Ironman Welding Helmet Part 1.

A alloy cutting bandsaw will be your best friend. The kind that is vertically mounted, and has a table top to slide the pieces around. I went through multiple other options for this first try. and unless you have entree to a CNC metal cutting solution, or something fancy like a superintendent amazing Epilog Laser machine ( wink Wink ), or any of the early fancy prizes, the bandsaw will be best and here ‘s why :

Scroll saw-
Too fragile. Almost impossible to make the shrill turns needed for some of these pieces. besides, the reciprocating action of the blade will bind a lot which leads to broken blades, damaged exercise pieces, forte noises, and long hours starting over because you keep ruining your parts.

Similar problems to the coil saw, only it ‘s more able to take the corners and curves in the material. Another adult drawback to the jigsaw is that it ‘s designed to move through the material, rather of moving the substantial over a stationary cut device. Why does this matter ? Because you will be making very small parts, and with a hand-held saber saw, you have to look past the tool to follow the channel. Plus, as you cut through the thin metal, friction from the blade generates heat that sits in the material which will make your metallic element softer the longer you cut and can cause your material to distort if you do not plan ahead. I will talk more about this in the Tips and Tricks step.

Bench mounted jigsaw-
Nice attempt. I bought one of these besides thinking it would be a decent blend of scroll see, and jig witness. Nope. For our purposes, this tool does n’t cut the mustard either. It is a mistreat in the right guidance because it ‘s designed to move the material over the blade, but that reciprocating motion does n’t translate as clean into curves in steel as it does in wood/ soft materials.

Metal cutting bandsaw is the way to go. The blade always goes in the lapp direction, and the decent ones have a rush control which will help with blade-life as well accuracy of your cut. I do not own a dedicate Metal cutting bandsaw. I have a portable bandsaw, which I fashioned into a vertical metal cutting bandsaw. It works pretty good, but it has some drawbacks. The 1inch thick blade does n’t do crisp curves very well. I have to do a bunch of back cuts and cutting around to allow for the atrocious turning spoke. It ‘s accomplishable, but I can think of a twelve other things I would have rather done with all the extra time spent working around this limitation. The portable bandsaw, besides does n’t have a very deep cutting area. A fortune of the pieces I hoped to keep one piece, I had to get cagey with where to zip them in one-half. It ultimately led to inaccurate pieces and areas where the templates do not match up therefore cleanly in the concluding helmet, and another work about has to be found.

You ‘re besides going to need to have an angle bomber with shortcut phonograph record, a well as beat magnetic disk of versatile grit counts. Flap disk are amazing. You will learn to love them. Pancakes are amazing, sol excessively is pizza.

I went to the local Harbor-freight and picked up a set of auto-body compensate hammers. These are bang-up and are excellent for working with the steel used in this project.

A Teardrop forge will be needed for shaping the pieces, arsenic well as a sandbag/ shoot base. I did n’t have a sand base I was will to sacrifice to the blunders of hot/ astute steel, so I made one from a canvas creature pouch found in the electrical department at the big box hardware store. The Blue one … Lowes. Fill it with sand, and BOOM, pretty dependable shaping bag to go with the teardrop/ car body hammers.

It would be knowing to have some small strong magnets and early hand tools/ squares and what-not that most people wanting to give this a shoot will already have on pass.

You are besides going to need a welder, and some welding skills. Yep. indeed.

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