Morgan Edge’s Real Arrowverse Identity Introduces A New DC Character

Warning: SPOILERS for Superman & Lois season 1, episode 10, “O Mother, Where Art Thou?”
The Arrowverse has unveiled Morgan Edge ‘s substantial identity in Superman & Lois season 1 as Kal-El ‘s brother, while adding a newly kink to the DC mythology. Superman & Lois has therefore far had a set of twists and turns in its first season. One of the most big examples was the revelation that Captain Luthor was actually John Henry Irons, a.k.a. the DC Comics superhero Steel. however, Superman & Lois had another major bombshell cook for the viewers with the show ‘s current chief adversary. Episode 9, “ Loyal Subjekts, ” ended with Morgan revealing himself as a mate Kryptonian while referring to Superman as his brother .
Following a major cliffhanger like that, it naturally sparked massive meditation on which DC character Adam Rayner was actually playing in the Arrowverse. Out of the many Kryptonian villains that exist in Superman ‘s mythology, General Zod, was one of the popular theories. alternatively, Superman & Lois exceeded a lot of the expectations by making Morgan an original Kryptonian, but still as Superman ‘s buddy. In “ O Mother, Where Art Thou ?, ” Morgan introduced himself as Tal-Rho, the son of Zeta-Rho and Lara Van-El, making him and Kal-El half-brothers. Before Lara married Jor-El, she had been genetically matched to Zeta, as Tal was conceived through the Kryptonian give birth matrix, while Clark was born naturally.

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Tal came to Earth years before Clark, but while Clark ended up in Smallville and was raised by the Kents, Tal took a page out of the Superman : Red Son fib ( in which Superman arrived in Russia rather of Smallville ) and landed somewhere else. He grew up learning people feared him alternatively of being loved. That basically altered his perspective of humans and sent him down a different path. interestingly, while there is n’t a Tal-Rho in the comics, there ‘s still precedent for Superman having a brother, particularly one who was n’t born like Clark. Kon-El, one of the many Superboys, has had a handful of origin stories, but careless of how he was created – and from whom – Superman typically considers him to be his brother. But at least in that esteem, Superman is the older buddy and is the one in charge .

Superman and lois Morgan Edge General zod

In-universe, though, possibly the most intrigue aspect is how the Arrowverse ‘s crisis on Infinite Earths tied changed Morgan Edge. The crossover voter did more than barely recast the character ; it rewrote his stallion being, taking him away from being a bare businessman to an actual Kryptonian. In doing so, Superman & Lois set up a major twist for fans, along the like lines as the John Henry Irons reveal. Rather than use new characters, or more comic-accurate origins for these amusing characters, the series is utilizing the gifts given to it from Crisis on Infinite Earths to do wild things with its narrative. In many ways, they can keep viewers at the edge of their seats because anyone can be anyone now .
even though Morgan turned out to be Tal-Rho quite than General Zod, that does n’t mean Superman & Lois ca n’t or wo n’t use him in future seasons. Having Tal be Superman ‘s brother allows this serviceman of Steel to get a new Kryptonian class narrative. Since they are related, that means Tal is probable not a one-season Arrowverse character. even if/when Tal is defeated in Superman & Lois season 1, it is hard to imagine he would never show up again in the Arrowverse in future seasons. Assuming Tal does n’t somehow get killed, it will be intriguing to see where they take Superman ‘s brother throughout the rest of Superman & Lois season 1 and beyond .

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