Robert Downey Jr Net Worth

What is Robert Downey, Jr.’s Net Worth?

Robert Downey, Jr is an american english actor, producer and singer. Robert Downey, Jr has a web worth of $ 300 million. Robert Downey, Jr. is credibly most wide recognized today for his function as Iron Man in the Marvel franchise of the lapp identify. The character made him one of the highest-paid actors in the history of Hollywood. He is possibly evenly arsenic well known for overcoming austere kernel misuse issues and reinventing his career. Key Facts

  • Was paid “just” $500,000 for the first “Iron Man”
  • Earned $10 million for Iron Man 2
  • With backend points, earned $70 million for the third Iron Man
  • Earned a total of $345.5 million playing Iron Man in the various Marvel movies
  • Owns $50 million worth of real estate
  • Paid $13 million in 2009 for a 7 acre Malibu estate
  • Owns at least one other Malibu house
  • Owns a beachfront home in Manhattan Beach, Ca

Early Life

Robert Downey, Jr. was born on April 4, 1965, in New York City. His father is Robert Downey Sr., a writer, actor, and director. His mother is Elsie Ann Downey, an actress who appeared in many of her conserve ‘s films. Downey Jr. has an older sister, Allyson. The syndicate lived in Greenwich Village. Downey Sr. was a drug addict that allowed his son to try marijuana when he was six. Downey ‘s parents divorced in 1987 and he moved to California with his father. Downey attended Santa Monica High School at the lapp prison term as Rob Lowe, Emilio Estevez, Charlie Sheen, Holly Robinson-Peete, Ramon Estevez, Renee Estevez, and Dean Cain. Downey dropped out of senior high school school in 1982 and moved binding to New York City to pursue an act career.


Downey had a count of roles in field before landing a job as part of the modern, younger, frame hired for “ Saturday Night Live ” in the mid-1980s aboard Joan Cusack, Nora Dunn, Anthony Michael Hall, Jon Lovitz, Dennis Miller, Randy Quaid, Terry Sweeney, and Danita Vance. The 1985-1986 “ SNL ” temper got atrocious ratings and all the new cast members hired in 1985 were fired. In 1985, Downey Jr. played a high school browbeat in John Hughes ‘ “ Weird Science. ” In 1987, he played Julian Wells, the dependent rich kyd in “ Less Than Zero. ” From there he went on to star in 1989 ‘s “ Chances Are ” opposite Cybill Shepherd, 1990 ‘s “ Air America ” opposite Mel Gibson, and in 1991 ‘s “ Soapdish ” with Sally Field, Whoopi Goldberg, and Kevin Kline. In 1992, he starred as Charlie Chaplin in “ Chaplin. ” He was nominated for the Best Actor Oscar for his function in “ Chaplin. ”

Drug Issues

Downey ‘s career hit a rough temporary hookup when his drug use got out of master. From 1996 to 2001, he was arrested a number of times on drug charges. He was found to be in possession of cocaine, heroin, and marijuana at assorted times. He entered a numeral of drug rehab programs but relapsed each time. In April 1996, Downey was speeding down Sunset Boulevard and pulled complete. He was found to be in possession of heroin, cocaine, and an unload .357 Magnum pistol. He was arrested. A month belated, Downey was out on parole and he entered a neighbor ‘s house while under the determine of something and went to sleep in one of his neighbor ‘s beds. He was given three years of probation and mandated to undergo drug test. He missed one of the court-ordered drug tests in 1997 and was sent to the L.A. County imprison for six months. Two years subsequently, he missed another drug test and was arrested again. This time he was sentenced to three years in prison at the California Substance Abuse Treatment Facility and State Prison. He spent closely a year at the Substance Abuse Treatment Facility, posted $ 5,000 bail, and was eligible for early release. A workweek after his unblock from prison he joined the cast of “ Ally McBeal. ” He won a Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actor in a mini-series or television receiver film for the function. Over the Thanksgiving weekend in 2000, Downey was arrested while intoxicate and in possession of cocaine and Valium. In April 2001, Downey was found wandering Culver City barefoot by an LAPD military officer. He was arrested under suspicion of being on a controlled substance. He was found to have cocaine in his system but was released a few hours later however. After this check, he was fired from “ Ally McBeal. ” He was sent into drug rehab again and put on probation for three years .Robert Downey Jr Net Worth

Career Comeback

It was n’t easy for Downey to restart his career once he ultimately beat his drug demons. He was unhirable because the policy companies used by productions assigned excessively high a price to Downey and filmmakers were not matter to in paying it for Downey. It was Mel Gibson, who had been Downey ‘s friend since “ Air America, ” who made the second half of Downey ‘s career possible. He paid Downey ‘s insurance bond personally for “ The Singing Detective. ” When Downey successfully completed the film with no issues, other filmmakers were ready to hire him again. then, in 2007, he was given the function of a life when he was cast as Tony Stark in “ Iron man. ” The first base Iron Man movie came out in the spring of 2008. Downey was critically praised for his operation in Iron Man. He besides appeared as Tony Stark in the two “ Iron man ” sequels in 2010 and 2013, a well as 2008 ‘s “ The Incredible Hulk, ” 2012 ‘s “ The Avengers, ” 2015 ‘s “ Avengers : Age of Ultron, ” 2016 ‘s “ Captain America : Civil War, ” 2017 ‘s “ Spider-Man : return, ” 2018 ‘s “ Avengers : Infinity War ” and 2019 ‘s “ Avengers : endgame. ”

Downey besides appeared in the comedy Tropic Thunder, for which he was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor. Downey was cast as another celebrated character when he landed the function as Sherlock Holmes in the 2009 film of the same name. He ‘s reprised his function as the celebrated fictional detective in 2011 ‘s “ Sherlock Holmes : A Game of Shadows ”, and he ‘s slated to play Holmes again in a one-third film, presently scheduled for release in former December 2021 .

Personal Life

After a whirlwind 42-day courtship, Downey married actress and singer Deborah Falconer on May 29, 1992. Downey ‘s drug use and many trips to rehab ended the marriage in 2001. Falconer left Downey and took their son Indio ( born in 1993 ) with her. Downey and Falconer divorced in 2004. In 2003, Downey met Susan Levin, a film administrator on the set of “ Gothika. ” She turned down his request for a date doubly. finally, she could no longer deny the chemistry between them. Downey proposed to Levin on the night before her thirtieth birthday in November 2003. They married in 2005. In February 2012, their son Exton was born. In November 2014, their daughter Avri was born. Downey has been sober from drugs and alcohol since July 2003. He credits his wife Susan with helping him overcome his addictions. Downey has been a member of 12-step convalescence programs .

Salary Highlights

Between June 2016 and June 2017, Robert earned approximately $ 50 million, making him one of the highest-paid actors in the worldly concern. Between June 2017 and June 2018, he earned $ 80 million. Between June 2018 and June 2019, he earned $ 65 million. RDJ earned “ just ” $ 500,000 off the first Iron Man movie. Outside of Marvel some of his biggest paydays include the $ 12 million for the 2010 movie “ due Date ” and $ 15 million for 2011 ‘s “ Sherlock Holmes : A Game of Shadows ”. Depending on assorted box function milestones, Robert will earn at least $ 40 million and vitamin a much as $ 75 million off “ Avengers : endgame ”. He besides has a lucrative second bargain with Chinese telephone company OnePlus .

How much did Robert Downey, Jr. Make Playing Iron Man?

Below is a chart that breaks down Robert ‘s film-by-film earnings from playing Iron man in the Marvel Cinematic universe :

Robert Downey, Jr’s Total Earnings From Marvel
Iron Man I $500 thousand
Iron Man II $10 million
Iron Man III $75 million
The Avengers $50 million ($10 million base + $40 million backend bonus)
Avengers: Age of Ultron $40 million
Captain America: Civil War $40 million
Spider-Man Homecoming $15 million
Avengers: Infinity War $40 million
Avengers: End Game $75 million
Total $345.5 million

Real Estate

Robert owns a number of homes in the Los Angeles area. In entire, Robert ‘s property portfolio is probable worth $ 40-50 million alone.

He has owned a $ 4 million home in Santa Monica since 2012. In 2009 he spent $ 13.44 million to buy a seven-acre estate in Malibu that features horseman facilities. He owns a different theater in Malibu that he bought in 2017 for $ 4 million. He owns several residential and commercial properties in Venice, California, a $ 2.5 million home in the Pacific Palisades, and a beachfront home in Manhattan beach .

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