Found: A.S.Solutions Flat Mount Adapters for Post Mount and IS frames and forks

back when phonograph record brakes were in their infancy, I went on a fabulous bay to track down an A2Z phonograph record brake arranger to fit my odd-ball Manitou pitchfork. Fast forward 20-some years, and not much has changed. There are probably fewer brake standards these days, but it placid seems like you never have the right adapter for the brake you ’ re trying to mount .
The diligence got reasonably close to in full adopting the post mount standard, merely for Flat Mount to slide in and take over the dropbar scenery. Which may leave you with an older frame and fork that ’ s ill-sorted with newer phonograph record brakes from SRAM, Shimano, and Campagnolo. fortunately, A.S.Solutions is here to help .
flat mount brake caliper adapter for post mount frame
A.S.Solutions ? That obviously stands for Andre Sutton Solutions, and while the diagnose seems to be a morsel of a jest, the products are all serious solutions. Sutton writes that A.S.Solutions is “ presently a one person mathematical process with alone the anodizing being done buy local party. I am doing this part clock so quantities will be identical limited. ” That means the stallion catalog is designed, machined, and finished in Edmonton, Canada.

Flat Mount Brake Adapters for Older Frames & Forks

flat mount brake caliper adapter for post mount fork
We ’ ve seen adapters to go the other way, with the ability to run post mount brakes on flat climb frames and forks. But to our cognition, this is one of the first adapters to allow flat mount calipers to be used on post mountain or even IS ( 51mm International Standard ) frames and forks .

Post Mount to Flat Mount Brake Adapter

how to mount flat mount brake caliper on post mount frame how to mount flat mount brake caliper on post mount frame
A.S.Solutions offers three different adapters to run categoric mountain calipers on post backing frames or forks. These allow for a 160mm rotor on a 160mm mount frame/fork, and a 140mm or 160mm rotor on a 140mm post mount skeleton or fork.

There are three different adapters depending on the size rotor and saddle horse you ’ re working with, and each has provided dimensions to be sure that it will work with your skeleton or fork. The provide Flat Mount Adapter Guide besides provides a 1:1 print out, so you can make certain the adapters will work with your bicycle before ordering .

IS Mount to Flat Mount Adapter

how to mount flat mount brake caliper on IS mount frame
Along with the Post Mount adapters, A.S.Solusions besides offers an cost to Flat Mount adapter. The adapter allows for only 160mm rotors on the frame and 180mm rotors on the fork. Again, the arranger won ’ thymine work with all frames and forks, therefore lay down certain to follow the instructions to see if it will fit for you.

More to Come?

It ’ s not all just brake adapters from A.S.Solutions. The company presently offers an upgrade ‘ Sherman Bolt ’ for beefing up the suspension on your 2017/18 Rocky Mountain Element. There ’ randomness besides unique Direct Mount derailleur hangers for Trek Stranglehold dropouts and Turners. In the future, the company is teasing a mastermind mount chainring and spider combination that will allow users to fine tune the chainline in 1mm increments .
eminence that all prices are in canadian Dollars, and embark is available to the USA and internationally .

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