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Current Alias



[ citation needed ] Revka Temerlune Edifex Scyros III, [ citation needed ] Dr. Benjamin Brighton [ citation needed ]

Tony Perkins,Revka Temerlune Edifex Scyros III,Dr. Benjamin Brighton

Affiliation and Relationships

Marital Status


Physical Characteristics




5′9″ ( 1.75 m )


135 pound ( 61.23 kilogram )



  • Yellow

Origin and Living Status



Living Status




Place of Birth

Traan, Sub-Atomica, Microverse

Personal Information






Scientist, Ruler

Base of Operations

Sub-Atomica, Microverse Negative Zone, formerly Traan

Creators and Appearances


Stan Lee, Jack Kirby


Fantastic Four Annual # 5
( August, 1967 )
Quote1.png  I have battled the accurse quartet before. I shall not count our victory assured until I see their heads on spears !Quote2.png



Psycho-Man is a harebrained scientist, the leader of a technocracy that governed a system of worlds within a Microverse. Facing overpopulation, he determined that it would be easier to cross other dimensions than to travel to other systems. Deciding that Earth would be an ideal target ascribable to its inhabitants vulnerabilities to his alone weaponry, he used scientific means to enter the normal-sized universe, though he was only able to achieve microscopic size in this world and has to resort to a human-sized, armored exoskeleton to interact with anything not on a microscopic scale. [ 1 ] Using a portable device adequate to of influencing people ‘s emotions, Psycho-Man used a number of human subjects to build a larger-scale interpretation of the machine, one capable of covering the world with its emotion-influencing rays. This attempt was thwarted by the Human Torch and The Thing, several members of the Inhumans, and the Black Panther, and Psycho-Man was forced to retreat back to the Microverse. He was subsequently followed by the Human Torch, the Thing, and Mister Fantastic, who were forced to let him go in rate to deal with a greater terror back in their own dimension. Psycho-Man late faced the Fantastic Four again, equally well as a group called the Micronauts who were native to his home proportion, by which time he claimed to be in exile from his homeworld. [ 2 ] Infuriated by his defeat at the hands of the Fantastic Four, Psycho Man became increasingly obsessed in finding the Uni-Power. He planned to steal the Uni-Power, become Captain Universe and then travel to Earth where he would exact his retaliation. He scoured the Universe and captured hundreds of people who had been Captain Universe, however by the time he got to them the Uni-Power had moved on. It ended however when the Psycho-Man captured Spider-Man, who broke complimentary and led a revolt against Psycho-Man with the other former Captain Universe hosts and finally defeated the villain, leading him to be tossed from his own ship while his former captives took monomania of it. [ 3 ]

finally he returned to Earth and had given up on finding Captain Universe, so he used an android known as H. M. Unger ( besides known as the Hate-Monger ) rather ; to stimulate hatred among the population of New York City through demagoguery and chemically-treated pamphlets. The Hate-Monger besides succeeded in turning the inconspicuous Woman into the hateful warrior Malice, sending her to destroy her teammates. After her conserve, Mister Fantastic, succeeded in breaking the inconspicuous Woman free of her conditioning, the Fantastic Four pursued the Psycho-Man back to his home proportion once more, where they found they had conquered a kingdom ruled by their friend Queen Pearla. There the Invisible Woman confronted Psycho-Man and used his own emotion-control device on him by subjecting him to all three emotions simultaneously at maximum volume, collapsing his anxious system. [ 4 ] Psycho-Man returned late, to confront Spider-Man, Shadowcat, Douglock, and others. Spider-Man ‘s feel helped the group escape his charm. [ 5 ] He besides became involved with Captain Marvel and Marvel ‘s evil, alternate-universe-future double Fredd. [ 6 ]


Power Grid[8]


He was stated to be a Cosmic Level Threat by She-Hulk. [ 7 ]



Being a microscopic being, Psycho-Man uses and remotely controls an advance soundbox armor ( with varying abilities ) when appearing on Earth .


  • Control-Box: His main weapon is an emotion-controlling device that projects a ray capable of stimulating the centres of emotion within a person’s brain. The device has settings allowing it to produce fear, doubt, and hate, which he can induce for whatever duration and intensity he desires. Though the limits of this device are unknown, he can induce a condition of fear capable of triggering hallucinations and even trigger death due to heart strain.


Psycho-Man possesses a futuristic quad vessel for transport.


“ Psycho man ” ( without hyphenate ) is besides the name of a 1998 song by Black Sabbath, both in Earth-1218 and in Earth-616 – Rick Jones confused the villain with the unmarried in Captain Marvel v4 # 15. In the like emergence, Fredd from Earth-1556 is besides familiar with the song, suggesting there ‘s a translation ( besides by Black Sabbath ) in his reality .

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