder by Muzan, but he continues to fight. Mitsuri, however, is immediately affected by Muzan ‘s attack and falls over. Obanai yells her name, but she tells Obanai and Giyu to protect themselves rather. Before she is killed by Muzan, Gyomei appears and deflects the attack with his flail. At the same fourth dimension Sanemi appears and uses the opportunity to slice Muzan in half and sets him on displace. The struggle continues with Obanai and the four other Hashira connect forces. [ 28 ] As the battle continues and the Hashira keep getting pressed on, Obanai thinks about how he ca n’t even shield Gyomei from attacks anymore and soon he will be unable to move himself. When Mitsuri is hit by another attack which forces her to the ground, Obanai is worried and hurries to her side. As Muzan prepares to slice both of them, the three early Hashira shield them while Obanai carries Mitsuri to safety. He entrusts her to a Kakushi and tells them to find Yushiro. Mitsuri tries to argue that she can still fight, but Obanai tells her she has done enough. He tells the Kakushi to take care of her and immediately rushes back towards the conflict, ignoring Mitsuri ‘s pleas. As he runs, he starts to ponder about how many people would still be alive if demons did n’t exist. He wonders how things would have been if he and Mitsuri had met under more peaceful circumstances. however, he dismisses this thinking and considers it impossible. He thinks rear on his childhood and how he wants to die defeating Muzan in order get rid of his family ‘s impure lineage. Obanai hopes that when he dies and if he and Mitsuri both reincarnate into a earth without Demons, he can tell Mitsuri that he loves her. [ 29 ] After joining the battle once again, Obanai manages to cut off Muzan ‘s arm by kicking and slashing the arm at the like fourth dimension. Muzan notices that it is hindering his clamant regeneration but remains carefree as it alone buys them a minuscule amount of clock time. Obanai thinks to himself that Muzan ‘s arms have mouths that have a dangerous inhalant ability. In arrange to avoid it he has to make huge movements that take up a lot of stamen. He proclaims to himself that they can not afford to lose as he does not want all of the sacrifices thus far to be in conceited. As the battle progresses Giyu loses his grip on his sword, but Obanai shields him from Muzan ‘s attack and at the same time Sanemi tosses a newfangled sword to Giyu. After 16 minutes of fighting since coming to the open, Muzan is surprised by how long the Hashira have managed to last. As Muzan ‘s poison is starting to affect the Hashira more and more, Obanai realizes that the poison is affecting him more than others due to his little body. In that moment, Chachamaru appears carrying antidotes to Muzan ‘s poison. Obanai and the Hashira receive the antidotes, but Chachamaru is killed in the summons. As Muzan grows ferocious, Obanai considers that he needs to find a more effective way to attack. He believes that he has contributed the least out of everyone. Thinking back on the report that Muichiro had turned his blade red during his final moments, he speculates that by gripping the sword a difficult as you can, you can increase the temperature of the blade and frankincense turn it crimson bolshevik. In that here and now his Demon Slayer Mark appears, and he grips his sword turning it brilliantly crimson. [ 30 ] After turning his sword red, Obanai ‘s first base opinion was that he had made a error. He believes he was besides tidal bore to turn his blade red and used besides much intensity to do it which about made him faint due to lack of oxygen. Sanemi yells Obanai ‘s name as Muzan sends an attack towards Obanai. In that moment Obanai is unable to do anything, but to think of the fact that if even one of them falls they will no long be able to break Muzan ‘s attacks. In the end moment before the attack hits Obanai is thrown into the publicize by inconspicuous Inosuke. Muzan realizes three raw opponents have joined the competitiveness, Inosuke, Zenitsu and Kanao, but they are using Yushiro ‘s Blood Demon Art to render themselves invisible. As Muzan was figuring out what was happening, Obanai landed back on the footing. Using the trio ‘s beguilement to his advantage he slices Muzan ‘s hand off with the Serpent Breathing, Third Form: Coil Choke. The chopped body character regenerates much slower which inspires the combatants to continue fighting even harder. Obanai once again attacks and use his third form against Muzan. This allows the other Hashira to get a probability to turn their weapons red in their own respective ways. A crow informs that one hour and three minutes remain until dawn, meaning the conflict has raged on between the Hashira and Muzan for 27 minutes since they came to the surface. [ 31 ]

Obanai, the other Hashira and the trio continue pressing on Muzan scoring several hits. Gyomei accesses the Transparent World and finds out Muzan has multiple hearts and brains. Gyomei yells to Obanai to focus on Muzan ‘s body and tell him if he can see through it. Obanai tries it and sees through it for an clamant which confuses him. In that consequence Muzan unleashes his leg whips, which catch Obanai and the others off guard. Obanai is hit and sent flying. He hits a wall and is rendered unconscious and bleeding. [ 32 ] Obanai quickly gets up and saves Tanjiro, who was fighting Muzan by himself, from death. Obanai, having grabbed Tanjiro, swiftly dodges Muzan ‘s attacks. Tanjiro is glad to see him, but is promptly horrified when he realises Obanai ‘s confront is mutilated. Obanai explains that the earlier attack by Muzan ‘s leg whip was the one that injured him. He tells Tanjiro to stop worrying about him, because his correct eye was always badly and he could scantily see out of it and because of that he rather relies on his snake Kaburamaru to see. After confirming Tanjiro had recovered, he lets go of him. Muzan, who had given chase to them, attacks Obanai, but he is able contrivance and block all of the attacks thanks to Kaburamaru. Tanjiro and Obanai blend forces to attack Muzan both using their respective techniques. While Obanai and Tanjiro continue to dodge and attack, Muzan ‘s body on the spur of the moment changes revealing old scars. Tanjiro realises these must be from Muzan ‘s battle against Yoriichi and they might be his weakpoints. [ 33 ]



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