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+ Are your decals easy to apply? very easily ! We send simple, bit-by-bit instructions with each decree, which can besides be found in the yellow journalism above. We ‘ve found YouTube is besides a bang-up generator of videos on how to apply vinyl. + Are your Macbook/iPad decals removable? Yes. We use the highest timbre vinyl available, to ensure lotion and removal is very easy. Once you are finished with your MacBook or iPad decal you ‘ll find it bare to peel off. Using your finger complete or tweezers gently peel up the edges of your decal. You may find a little dirt left over along the edges of the design, but merely rub clean with a damp-lint unblock fabric. now you ‘re cook to add a new decal !

+ What surfaces can I stick my decal to? The vinyl we use sticks to about any smooth or lightly textured surface like painted walls, glaze, mirrors, and smooth metallic and wood. It will not stick to rough or uneven surfaces like denude cinder block, brick or framework. Our products have been tested on general flat, semi-gloss and glossary paint with success. The surface MUST be clean, or the dirt/grease will cause the decal to peel from the surface. + Are your wall decals removable?

Yes, and it ‘s easy to do. Our vinyl wall decals work good for both renters and homeowners because they come off without damaging your wall, or other non-porous surface. To remove, get a adept grip on the corner of each letter or human body using an application/removal joyride or tweezers and lightly pull off the decal. If you ‘ve had it on the wall for a long period of time, applying heat first base ( with a hair dry for exemplar ) can help make the decal easier to peel off. + How long will my decal last?

We use a senior high school timbre premium vinyl with an outdoor life of 7 years, so there will be no lastingness issues. Objects like Macbooks and iPads are naturally subject to a fair measure of wear and tear, so the more your decal rub and scrapes against early surfaces, the shorter the life of the decal. Bottom line … if its look after, it will last ! + Do you do custom decals? Yes, we deal with all sorts of customs requests – you can either ask us to design something for you based on an idea or image, or you may send us your own artwork or son. Either use the contact form below, or send an e-mail to sales @, for more information. Each request will be costed individually depending on the size of the job, and all designs will be sent to you for final blessing before we manufacture anything. We accept all filetypes ( PDF, EPS, JPEG, AI, TIFF, etc ) however be advised that picture files will need to be converted to vector format in ordering to be manufactured .

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