Wonder Woman’s Invisible Plane

Wonder Woman’s Invisible Plane

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Robot Plane; Amazon Plane; Invisible Jet; Transparent Plane; Swan Plane ; Wonder Plane

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Earth-Two · Earth-One · New Earth · Prime Earth · Earth 1 · The Legend of Wonder Woman · Dimension Chi · Wonder Woman ( TV Series ) · DC Animated Movie Universe · DC Extended Universe

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Previous Models

Lansinarian Morphing Disk




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Wonder Woman



William Moulton Marston · Harry G. Peter

First Appearance
Sensation Comics #1
(January, 1942)
Quote1.png What a wonderful help this will be to me — in helping me fight crime and injustice in Man’s World!Quote2.png

Wonder Womansrc

The Invisible Plane is Wonder Woman ‘s chief mode of transportation for long distance travel. While Diana was gifted with the exponent of flight, situations that required transporting groups of people or cargo made the coal-black exceptionally useful, evening in space travel .


It is not known who created the inconspicuous Robot Plane, but Queen Hippolyta knew where to find it. Giving her daughter Diana ( Wonder Woman ) the teaching with the directions of where to find its parts lost around the world, the weather princess faced the challenges and located the three parts of the plane, placing them together. On the flat itself it was written that it would respond to the voice only of the one who successfully joined its parts, which made Wonder Woman the only one who could command the Amazon Plane, a fantastic aid for her to fight crime and injustice in Man ‘s World. [ 1 ]

Wonder Woman ‘s inconspicuous plane was primitively the fly steed Pegasus transformed into a plane by Athena so that Wonder Woman had her own and fast means of transportation during her mission in the Man ‘s World. [ 2 ] Wonder Woman ‘s first base plane was a product of the Lansinarian Morphing Disk, gifted to her by the Lansinarians. The subterranean technology could transform into a number of crystalline items, and both Diana and Hippolyta used it to create a plane during their tenures as Wonder Woman. The phonograph record finally lost awareness, and was locked in plane supreme headquarters allied powers europe. [ 3 ] It was, however, nonfunctioning. One year late, Batman provided Wonder Woman with a jet that had the latest in stealth engineering. It was not vitamin a inconspicuous as the Lansinarian technology, but still fit her purposes. [ 4 ]

The first Wonder Woman ‘s inconspicuous plane was a modify U.S. aircraft piloted by Steve Trevor and repaired and made invisible by Amazon skill after Steve by chance crashed depressed on Paradise Island. [ 5 ] This plane disintegrated when it landed on a US beach bringing Diana and Steve from there. [ 6 ] late Wonder Woman owned at least two other models of inconspicuous planes whose origins were unknown. [ 7 ] [ 8 ] The Batman Who Laughs claimed that her invisible jet is composed of Eighth Metal, the purest form of metallic element used by gods, on worlds where she had one. [ 9 ] At one time she had a single invisible jet that had been destroyed in Leviathan ‘s attack on A.R.G.U.S., but at Diana ‘s request, Steel ( Natasha Irons ) rebuilt the fountain from a little leftover at the Steelworks. This break up, according to Natasha, had characteristics of active camouflage based in light-bending polymers. [ 10 ] The coal-black can besides respond to its owner ‘s telepathic command. [ 11 ]


Depending on its version, the Invisible Plane may have a wide range of capabilities :

  • Flight
  • Invisibility: The degree of invisibility of the Jet varies from partial to total depending on the version (in some cases changing between totally visible to totally invisible), and may or may not hide people and cargo inside it.
    • The Jet can also become invisible to radar.[12]
  • Metamorphosis[2][3]
    • Bio-Fission[3]
  • Robot Body: Its Earth-Two’s version is a robot.[2]
  • Super Durability: The Jet can withstand underwater pressures, the vacuum of outer space and the high temperatures of a volcano.[1]
  • Super Speed: While the speed varies according to the version, the Earth-Two robot plane could reach 3000 miles/minute.[13]
  • Telepathy[11]
  • Teleportation[10]


Onboard Equipment

  • Electronic Mist Beam: A powerful light ray that penetrates the dense clouds that hide Paradise Island, allowing Diana to land on the island with the Invisible Plane.[16]
  • Omni-Screen[1]


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