Director: Matt Peters
Producer: Jim Krieg
Rick Morales
Writer(s): Ernie Altbacker
Tom Taylor

Reading: Injustice

Release Date: October 19, 2021
Running Time: 78 minutes
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Injustice is an animize Justice League movie that ‘s based on the video recording game of the same diagnose .


The history takes place on an alternate earth in which the Joker has tricked Superman into killing Lois Lane, sending the hero on a rampage. This unnhinged Superman decides to take control of Earth for its own good, leading Batman and his allies to attempt to stop him .


On Earth-22 the day starts out normally, the heroes are saving people and Clark Kent is having a happy liveliness with Lois Lane. however it is short lived as Lois follows up on a leave with Jimmy and ends with the Joker and Harley Quinn killing Jimmy Olsen, and kidnapping Lois Lane, and they besides steal a nuclear weapon, which they connect to a heart rate monitor surgically attached to Lois ‘ heart. Upon hear of Lois ‘ capture, Batman calls in all Justice League members to find her. The Flash finds the Scarecrow dead in his lab and his supply of fear toxin missing, before being killed by a trap laid by Joker. Superman finally finds the Joker and Harley shroud on a submarine, but when he confronts them, he is apparently attacked by Doomsday and proceeds to punch the monster into outer space. As the other heroes arrive and apprehend the Joker and Harley, Batman analyzes the gas revealing it to be fear toxin shuffle with Kryptonite, and was used to make acid hallucinate into think that he is fighting Doomsday ; in reality, he has killed Lois. Batman tries to warn Superman, but it is besides late ; Lois ‘ heartbeat stops, and the microwave detonates, destroying Metropolis and killing millions of people. Under Batman ‘s interrogation, Joker reveals that he had grown tired of his losing battle against Batman and sought to try and corrupt Superman alternatively. Moments late, Superman arrives and, acting out of grief and rage at the loss of his wife and unborn child, murders the Joker in cold blood.

While park Arrow takes Harley to his hideout to protect her from Superman ‘s wrath, Superman reveals his identity before the United Nations and announces his intentions to bring peace to Earth, by pull if necessary. The Justice League is left divided over Superman ‘s actions, as some members, such as Wonder Woman, believe in his cause to eliminate fierce criminals, while others, including Batman, keep their no-killing vow. Some heroes, such as Aquaman and Shazam, garbage to choose sides and leave the League. interim, the United States politics, concerned that Superman will interfere in their operations, orders Mirror master to kidnap Jonathan Kent as leverage against him. Superman begins to question his actions, but Wonder Woman reassures him that he is doing the right thing and offers to help him find Jonathan. Confronting Mirror Master, Wonder Woman learns Jonathan ‘s whereabouts and takes his knock, which Superman uses to find and rescue his founder. elsewhere, Batman confronts the President and warns him that Superman will kill him if he finds out he ordered Jonathan ‘s capture. late, Superman visits Batman in the Batcave to make peace, but they get into an argumentation over their ideological views, and Batman rejects Superman. While trying to stop Superman from relocating Arkham Asylum inmates to a more secure facility, Batman and Nightwing are shocked to discover that Robin has joined Superman. Harley, who has escaped from green Arrow and has decided to become a hero, releases the inmates, forcing Batman and Superman to temporarily put their differences aside to fight them. During the battle, Robin and Nightwing get into an argument ending with Robin unintentionally killing Nightwing. Catwoman, after learning about what happened from Superman, comforts Batman, while Nightwing meets Rama Kushna in the afterlife, who transforms him into “ Deadwing ”. While Superman allies with Ra ‘s aluminum Ghul, Batman forms an underground resistance and makes plans to steal a crimson sunday cannon from the Fortress of Solitude. Batman has the president of the united states ordain dark blue ships to deploy as a distraction although Superman sees through this ruse about immediately. Jonathan Kent warns Batman and the others to leave before Superman arrives but it is excessively recently. Superman having overpowered Captain Atom confronts Batman, abruptly he comes down with a massive concern. Batman reveals he had The Atom shrink to microscopic levels and had him enter his brain with a shard of Kryptonite incapacitating him from the inside. Ra ‘s however intervenes and introduces a confection into Superman that kills Atom as the concoction was made to be fateful to extraneous microorganisms. Superman attempts to stop them and is confronted by the green Arrow who is aiming a Kryptonite Arrow at him, unfazed Superman moves in as he shoots the arrow. Superman defects the arrow, however it unintentionally strikes Jonathan in the chest. Causing an angered Superman to murder him in revenge, before dying Jonathan begs him to forgive them as this was just an accident. acid transforms the Earth into a patrol state using surveillance drones created by Mr. Terrific, he uses these drones to monitor those who commit crimes or disagree with him. The drones single out some teens partying in a abandoned warehouse, Superman breaks in and to his traumatize he sees that these teens are idolizing the Joker even wearing make up like him. After being insulted and having a beer bottle thrown at him, Superman slaughters all of them using his heat vision. Batman who is nearby with Catwoman can entirely watch and listen in repugnance as he does. Batman has Plastic Man break in Mr. Terrific out of prison, and leaks video footage of Superman killing the group of partying teenagers inspired by the Joker that he secretly recorded to ruin his public trope. In reaction, Superman dispatches Amazo to enforce ball-shaped peace, but the android cursorily turns violent, as Ra ‘s had secretly programmed it to kill Superman. Amazo, who is able to replicate any of the hero ’ mho powers, kills Hawkman and Cyborg, but Batman and his allies arrive and help Superman and Wonder Woman destroy the android. interim, Robin, having had a change of center, duels and defeats Ra ‘s with Deadwing ‘s help. Despite their help, Superman prepares to have the insurgents arrested and incapacitates Wonder Woman after she turns on him, but is confronted by Superman from Earth-One, who was brought into their universe ( Earth-22 ) by Mr. Terrific. Injustice Superman defeats his counterpart due to him holding back, and goes in to kill Batman but stops after hearing a womanhood ’ south voice who is revealed to be a alternate version of Lois Lane from Earth-9, who lost her Superman to Brainiac after becoming fraught with his child, and she reminds Earth-22 ‘s Superman that life is sacred and how if he continued his rampage he would ’ ve had involved the innocent, the very people he has been trying to protect. Realizing how army for the liberation of rwanda he has fallen, Superman surrenders and willingly agrees to be imprisoned, while Batman and Catwoman train for the future .





Injustice - Trailer - Warner Bros Injustice – Trailer – Warner Bros. EntertainmentInjustice - Red Band Trailer - Warner Bros Injustice – bolshevik Band Trailer – Warner Bros. Entertainment


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