Iron Man Mark III

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Mark III

This armor is destroyed.This Armor appeared in the movie, Iron Man.This Armor appeared in Iron Man 2.This Armor appeared in Iron Man 3.The Iron Man Mark III is a playable armor in Iron Man 3 - The Official Game.This armor is featured in the JARVIS Application.

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Based On:

Proto-Classic Armor


Iron Man

Iron Man 2
Iron Man 3


Marvel Cinematic Universe ( Earth-199999 )

Armor Profile

Designer / Creator:

Tony Stark


Tony Stark


Hall of Armors

Mark Number:

Mark III

Code Name:


Armor Class:

Basic Iron Man Suit

Armor Type:


Armor Color:

Dark Red With Golden Plates

Armor Height:




Armor Data:


Power Core:

Palladium Arc Reactor Mark II (Current)

Palladium Arc Reactor Mark I (Former)

Armor Systems:


Status System
Propulsion System
HUD System
Other Systems


Repulsors (Repulsion Mark I)

Unibeam (Chest Repulsor)
Micro-Missiles (2)
Shoulder-Mounted Auto-Aim Guns

Armor Composition:

Gold-Titanium Plating

Armor Capabilities:

Enhanced Physiology

Superhuman Physiology
Superhuman Strength
Superhuman Durability
Ice Resistance
Fire Resistance

Special Features:

Gold-Titanium Alloy Armor

Thruster Systems
Flight Stabilizers
Flight Systems
Other Features

Armor Chronology:


Mark II


Mark IV

Preceded By:

Mark II *

Followed By:

Mark IV * View All Iron Man Armors

The Mark III ( Mark 3 ) was the third Iron Man Armor designed and created by Tony Stark and is the successor to the Mark II. The armor was designed with upgrade technology and improved features to surpass its harbinger ‘s capabilities. It is besides the classical armor. The strongest of the armors in Iron Man, it was designed for customization. The Mark III was equipped with a kind of incredible enhancements and upgrades. It was heavy damaged at the end of the first Iron Man by the Iron Monger. It was late succeeded by the Mark IV. flush though it was not used in Iron Man 2 it was put in the Hall of Armors with the other master 7 armors. besides, the suit has flares and strong repulsors, along with micro-missiles of varying type. The Mark III appears in Iron Man 3 along with other 6 armors in Tony ‘s garage, and besides after where it is destroyed when a terrorist attack occurs in Tony Stark ‘s Malibu Mansion .

Armor Data

Armor Design

The Mark III is the inaugural armor to feature a Red and Gold color design on its armor plates. Its overall root was based out on Tony ‘s Hotrod cable car that he owned in his garage. The armor ‘s purpose is based largely on the Mark II, with the exception of the color scheme and the capabilities of the armor .


The armor has diverse raw features

  • Flaps
  • Flight Stabilizers
  • Thruster Systems
  • Other Features
  • Flight Systems


The Mark III has respective systems .

  • J.A.R.V.I.S. AI.OS: J.A.R.V.I.S. is integrated into the armor, allowing him to assist Tony and manage the armor’s condition as well as the systems and functions of the Mark III.
  • HUD
  • Other Systems

Armor Composition

The armor is composed of a 95.5 % titanium and 4.5 % Gold Alloy. This combination results into a highly durable alloy that can withstand blasts and strikes and is amply tolerant to bullets and it ‘s used for all Iron Man ‘s armors .


  • Enhanced Physiology
  • Superhuman Physiology
  • Superhuman Strength: The armor increases the user’s strength. It allows Stark to easily break concrete walls with a single punch, throw people single-handedly, and lift cars.
  • Superhuman Durability: The suit is very durable as the shell is constructed from a gold-titanium alloy. It can effectively withstand firearm bullets, tank shells, and a collision with an F-22 Raptor.
  • Flight: With it’s Flight Stabilizers and Propulsion Systems, the Mark III is capable of full flight and can achieve supersonic speeds.


The following below tilt the special capabilities of the Mark III.

  • Ice Resistance: Based on the flight test of the Mark II, the Mark III was given an advanced upgrade which enabled it to resist the build up of ice when flying at high altitudes. The armor will not freeze at the Mark II’s altitude limit and does not have any more difficulty compared to its predecessor when flying at very high altitudes.
  • Fire Resistance: Since Tony built the Mark III out of gold mix titanium alloy, it is fire resistant like all his other suits.


  • Repulsors:
    The Mark III is equipped with the finalized version of the Mark I Repulsor technology. It is capable of projecting powerful plasma blasts when charged. Like every Iron Man Armor, the Repulsors serve as the suit’s main weapons.

Stark ‘s Palladium Arc Reactor Mark II, and late on by the reactor ‘s harbinger. As the armor ‘s most knock-down weapon, it is able of huge end as it is able to project a beam of plasma for a circumscribed come of time. Although when the Unibeam is used, it drains a set of energy from the reactor which weakens the armor ‘s military capability. Because of this, regular function of the Unibeam is not recommended .

  • Smart Micro Guns:
    The armor is equipped with six-barrel miniguns which are mounted on its shoulders for quick use and is supported by the suit’s Targeting System which allows it to have superb and perfect precision and accuracy when fired at its target.
  • Micro-Missiles: 150?cb=20140625181913 The Mark III is equipped with a Kinetic Micro-Missiles on each arm, capable of penetrating at least 400mm LoS (Line of Sight) of steel armor and feature programmable warhead with High-Power explosive charge. They are mounted beneath each of the armor’s gauntlets. In Iron Man, after Tony was blasted out of the sky by Chieftain Mark 5 Main Battle Tank, he retaliated with a Micro-missile from the armor’s right arm, scoring a direct hit, penetrating the tank’s Turret armor and programmable explosive detonated 3 seconds after penetrating armor, destroying the tank.[1]
  • Flares:
    The Mark III is equipped with flares, which are used for emergency purposes or to confuse Heat Seeking Missile’s targeting system. Although not considered a weapon, they were also seen used as a distraction to blind Obadiah Stane while he was crushing Tony inside the Mark III using his Iron Monger Armor.

    The Flares are still lethal and can cause burns or act like bullets when used up close to a target.


After his test-flight with the Mark II become discovers respective flaws including internal-combustion engine form at high-level, Tony orders the Mark III built with the flaws corrected and made out of gold-titanium alloy to fix the ice problem. After finding out that the Ten Rings have taken dominance of Gulmira and are using it to stockpile weapons, Tony flies the Mark III to the village and takes down the terrorists. He then destroys a tank and the weapons stockpile. On the room family, Tony is confronted by two F-22 ‘s and by chance destroys one before Rhodey manages to call them off after Tony saves the squirt navigate ‘s life. Tony then has disturb removing the armor and Pepper Potts catches him doing it. Following the betrayal of Obadiah Stane and the larceny of his Mark II Arc Reactor, Tony dons the armor in arrange to stop Stane. On the way to Stark Industries, J.A.R.V.I.S. warns Tony that the Mark I Reactor ca n’t fully baron the lawsuit and he only has 48 % exponent at the beginning. Tony arrives in clock time to save Pepper from Stane who has donned the Iron Monger courtship he created based off the Mark I. With Stane ‘s bigger and more knock-down purpose and the Mark III’s low power levels, Stane has the upper hand in the conflict that follows, but Tony manages to hold his own slightly, using the Mark III’s exemption to icing that the Iron Monger lawsuit lacks. On stand-in baron merely, Tony orders Pepper to blast the roof with energy from the factory ‘s Arc Reactor as he ca n’t defeat Stane with the cut Mark III. Tony manages to hold Stane off, ripping out his HUD and weapons targeting systems, but Stane overpowers Tony, destroying the armor ‘s helmet and the glass covering the Arc Reactor. Tony has Pepper blast the ceiling while he ‘s still on it with the good time throwing him clear, but knocking out world power to the suit and Arc Reactor. The Iron Monger suit loses world power besides and falls into the factory ‘s Arc Reactor and is destroyed in a massive explosion. The Mark III and Tony ‘s Arc Reactor recover ability concisely subsequently .
The Mark III was contained inside the first Hall of Armors, which could lone hold four of his known Iron Man suits. It was in between the Mark II and the Mark IV and the armor ‘s Status displayed that it was presently Battle Damaged. ( After his conflict with the Iron Monger at the end of the first gear movie ) This was right after Tony had his woo conference with the politics concerning the custom of the Iron Man armor. The armor was seen again in the Hall of Armors when James Rhodes accessed the garage and donned the Mark II armor to struggle Tony against his Mark IV armor when he was in a drunk-state at the night of his birthday party .


The Mark III was destroyed in the attack on Tony ‘s mansion in Malibu, along with the suits in the Hall of Armors .

other Media

Mark III

Pre-released with the game.


Armor Game Data:

Score Multiplier:


Special Weapon:

Striker Missile

Armor Class:

Striker Missile



Armor Requirements:

Stark Credits:

None StarkCreditIcon.png

ISO-8 Cost:

None ISO8G.png

Build Time:


Required XP:



The third generation of Iron Man armor, this suit is equipped with a wide variety of weapons and handles like a dream.

The Mark III is the foremost armor available for use in Iron Man 3 – The Official Game. It is the weakest and most basic armor in the game, having a Score Multiplier of x1.0, and identical low Armor Statistics. It is mechanically bought in the startle after J.A.R.V.I.S. instructs the player how to play and navigate through the game after initially using the Mark XLII as the starting armor and getting it damaged, with any one of Tony ‘s former armors replacing it, which was the Mark III foremost .

In the Jarvis App, the Mark III is a viewable armor available in the Hall of Armors after being unlocked through the Blu-Ray of Iron Man 3 when scanning, or asking J.A.R.V.I.S. to unlock them all by saying the command “Roll Call”. even though the other armors are fixed and glistening, this is the entirely armor seen in the application with wrong on it ‘s thorax plat, referencing the battle that Tony had against Obadiah when using the courtship .




  • The Mark III was the third Iron Man Armor created by Tony Stark.
  • It was one of his first armors to be painted.


  • The Mark III is the very first armor to feature the famous Red and Gold color scheme in it’s armor design.
    • The armor’s design is based on that of the same color scheme and design of the Post Proto-Classic Armor in the comics.
  • This is also the first armor to feature the gold-titanium alloy that would be used in many armor built after it.


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