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Real Name

Iris Ann West Allen

Main Alias

Iris West Allen


( biological mother )
( adopted founder )
( adoptive mother )
( brother )
( sister )
( conserve )
( nephew )
Eric (biological father) Fran Russell (biological mother) Ira (adoptive father) Nadine West (adoptive mother) Rudy West (brother) Charlotte West (sister) Barry Allen (husband) Don and Dawn Allen (children) Bart Allen and Jenni Ognats (grandchildren) Wally West (nephew)

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Base Of Operations

Central City





Public Identity



Marital Status















Earth-One · New Earth


Robert Kanigher · Carmine Infantino

First Appearance
Showcase #4
(October, 1956)
Quote1.png Iris West is a cosmopolitan journalist. She loves secrets. Discovery. Risks. She will be thrilled. Quote2.png

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Iris West-Allen is the wife of the second Flash, Barry Allen, and aunt to the third base, Wally West. She is a reporter for the Central City news release Picture News.

Iris was born in the thirtieth century to Eric and Fran Russell and sent to the twentieth hundred as an baby, where she was raised by the West family. [ 1 ] Although that she was never told that she was adopted, she always suspected it. Because of her curiosity about the truth of her origins, she grew up digging for the truth. She was an award-winning writer for her high educate newspaper. She went to Columbia University and had an internship at the Daily Planet. After college, she began to travel the world using patent royalties from her father ‘s many inventions. After her exclusive photograph of the markovian riots, she found it easy to get assignments as a freelancer. however, she needed a break and moved to Central City, where she got a job as a reporter for the Picture News. After many abortive relationships, she met police scientist Barry Allen while reporting a suspected mangle that he was investigating, and they began to go out. She was charmed by his honesty and constancy. One night, Barry proposed to her while riding on the Ferris bicycle at Central City Amusement Park. Their marry day was disrupted by Professor Zoom, who had switched places with Barry, and about married Iris rather. however, the Flash was able to stop them, and their wedding went on. [ 2 ] Although he would not tell her for another year, Iris learned of Barry ‘s identity the night of their honeymoon as he talked in his sleep. [ 3 ] He had tried to hide the truth until he could be certain whether they could have children or not, being as he was not wholly surely whether he was human or not. While looking through her father ‘s things, Iris discovered a message from her true parents, telling of how they sent her to the twentieth hundred from the future. [ 1 ] This was the inaugural she had ever learned of her true origins, a fact which distanced her from her don for some time .
Barry and Iris were happily married for respective years, but Professor Zoom was in love with her, excessively. One nox, he went into the Allens ‘ family and told Iris that she would either leave Barry for him or die. Zoom used a twenty-fifth hundred hypnotic device that wiped her memory of his visit and had her subconsciously decide whether she would leave Barry for Zoom. The next night, the Allens went to a fancy dress party. Iris went as Batgirl. Zoom asked for a dance, and Iris flatly responded that she would never marry him even if she did n’t love Barry then much. Iris led Barry, who had been drugged by Zoom ‘s henchmen, into another room and went to get him some water. In the room that Iris entered was the unbalance convict Clive Yorkin. Professor Zoom, hoping that Yorkin would be blamed for the murder, vibrated his pass at superspeed through Iris ‘s skull, doing fatal damage to her brain molecules, causing her to die painlessly and instantaneously. [ 4 ] [ 5 ]

Upon her death, Iris ‘s biological parents used experimental time-travel engineering to draw her life-force back to the 2900s. They gave her a new soundbox to look like her original one and reunited her with Barry. [ 6 ] After Barry left to fight in the Crisis on Infinite Earths, Iris had twin children, Don and Dawn Allen. They inherited some of Barry ‘s accelerate and become the Tornado Twins. During her years in the thirtieth hundred, Iris besides reprises her character as a reporter by doing some work for the Daily Planet. Iris ‘s grandson, Bart, was locked in superspeed, aging highly quickly. He was going to die of old old age, and Earthgov did n’t care. So Iris ‘s parents helped her and Bart go into the timestream and change of location to the twentieth century so that Bart could get help from his cousin, Wally West, who besides had superspeed as a child. Iris disappeared for a while because she felt out of target in the twentieth century. She contacted Johnny Quick at a state dining car and tried to warn him of his approaching conflict with Savitar, but he did not heed her. afraid to change the future by giving vital information about the give, Iris refused to go into the details of how Savitar could be defeated, but finally Linda Park and Jenni Ognats convinced her to tell them the winder to Savitar ‘s get the better of, which was to give him want he wanted : to be one with the Speed Force. Iris again disappeared. This time she was kidnapped by Polaris and Abra Kadabra and forced to write everything she knew about the future so that they could have a “ roadmap into tomorrow ” for their plan of earth conquest. After this incident, Iris left to someplace where no one would find her so that she could concentrate on writing the book The Life Story of the Flash, which was published by Keystone Press in 1997. In a inflict to the future, Iris learned of her grandson ‘s death. [ 7 ] Hoping to prevent it, she found Zoom in ancient Rome and hired him to attack her Bart. [ 8 ] She explained to Bart that she was trying to protect him from Inertia and the united states army of Rogues he had put together. [ 9 ] When he went to fight them, she drafted Valerie Perez, Bart ‘s ex-girlfriend and expert on the Speed Force, to deactivate a device Inertia had built to transfer the Speed Force from Bart to himself. [ 10 ] Despite her efforts to help him, Bart ‘s death proved to be inevitable, as he sacrificed himself distracting the Rogues long enough for Val to prevent Inertia ‘s machine from detonating and killing millions. [ 7 ] Following the murder of Orion, Jay Garrick revealed that he and Wally had been investigating his death when they discovered Metron ‘s Mobius Chair, when it became a thunder tube focus that Barry Allen came out of. Though Jay could n’t keep up with Wally and Barry for long, it was long adequate for Jay to confirm that this was the Barry Allen from their reality. [ 11 ]. unfortunately, Darkseid soon released the Anti-Life equation over the media, enslaving everyone who saw it, Iris among them. When Barry and Wally ultimately stopped running, they went to Iris ‘ family, where Barry was able to break the Equation ‘s retain over Iris with a kiss, briefly enveloping Iris with the Speed Force. Iris wept at the view of Barry, who reassured her everything would be okay. [ 12 ] Barry and Wally went to defeat Darkseid while Iris was left with Jay Garrick for protection. [ 13 ] Iris was finally reunited with Barry in the aftermath of the Final Crisis. [ 14 ] After her conserve ‘s return key to life, Iris in full returns to her animation alongside the Flash Family. She besides returns to her old caper as a crime reporter.



  • Temporal Transport: device capable of moving its user through space and time [10]

  • Although this character was originally introduced during DC’s Earth-One era of publication, their existence following the events of the 1985–86 limited series Crisis on Infinite Earths remains intact. However, some elements of the character’s Pre-Crisis history may have been altered or removed for Post-Crisis New Earth continuity, and should be considered apocryphal.


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