Extrembiote (Earth-616)


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Current Alias



[ 1 ]

The Suit

Affiliation and Relationships


slaughter ‘s Hive


Tony Stark, Knull, Symbiote Hive, Symbiote Dragons


( creator, deceased )
Siblings :
Numerous symbiote dragons ( siblings )
other Relatives :
( current accountant, deceased ) ;

Parents: Knull (creator, deceased)Siblings:Numerous symbiote dragons (siblings)Other Relatives: Cletus Kasady (current controller, deceased);

Tony Stark (original host);
Eddie Brock (former host)

Marital Status


Physical Characteristics









  • White
  • Yellow or glowing blue while merged with Iron Man Armor Model 70[2]


No Hair At All


( once ),
( once ) Black (formerly), Yellow (formerly)

Unusual Features

Formerly covered in biomechanical tubes and veins formed by Extremis

Origin and Living Status


Symbiote dragon mutated by Extremis

Living Status




Place of Birth

Symbiote Throneworld

Personal Information


No double


Living weapon


Symbiote Hive-Mind

Base of Operations


Iron Man’s laboratory


Creators and Appearances


Donny Cates, Ryan Stegman


King in Black # 2
( December, 2020 )


primitively one of an united states army of Symbiote Dragons brought by the symbiote god Knull during his invasion of Earth, this symbiote was targeted by Iron Man when the Armored Avenger was attempting to collect a symbiote to save the life of Eddie Brock, who had been near-fatally injured by Knull after being stripped of the Venom symbiote. Using a acid of the techno-organic virus Extremis, Iron Man attempted to rewrite the symbiote ‘s deoxyribonucleic acid to sever its connection from Knull ‘s Hive. In the process of subduing the symbiote, the creature infused itself into Iron Man ‘s armor. Iron Man would then attempt to bond Eddie Brock to a parcel of the symbiote, but the gambit failed since the symbiote remained connected to Knull, and Brock died. [ 3 ] Eddie ‘s son Dylan Brock was able to sever the symbiote ‘s connection to the Hive-Mind, granting Iron Man entire manipulate over it. When Knull, wounded by Thor Odinson, ordered the symbiote-possessed Celestials to raze Manhattan, Iron Man used his symbiote to hijack manipulate of one of them. [ 4 ] Stark returned to a translation of his armor without a symbiote following Knull ‘s get the better of, [ 5 ] and placed the Extremis-augmented symbiote-armor, which he dubbed the “ Extrembiote, ” into storehouse in his lab. Stark late showed it to Flash Thompson, who warned him that he should n’t treat it as a mere suit of armor and would n’t be able to control it forever, though Stark disregarded this, citing Flash ‘s apparent ability to control his own symbiote. [ 6 ] Wanting to test the Extrembiote ‘s capabilities a well as assistant out in the fight against Carnage, Tony Stark bonded to it and used it to separate Arthur Krane from the Carnage symbiote. however, Cletus ‘ codex called out to the Extrembiote from within the Hive-Mind, mocking Tony for thinking he could control it and causing it to break his arms and respective ribs. Carnage merged with the Extrembiote but was stopped from killing Tony by Agent Anti-Venom, transforming into a symbiote-dragon and flying aside while gloating that he was victorious. [ 1 ] At some item afterwards, Cletus ‘ codex and the Carnage symbiote had a falling out and he expelled it from the Extrembiote, opting to keep it as his new avatar. [ 7 ]



Cyborg Symbiote Physiology: As a creation of Knull, the Extrembiote possessed huge powers like other Symbiote Dragons. Following its infusion with the Extremis virus and merging with a lawsuit of Iron Man ‘s Model 70 armor, the Extrembiote besides developed newly powers. [ 3 ]

  • Constituent-Matter Manipulation Like other symbiotes, the Extrembiote is capable of manifesting tendrils from its biomass, using them to attack prey.[2]
  • Cleansing Beam: As a result of its mutation with Extremis and its merging to the Iron Man Armor, the Extrembiote gained the ability to project repulsor blasts capable of cleansing Knull’s corruption off one of his victims.[2]
  • Possession: Iron Man managed to use the Extrembiote to override Knull’s symbiotic possession of a Celestial, taking full possession of the cosmic being himself.[4]
  • Shapeshifting: While it primarily resembled a black-and-yellow Gigeresque version of Iron Man’s Model 70 armor, the Extrembiote was capable of returning to its draconic form at its host’s command.[4]


Armor Condition : Iron Man assumes that it can be controlled like any Iron Man armor, though Agent Anti-Venom warned him that he was mistaken. [ 6 ]


  • When it bonded to Tony Stark, the text on his armor’s HUD changed to the symbiote language and Knull’s spiral emblem appeared on Tony’s forehead.[3]

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