What’s the Difference Between Samsung and Android Phones?

The world of smartphones can be confusing. If you ‘re not sure what the remainder is between a Samsung and Android earphone, we ‘re here to help. When it comes time to buy a new smartphone, it ‘s easily to get confused. There are so many smartphones available—different operating systems, manufacturers, variants, specifications, and indeed on. If you do n’t keep up to date with technology, how are you mean to know what ‘s what ?
One common orient of confusion is between Samsung and Android. Often, people ask whether Samsung phones are the like as Android phones. In a way, yes, but the answer is more building complex than that .
In this article, we ‘ll help you understand the difference between Samsung and Android devices.

What Is Android?

Android is a mobile manoeuver system. It ‘s the system that powers the telephone to run apps and pull off resources. You ‘re credibly familiar with Windows and macOS. These are computer operating systems and work much the lapp means .
similar to desktop and laptop computers, which can run a assortment of operating systems, so can smartphones. For example, Apple ‘s iPhone entirely uses io. Along with Android, these are the two independent operating systems in the smartphone quad .
That said, other smartphone operating systems do exist, some of which are defunct and no longer developed. Examples include Windows Mobile, BlackBerry OS, and Tizen .
Android does n’t manufacturer smartphones. rather, manufacturers use the Android operate system to world power their phones. They much integrate Google Mobile Services ( GMS ) alongside this, which provides Google-licensed interfaces and applications like Google Search and Google Chrome .
MAKEUSEOF VIDEO OF THE DAY however, Android and GMS are n’t intrinsically linked ; a telephone could run Android, but use proprietary interfaces and applications .
Google own and develop Android, but the organization is unblock and open-source for other developers to adapt. More on that soon .

What’s the Difference Between Android and Samsung?

We ‘ve established that Android is an function system. How does Samsung fit into this ?
Samsung is a ball-shaped electronics company that produces equipment like monitors, smart home appliances, and TVs. It besides manufactures and sells smartphones .
Samsung mobile phone
Samsung sells its smartphones under the brand appoint of Galaxy, which splits out into product lines like Galaxy Z ( foldable devices ) and Galaxy S ( peak tier, high-performance devices ) .
Though Samsung has dabbled with other mobile operating systems, all Samsung Galaxy smartphones use the Android manoeuver system .
Simply put : android is the engage system, Samsung is the manufacturer .

Are All Android Phones the Same?

Samsung is precisely one manufacturer that uses Android. Others include Sony, Motorola, LG, OnePlus, and Huawei. But while all of these manufacturers use Android on their phones, that does n’t mean the experience is the lapp on all of them .
This goes back to the open-source nature of Android. The core, unaltered Android experience developed by Google is known as “ livestock Android ”. It used to be rare to find a call that would offer the stock Android have. Nowadays, it ‘s slightly more common, specially with Google ‘s Pixel phones .
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however, more frequently than not, manufacturers will develop their own versions of Android. These can vary from flimsy reskins ( focusing on aesthetics ) to deeper functionality changes .

In Samsung ‘s event, it has a software sheathing called One UI ( once called Samsung Experience and TouchWiz ). Simply put, One UI layers over Android to tweak the system ‘s design and provide extra features .
One UI makes use of Google Mobile Services and is considered one of the best android interfaces. In fact, many of Samsung ‘s software innovations have been adopted into the congress of racial equality Android experience .

Do Samsung Phones Evolve With Android?

Android is an evolving operate on system. A new version releases every year. For a long prison term, Android named its versions after sweetness treats ( Nougat, Oreo, Pie ), but now sticks to numerical naming like Android 11 and Android 12 .
As Android evolves, so does Samsung ‘s One UI. Generally, a raw main version of One UI releases for each major Android upgrade, but One UI does release minor updates within that cycle .
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Your Samsung phone wo n’t receive Android or One UI updates indefinitely. Samsung typically supports its devices with these major updates for a few years after acquittance. After that, your telephone will merely receive critical security updates, though even those will stop finally.

You besides wo n’t receive these updates at the same time as everyone else. It depends on your placement and phone aircraft carrier .

Do Samsung Make the Best Android Phones?

You should now understand the dispute between Android and Samsung. Let ‘s recapitulate :

  • Android is the operating system.
  • Samsung is the device manufacturer.
  • One UI is Samsung’s software that lies on top of Android.

samsung phone
so, should you buy a Samsung telephone that uses Android ? That ‘s down to personal preference, though there ‘s a thoroughly rationality that the majority of Android phones sold are from Samsung. According to Statcounter, Samsung held 26.93 % smartphone marketplace contribution in 2021, second lone to Apple .
There are batch of Samsung phones for every budget ; if you can afford it, reach for the Galaxy S telephone line to benefit from the best hardware, though the Galaxy A line is still decent .
But you might decide that although you like Android, One UI is n’t for you. In which case, you should check out other manufacturers. Google ‘s Pixel, with its banal Android experience, might be up your street .
alternatively, pouch Android entirely and go for an iPhone—Apple develops both the hardware and software, with all the timbre you ‘d expect from the company .
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Samsung vs. Android: Know the Difference

The Galaxy S series was born in 2010, with the first earphone in the series sell over 20 million units. Though Samsung stumbled at the halfway point, the caller has pulled the brand back and is never shy to innovate. Curved screens, biometric authentication, or wireless charging—its phones have offered it all .
next time you ‘re hunting for your adjacent earphone, you ‘re nowadays armed with the cognition to help you decide which will be best for you. Who knows, possibly it ‘ll be a Samsung phone running on Android .

The History of the Samsung Galaxy S Series : From 2010 to Today
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