Blue Lock anime: Release date, story, characters, seiyuu, manga

Become the best striker in the worldly concern. “ Japan entirely requires one thing to become the strongest powerhouse in soccer. And that is the initiation of a revolutionary striker ” — Ego Jinpachi The democratic Weekly Shonen Magazine manga, Blue Lock, is getting an anime adaptation in 2022. Featuring 300 boys and a man who wants to create the ultimate striker for the japanese national soccer team, viewers can expect high-stakes action and a set of hot, sweaty, and mesomorphic unseasoned men. here ’ south everything you need to know about the Blue Lock anime adaptation, including its fib, secrete date, characters, seiyuu/VAs, and status of the manga.

What is Blue Lock?

Blue Lock anime facilityScreenshot by Jonathan Yee/ONE Esports Blue Lock is a japanese manga written by Muneyuki Kaneshiro and illustrated by Yusuke Nomura, serialized in Kodansha ’ s Weekly Shonen Magazine since August 2018. After the japanese national soccer team crashed out in the quarterfinals of the 2018 World Cup, a mysterious homo named Ego Jinpachi is hired by the Japan Football Union to improve Japan ’ s World Cup performance. His plan is to bring 300 U-18 forwards to the newly created Blue Lock facility and create the best hitter in the worldly concern through a rigorous and barbarous education regimen. only one forward will earn the right to be Japan ’ s adjacent national striker, however—the 299 losers will never be allowed to represent Japan ’ s national team. One of the choose 300 is Yoichi Isagi, who ’ five hundred just come off a grievous loss at the National High School Football Qualifiers after he passed to a teammate rather of taking a shoot himself. The series follows Yoichi Isagi and the other strikers in their contest to cultivate their self and become the best forward in the universe .

Release date of Blue Lock anime series

While no exact let go of date has been announced, the Blue Lock anime series is set to premiere in 2022. The anime will be animated by Eight Bit studio apartment, known for That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime, and directed by Tetsuaki Watanabe. Music will be provided by Jun Murayama, while Taku Kishimoto is handling series composition and the handwriting.

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Characters of the Blue Lock anime, seiyuus and voice actors (VAs)

Blue Lock anime character Yoichi IsagiScreenshot by Jonathan Yee/ONE Esports here ’ s a immediate summation of the series ’ chief characters and their seiyuu/VAs .

Yoichi Isagi A forward who’s initially ranked as the second worst striker in Blue Lock, with less physicality than many others. Ura Kazuki
Hyōma Chigiri A speedy forward who after sustaining an injury becomes fearful of playing soccer to his full ability. Saitō Sōma
Meguru Bachira An eccentric player who relies on his instincts to dribble and outwit defenders. Kaito Tasuku
Rensuke Kunigami A left footed striker who’s able to shoot well and has a strong moral code. Ono Yūki

Status of the manga

The Blue Lock manga is presently ongoing, with hebdomadally releases in Weekly Shonen Magazine and Kodansha since 2018. 12 volumes have been released in English thus far.

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