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Real Name

Bartholomew Henry “ Bart ” Allen II

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Other Aliases

Kid Flash, Flash [ 1 ]


( grandma )
( first cousin once removed )
( first cousin once removed )
Meloni Thawne ( mother )

( aunt )
( cousin )
( clone )
Barry Allen (grandfather) Iris West (grandmother) Wally West (first cousin once removed) Wallace West (first cousin once removed)Meloni Thawne (mother) Don Allen (father) Dawn Allen (aunt) Jenni Ognats (cousin) Thaddeus Thawne (clone)

See Allen Family for extended family line.


Flash Family,
Young Justice ·
Formerly [ 2 ]

Formerly Teen Titans





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Prime Earth


Mark Waid · Mike Wieringo

First Appearance
The Flash Vol 5 #27
(September, 2017)
Quote1.png The world isn’t like the one I left behind. I mean… It’s the same, but it’s weird, something’s missing… Quote2.png

Impulse src

Bart Allen, besides known as Impulse, is the grandson of Barry Allen from the future and a speedster superhero. He was trapped in the Speed Force and forgotten by all until the Force Barrier was broken by Barry and Wally West, which last allowed him to escape. [ 3 ]

beginning and Early Career

Bart Allen was born in the thirtieth hundred to Don Allen, son of Barry Allen. He was raised largely in a virtual reality construct ; one day, however, he arrived in the twenty-first hundred, where he took up the name Impulse and began operating as the buddy of Wally West. He would finally become a core member of Young Justice, late taking on the name Kid Flash, like his mentor before him. He besides became a extremity of a late iteration of the Teen Titans. [ 4 ] During a Crisis, Bart fought againt Superboy Prime, getting lost in the Speed Force as a resultant role. During this time, grew old, and when he returned Bart took up the curtain of the Flash, only to be murdered months late. fortunately, he was finally resurrected. [ 5 ]

Missing Years

Bart Allen as Impulse, was fighting Mirror Master, when abruptly he was hit by his Mirror Gun. The accelerator sent Impulse to another property, where his physical shape began to disintegrate. When Impulse escaped the dimension, he found that he was in the future. A future where Arrowette, Wonder Girl, Kid Flash, and Robin are dead. When Bart passed out from tension, he awoke in Arkham Asylum with a psychiatrist Harley Quinn. Harley explains that Bart Allen cryptically disappeared years earlier, and that “ it was the Bermuda Triangle of superheroes. ” After Bart escapes Arkham, he jumps into the Speed Force and returns home. [ 6 ] unfortunately for Bart, while he was in the Speed Force, the Timeline was manipulated. As such, cipher even knew he was missing, as they did not recall his universe. however, Bar Torr, another clock time traveler, concisely took up his appoint as an alias and operated as the raw Kid Flash, though he excessively finally vanished .

Flash War

While Barry and Wally battled Zoom in the Timestream, Bart attempted to call out for wally from inside the Speed Force, although Wally was unable to hear him. [ 3 ] sometime after the Flashes failed to stop Zoom, Bart discovered that the Force Barrier had been broken, allowing him to last escape the Speed Force. [ 3 ] Bart attempted to seek out the Flash Family members and his erstwhile Titans teammates, but could n’t find anyone. He later fought Godspeed and made him retreat. [ 7 ] fortunately for Bart, he arrived at the tail end of the assorted cosmic upheavals of the Rebirth earned run average, and though his friends and family had been unaware that he was missing, when he returned, their memories of him quickly did a good.

Young Justice

baronet showed up when Metropolis was invaded by inhabitants of Gemworld and was re-united with Robin and Wonder Girl. With this, Bart claimed that Young Justice was rear. shortly after this, Bart and his friends were pulled into Gemworld and he woke up without them, only to find Conner Kent rather. [ 8 ] After the rest of the team united, they were all confronted by Lord Opal. Impulse stole Opal ‘s objet d’art of Kryptonite, which allowed Conner to defeat Opal. When the team was believed to be sent home, they were banished into the Multiverse, by the council of Gems. While traveling throughout the multiverse, Impulse harassed the residents of all the worlds that they traveled to .
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finish Line

Bart finally reunited with his grandfather, Barry after he and his team helped the Justice League after an attack on Metropolis. [ 9 ] When the Reverse-Flash took over The Flash ‘s body, the disguised evil speedster found Impulse and claimed that they would make up for the time they had lost, much to Bart ‘s excitation. The two went to stop the Rogues but Bart realized that Barry was exhibiting some very fierce tendencies. After this, Bart realized that said person could n’t be Barry and attacked him, he late met two new speedsters and reunited with his grandma Iris vitamin a well as with Jay Garrick. [ 10 ] nerve impulse by and by helped the early speedsters fight the Legion of Zoom, which included alternate versions of his dad and aunt to whom he managed to talk some sense into before they disappeared from the timeline. Barry finally regained control from his torso and returned from the Speed Force along with Jesse Quick and Max Mercury, with Bart happy to see his mentor again. [ 11 ] During the Flash Family ‘s crusade against Eobard ‘s Legion, Bart protected Max while he tried to send a call through the Speed Force which was answered by multiple Speedsters from the Multiverse. [ 12 ] After the struggle, Bart attended the celebration at Barry ‘s house along with the rest of his family. [ 13 ]

Dark Nights : Death Metal

When The Batman Who Laughs reshaped Earth 0 into the Metalverse, Bart led the Flash Family and their love ones to seek safety in the Speed Force. [ 14 ] The night before the final examination conflict against the forces of the last 52 Multiverse Bart joined a gather of current and former members of the Teen Titans, hanging out with his old friends Robin, Superboy and Wonder Girl. [ 15 ] During the battle he teamed up with Red Arrow, Aqualad and Orphan to fight the Robin King and his army of Groblins. [ 16 ]

Infinite Frontier

When Wally West attempted to cut himself off from the Speed Force his awareness was sent through time, possessing the bodies of other speedsters throughout history. After possessing a prehistoric speedster, Wally ‘s take care was transported into Bart ‘s body in the thirtieth Century, where he and Gold Beetle were being attacked by a Dominator. [ 17 ] Wally and Gold Beetle were able to defeat the Dominator, and Wally ’ s spirit was sucked spinal column into the timestream as she was hugging him adieu. Bart regained dominance of his consistency with no idea what had happened, and assumed G.B. was attacking him. [ 18 ]



  • Acrobatics: Due to his superhuman agility, Bart is capable of performing acrobatic maneuvers with ease while moving at super speed.[8]
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat (Advanced): Bart is a skilled fighter and has mastered using his super speed to his advantage during combat. Using his powers combined with his fighting skill, Bart was able to easily outmatch godspeed, to the point of forcing him to retreat.[7] Bart managed to knock around the Reverse Flash who was possessing Barry’s body, with a successful sneak attack.[20]

  • Bart and Conner Kent consider each other best friends.[21][22]


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