Captain America/Iron Man Vol 1 1

Captain America/Iron Man Vol 1 #1

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325?cb=20211116160836 art by : Alex Ross

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Captain America Iron Man Vol 1 1 Infinity Saga Variant A

Captain America Iron Man Vol 1 1 Infinity Saga Variant A Textless

Captain America Iron Man Vol 1 1 Infinity Saga Variant B

Captain America Iron Man Vol 1 1 Jurgens Variant

Captain America Iron Man Vol 1 1 Second Printing Sketch Variant

Captain America Iron Man Vol 1 1 Stormbreakers Variant

Captain America Iron Man Vol 1 1 Virgin Variant

324?cb=20211213071701 art by : Taurin Clarke 350?cb=20220323064705 art by : Taurin Clarke 324?cb=20211213071708 artwork by : Adam Kubert and Frank Martin Jr. 324?cb=20211213071714 art by : Dan Jurgens, Brett Breeding and Alex Sinclair 317?cb=20220313182005 art by : Alex Ross 325?cb=20211213071720 art by : Patrick Gleason and Alejandro Sánchez Rodríguez 329?cb=20210817061244 art by : Alex Ross

Release Date

December 8, 2021

Cover Date

February, 2022

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C.B. Cebulski


T+ ( 13 and up )

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1st story

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Derek Landy


Ángel Unzueta


Ángel Unzueta


Rachelle Rosenberg


Joe Caramagna


Martin Biro
Kaitlyn Lindtvedt
Alanna Smith

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outline for 1st report

brief outline

In the by, Tony Stark fair had a one-night stand with Veronica Eden and offers to introduce her to S.H.I.E.L.D. In the portray, Eden faces court for her infiltration of S.H.I.E.L.D. and the U.S. government on behalf of Hydra. She pleads guilty and is transported away. Her armored car is intercepted by early Fifty-State Initiative enroll Fifty-One. Iron Man flies in and engages him, but is pinned down by armor gunmen coming for Eden. Captain America appears and gives chase to Eden and her men. They lose him and Iron Man after causing a bus to derail. Captain America explains that he was keeping a tab key on Eden since the Winter Soldier and Falcon had taken her devour. Tony feels guilty for having facilitated her entree to S.H.I.E.L.D. and wants to know whether she was Hydra before or after meeting him. The heroes deduce that Eden might be in cahoots with Todd Baker, a senator who is trying to reinstate S.H.I.E.L.D. and in concert they might be planning to control both sides of the S.H.I.E.L.D./Hydra dispute. Iron Man pinpoints a S.H.I.E.L.D. safe sign of the zodiac connected to Baker ‘s operations where Eden might be hiding. Inside the warehouse, Eden agrees to help Fifty-One get something in exchange for helping her. A group of former Initiative recruits named the Paladins burst into the warehouse to bring Fifty-One in. Iron Man and Captain America arrive curtly after. A conflict breaks out, and a handful of Eden ‘s gunmen stay behind to distract the heroes while she slips away with Fifty-One. Eden is planning to enact a design that in her eyes will save the earth, one dead superintendent bomber at a prison term .

Detailed outline

Years ago, Tony Stark is getting out of go to bed after having casual arouse with a charwoman, who is left awestruck by his performance. She takes Tony by surprise when she reminds him of a proposal of hers, and refreshes his memory on a project involving a human/A.I. interface. Tony starts getting dressed, and as she gets up a well, she figures that he does n’t remember who she is. Tony promptly recalls the project ‘s details. As she puts on a robe, the woman clarifies that she is n’t working on the project, but quite manages the team that does. Tony undermines her team ‘s approach, arguing his caller was doing comparable things six months ago. The woman reproaches that Tony had told her he saw great things in her future, and Tony clarifies that he meant in the bedroom. The woman insults Tony and he apologizes for unwittingly leading her on. While opening the door to show Tony out, she clarifies she ‘s angry because he ‘s basically told her she wasted the final two years of her animation, and she was relying on that project ‘s fund. Contemplating the woman ‘s area of expertness, Tony offers to get her an consultation with S.H.I.E.L.D. She ‘s disbelieving, accusing Tony of not even knowing her mention, but he refutes her. In the now, the womanhood, Veronica Eden, is facing court. The evaluator lists off her charges of the infiltration of S.H.I.E.L.D. and the U.S. government on behalf of Hydra, and asks her supplication. Eden attempts to express that there was a error, but the estimate points out she ‘s only to enter a plea. When she admits to have forgotten his name, the evaluate states that it ‘s Judge. She makes a brash remark about it to the humiliate of her lawyer, prompting Judge Judge to strike his annoy. Cutting to the chase, Eden pleads guilty. As she berates herself in her internal soliloquy for not keeping her mouth shut, Eden is being transported in a armored cable car that is going through an interchange. A silhouette hovers nearby. The driver takes detect of it and the co-driver wonders if it ‘s Iron Man. They quickly realize that it ‘s not as the calculate fires at the vehicle ‘s tires with an electric blast. In her inside soliloquy, Eden complains that there is much to talk about. Iron man speeds through the cars in the expressway as he orders B.O.S.S. to alert the emergency services and deploy warning beacons. A set of three discs are dislodged from his armor ‘s heel. once on the road, they project a giant hologram of Iron Man that halts the traffic and engages in crowd operate. Flying up to the attacker while brushing off his electric attacks, Stark recognizes him as Fifty-One, a former trainee of the Fifty-State Initiative. He beats down Fifty-One as B.O.S.S. fills him in that he is wanted for three murders. Iron Man hurls Fifty-One into a truck and gives him an only warn to stand down. armed gunmen burst out of the back of that hand truck and fire at Iron Man, first with electric charges and then with a skyrocket which knocks him into the armored car. In her inner monologue, Eden has been contemplating on what she thinks is the worst thing about Tony Stark ; not the money or the feminize or the ego, but that he finds it annoying that he is nice despite being a brilliance billionaire. A voice via radio contacts Tony to offer his help. Eden runs out of the armored car, evading fire from two gunmen trying to keep Iron Man pinned. Iron Man looks back to see Captain America jumping out of his motorcycle while falling from a overpass above. He quips that he was equitable passing through. Rogers lands in his two feet while he lets the motorbike crash into the two gunmen and explode. In her inside soliloquy, Eden explains that she is not fond of super heroes because they ‘re loud and brash, making the respite of the people look bad. Two gunmen escort Eden into a SUV and Captain America gives pursuit while Iron Man stays with Fifty-One. Captain America charges toward the moving vehicle, using his harbor to block an electric discharge from a gunman that is leaning out of the binding seat window. In her inside monologue, Eden clarifies that villains are n’t all homicidal scumbags who want to enslave humanness, and that some of them want a better worldly concern. Rogers knocks down the gunman with his shield and Eden sees him hold onto the unconscious man. She peeks out of the window to see Captain America riding his shield like a sled, and exasperatedly asks for a gunman. She shoots the wheels of a bus in the next lane, and Steve warns Tony about this. He besides jumps into the bus, crashing through a window and warning its passengers to brace for impingement. He guarantees their safety, and american samoa soon as the bus derails out of the flyover, Iron Man holds it up from below and makes a joke about catching the bus. Once the bus topology is back on the road, Captain America helps the passengers out of the door, and two older ladies fawn over him. From behind, Tony points out that it was him who literally caught the busbar. As the police are overseeing the view, Captain America walks up to Tony to relay what he knows : that Eden moved from S.H.I.E.L.D. into a politics position while keeping tabs on Hydra coach camps. She was vying for the title of Hydra Supreme by siphoning the best recruits into her own united states army. Steve explains that the Winter Soldier and Falcon took her down, and they had asked him to keep an center on her. When Rogers asks for Tony ‘s reason for being there, Stark dances around the fact that he slept with her until Cap deduces it. Tony defends himself, clarifying that it was during his party days. Tony does blame himself for facilitating her access to S.H.I.E.L.D., but Steve assures him that they did their due diligence and she would have passed all background checks. Tony wonders that S.H.I.E.L.D. could have cut corners when they saw his identify in the application, and states that he needs to know whether she joined Hydra before or after meeting him. Cap recalls that she has contacts in the senate, including senator Todd Baker. Recognizing that he is trying to rebuild S.H.I.E.L.D., Tony and Steve chew over if she ‘s trying to sabotage his attempts of if he ‘s working aboard her, meaning they both could be trying to take control of each english of the S.H.I.E.L.D./Hydra war and manipulate it together. Tony puts his helmet back on as a police military officer hands Captain America back his shield. Since Eden ‘s holdings were seized, Tony has B.O.S.S. look into Baker, and he discovers that one S.H.I.E.L.D. safe house linked to Baker ‘s operations has been delisted. At night inside a warehouse, Fifty-One is trying to communicate with Eden but she ca n’t understand his alien lyric. She thanks his assistant and recalls that her team said he wants something in recurrence from Hydra, but she clarifies that she ‘s not part of Hydra, so she ca n’t help him. Fifty-One pulls out a telephone and shows it to her, prompting her to change her heed. An explosion goes off behind them, exasperating Eden in her inside monologue. A group of heroes walks through the debris, and Eden recognizes them as the Paladins, a team of former recruits from the Initiative. They address Fifty-One to apprehend him and ask Eden to stand down. fifty-one charges an attack and Eden ‘s men open fire at the Paladins, who charge forward. Eden attempts to defuse the situation, but Iron Man and Captain America immediately crash through the ceiling. They land in movement of the Paladins. Fed up, eden orders her men to kill everyone. Vox and Pioneer tackle two gunmen while Eden takes off with Fifty-One. Think Tank is shot in the shoulder, and Iron Man disarms his gunman and breaks his gun. Vox is hit from behind by an electric blast from a gunman, knocking him down. capital uses his shield to provide cover and comments on the young hero ‘s sloppiness, showing disappointment. Steve grabs a rock from the debris, throws it at the gunman, and knocks him out. eden orders her men to retreat via radio, three of them provide cover while the remainder begin to evacuate through the hole left by the explosion. In her inner monologue, Eden admits to not knowing wholly what is going on. She ‘s on a cable car in a convoy while the heroes are left in the warehouse, with the Paladins reeling from the contend. Eden explains that she ‘s not a condemnable originator, that she has a minor ambition so far has found herself being trailed by Captain America and Tony Stark. Inside one of the cars, Eden confirms to fifty-one that she can give him what he wants. In her inner monologue, Eden elaborates that Baron Zemo got in her way when he stole Hydra from her, but that does n’t mean the design is dead. She states that what Captain America and Tony Stark do n’t understand is that she ‘s trying to save the world, one abruptly superintendent hero at a time .

Solicit Synopsis

A government agent turned Hydra agent provocateur stages a daring break on her way to prison, attracting the attention of both Iron man and Captain America. When Steve and Tony realize they both have a association to the slippery fugitive, they team up to track her down—only to discover she ‘s not the lone player on the board with big plans and baleful motives… Derek Landy ( FALCON & WINTER SOLDIER ; THE BLACK ORDER ) and Ángel Unzueta ( IRON MAN ; STAR WARS ) team up to bring you a thrilling venture starring a fan-favorite dynamic couple !



  • In the unlettered preview pages for this issue, the soles of Iron Man’s armor were colored gold. They are changed to red in the final version of the comic. The difference can be seen here.

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