Iron Man Trilogy: Every Main Character & When They First Appeared In Marvel Comics

The Iron Man franchise is the first completed trilogy of the MCU, and its characters have become iconic — but where did they beginning appear in comics ? The Iron Man trilogy is largely credited with kicking off the Marvel Cinematic Universe as it is known nowadays, featuring a number of iconic characters ripped straightaway out of the pages of the comedian books that have become major players in the larger franchise even over a decade late .
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While many fans may be closely more conversant with the cinematic versions of these characters, their origins in Marvel Comics prove to be supremely matter to, as many of them date binding to the ’60s and ’70s, when the comic record world was in its prime.


10 Aldrich Killian – 2004

Aldrich Killian from Iron Man 3 and AIM from Marvel Comics Guy Pearce stars as the chief antagonist of Iron Man 3, Aldrich Killian, who may not have had the greatest plan compared to early MCU villains, but still managed to about defeat the titular superhero before his plans were finally foiled .
Despite his big function in Iron Man 3, Killian is not a major villain in the comics. The character first gear appeared deoxyadenosine monophosphate former as 2004, in the first emergence of Iron Man ( volume 4 ), acting as a co-creator of the Extremis project, as seen in the movie. This would be the only appearance of the character in comic books, however, as he was killed off at the end of the emergence .

9 JARVIS – 1964

Edwin Jarvis from Agent Carter, Marvel Comics, and Avengers Age of Ultron Movie In the MCU, JARVIS is Tony Stark ‘s AI butler, voiced by Paul Bettany, who would go on to be given new life as the synthezoid Avenger, Vision. however, as revealed in Agent Carter, Edwin Jarvis was besides the name of Howard Stark ‘s butler, who made a cameo appearance in Avengers : endgame, played by James D’Arcy .
Edwin Jarvis has been a longtime basic of Iron Man comics, first appearing in Tales of Suspense # 59 in 1964. In the prison term thereafter, Jarvis would not lone serve as Tony Stark ‘s butler, but much as the butler to the Avengers as a whole, well tied to their superhero affairs .

8 Ivan Vanko – 2006

Ivan Vanko walks on the racetrack in Iron Man 2 Ivan Vanko ( Mickey Rourke ) is the son of a former colleague of Howard Stark who vows revenge on the integral Stark family after his forefather ‘s betrayal and subsequent exile. Acting as the primary antagonist of Iron Man 2, Vanko takes on traits resembling the comedian book supervillain Whiplash .
While the character of Ivan Vanko is original to the MCU, his alter-ego of Whiplash is a nickname held by a member of the Thunderbolts, a team organized of ( slightly ) reformed supervillains. The comedian book Whiplash makes her beginning and only appearance in Thunderbolts # 104 in 2006, just four years before Vanko would appear in the MCU .

7 Phil Coulson – 2011

Clark Gregg made his first gear appearance in the original Iron Man film as SHIELD agent Phil Coulson, who would go on to be a major actor in the foremost phase of the MCU, and subsequent appearances on the spinoff television receiver series Agents of SHIELD. Just two years after the series finale, Coulson remains one of the many characters from Agents of SHIELD that fans desperately want to see return in the MCU .
Phil Coulson was a character uniquely created for the MCU, but he would retroactively be added to Marvel ‘s prime universe, Earth-616, in 2011. The fictional character made his amusing book debut in Battle Scars # 1, where his identity was hidden behind the nickname “ cheese, ” before he was finally revealed to be Phillip Coulson five issues later .

6 Obadiah Stane – 1968

Jeff Bridges in Iron Man (2008) and War Monger in the comic books Jeff Bridges portrays the very first Big Bad of the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Obadiah Stane, the Iron Monger. This one-shot supervillain was Tony ‘s mentor and father visualize after the death of Howard Stark, who was finally revealed to be selling Stark Enterprises weaponry to terrorist organizations .
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Obadiah Stane made his first appearance in Marvel Comics in Iron Man # 163, where he took on the nickname of Iron Monger as a think of to defeat his rival Tony Stark. He would remain a irritant in Tony ‘s side until his death in Iron Man # 200.

5 Nick Fury – 1963

Nick Fury from the Marvel and Ultimate Comics and Played by Sam Jackson in the Movies Fourteen years after his first appearance in the post-credit scene of Iron Man, Samuel L. Jackson ‘s Nick Fury remains a raw material of the MCU. The character has been a sports fan favored among film fans from the identical begin, sparking enough of scheme around his largely mysterious life, indicating to some that the character has possibly been a Skrull imposter wholly along .
Nick Fury has a long and storied history in Marvel Comics, dating all the way back to 1963, where he first appeared in Sgt. Fury # 1. however, the adaptation that fans are more familiar with today is actually the son of the original Fury, Nick Fury Jr. Modeled to resemble Samuel L. Jackson, who famously played the character for the MCU, this translation of Fury first appeared in 2011’s Battle Scars # 1 under the pseudonym of “ Marcus Johnson, ” not revealed as Nick Fury until return # 6 .

4 James Rhodes – 1979

An image of War Machine in the comics and another of him in the MCU James “ Rhodey ” Rhodes is Tony Stark ‘s best supporter and Stark Enterprises ‘ liaison to the United States Armed Forces. Played by Terrence Howard in Iron Man and Don Cheadle for all subsequent MCU appearances, Rhodey, a.k.a. the War Machine, has become an highly authoritative character to the franchise .
War Machine is a central fictional character in the MCU, though fans must turn to the comics to truly sympathize James Rhodes. The character would inaugural appear in Iron Man # 118, acting as a close ally of Tony Stark. The character would go on to serve a least sandpiper as Iron Man himself in the early ’80s, including in the original “ secret Wars ” consequence. It would n’t be until Avengers West Coast # 94 in 1993 that Rhodey would take on the mantle of War Machine .

3 Happy Hogan – 1963

Jon Favreau in Iron Man, Happy Hogan in the comics glad Hogan is Tony Stark ‘s drive around and eventual head of security at Stark Enterprises. Played by Jon Favreau, the film director of the first two Iron Man films, the character has since outgrown the standalone franchise, making appearances in each of the MCU’s Spider-Man films so far, farseeing after Favreau exited the franchise as a film director .
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Harold “ happy ” Hogan made his debut in the early ’60s as contribution of Tony Stark ‘s authoritative team of employees in Tales of Suspense # 45. The character would serve as one of Stark ‘s closest confidants for several decades until his death amidst the Superhero Civil War in Iron Man ( volume 4 ) # 14 .

2 Pepper Potts – 1963

Gwyneth Paltrow in Iron Man, looking into the distance; Pepper Potts from the comics Gwyneth Paltrow portrays Pepper Potts, Tony Stark ‘s personal assistant and future wife. Over the path of the films, Pepper finally becomes the CEO of Stark Enterprises, a entitle which she apparently still holds to this day, as indicated in Spider-Man : far From Home. The character besides briefly adopted the superhero function of Rescue in the final struggle of Avengers : endgame .
Like many of Tony Stark ‘s closest associates, Pepper Potts makes her first comedian script appearance in Tales of Suspense # 45 in 1963. The character would be a major musician in the Iron Man storyline for years, including taking on her own superhero character, Rescue, in 2009’s invincible Iron Man ( volume 2 ) # 10 .

1 Tony Stark – 1962

Split image of Tony Stark in the MCU and comics Tony Stark, a.k.a. Iron Man, is the very beginning superhero the consultation meets in the MCU, who acts as a establish member of the Avengers. Played brilliantly by Robert Downey Jr., the character would arguably go on to become the most significant character in the entire franchise, appearing in ten films over the course of eleven years.

Anthony “ Tony ” Stark made his first appearance in the now-iconic 1962 amusing book Tales of Suspense # 39, featuring an origin not besides different from that seen in the MCU. The character would appear in several more issues of this ongoing series before receiving his own self-titled series in 1968 .
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