The difference between a power adapter and a charger

A charger normally refers to a device that converts alternating stream into low-tension direct current. It includes current-limiting and voltage-limiting control circuits that meet charging characteristics. The power adapter is a ability converter that undergo electric potential transformation, correction, and voltage regulation. The output is DC, which can be understood as a low-tension brace baron supply when the world power is met. Let ‘s talk about what is the might adapter ? What is the charger ? What is the kinship and difference between them ? charger : english mention Charger, normally refers to a device that converts AC power to low-tension DC power. The charger is a dedicate DC power issue for rechargeable batteries. It includes stream specify, electric potential limit, etc. to meet the restraint of charging characteristics Circuit. Chargers are wide used in diverse fields, specially in the airfield of life are widely used in electric vehicles, flashlights, and other common electrical appliances. It by and large charges the battery directly without any mediator equipment and devices. The flow of the charger is constant current-constant voltage-trickle, three-stage intelligent charging. The three-stage agitate theory in the charging march can greatly improve the charging efficiency of the battery, shorten the load time, and efficaciously extend the battery life sentence. Three-stage charging uses constant current charge, then constant electric potential charge, and finally float charging for alimony charge.

Chargers are generally divided into three stages : fast charging, top-up appoint, and trickle blame : Fast charging phase : the battery is charged with a large current to quickly restore the battery world power. The charging rate can reach more than 1C. At this clock time, the charge electric potential is low, but the charging current will be limited to a certain value rate. complimentary charging stage : Compared to the debauched charge stage, the complementary charge stage can besides be called the slow charge stage. When the fast charge phase is terminated, the barrage is not completely sufficient, and a auxiliary charge process needs to be added. The auxiliary charge rate broadly does not exceed 0.3C, because the barrage voltage increases after the rapid charging phase, so the charging voltage in the auxiliary blame phase is besides It should be improved and kept within a certain range.

Trickle charging stage : In the late stage of the complementary blame stage, when it is detected that the temperature advance exceeds the limit value or the charging stream decreases to a certain value, the load is started with a smaller current until the charge is completed after a certain stipulate is satisfy. world power arranger : the common baron adapter on the marketplace is a power converter that has been transformed, rectified and stabilized, and the output is DC, which can be understood as a low-tension brace power provide when the world power is met. exponent adapters are wide used in routers, telephone handsets, game consoles, terminology repeaters, walkmans, notebooks, mobile phones and other devices. Most ability adapters can mechanically detect 100-240V AC ( 50/60Hz ).

The power arranger is a power provide conversion device for humble portable electronic equipment and electronic appliances. It externally connects the power add and connects to the server with a line. This can reduce the size and weight of the host. only a few devices and appliances have the exponent provide built into the master of ceremonies. Inside. It is internally composed of the ability transformer and rectifier racing circuit, according to its output signal type can be divided into AC output type and DC output signal type ; according to the connection, the method acting can be divided into rampart type and background character. There is a nameplate on the baron arranger, which is marked with power, input and output electric potential, and current and early indicators, specially pay attention to the input electric potential roll .No alt text provided for this image

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