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In this article, we will learn How To Download Zoom Recording from Shared Link. Zoom is one of the most use platforms for conducting on-line classes. Thesedays, not only schools but besides on-line influencers use soar to conduct classes as part of their on-line naturally.

however, if you miss the class due to other works, most of them send you a liaison to re-watch the zoom record. But, the associate won ’ thyroxine be active for a long time. Either you need to take time and watch the record or download the record to watch some early fourth dimension. As we all know, downloading video recording from zoom is about impossible. But, not anymore. I will show you How to Download Zoom Recording from Shared Link without installing any software or plugin.

Note: The intention of this article is only to help you watch the missed zoom videos at your convenient time. You cannot share the video without the permission of the owner, as it would be illegal to do so.  I have a busy schedule. Yet, I enroll in respective on-line courses, as I like to learn. recently, I enrolled in an on-line class but was ineffective to attend the live zoom meeting, ascribable to a busy agenda.

however, the host was kind enough to send me the Zoom Recording Video Link to my read Email. But, the liaison was available only for 24 hours, and I was still not able to take out time to watch the 3-hour retentive television. therefore, I wondered How to Download Zoom Recording Video from Shared Link so that I can watch it when I am exempt. I tried several methods. I installed several plugins, tried unlike on-line tools, but nothing seems to work.

then, I found a solution. The solution, which I am going to parcel with you nowadays .

How To Download Zoom Recording:

Let ’ s see How to Download Zoom Recording Video on Windows personal computer. There are lots of video-downloading tools on-line and respective Chrome plugins. But, you don ’ t need any of them. All you need to Download is the Latest Mozilla Firefox Browser. After downloading the Firefox Browser, continue with the procedure. You might besides be matter to in checking out How to Clear Cookies in Chrome & Firefox .

  • Mostly, the host will send you the Recording Link on your registered Email ID. So, open your Email.
  • Click on the Zoom Recording link. 
  • It will open up a page where you can only watch the video (If you are using other browsers). The left-click and right-click are disabled here. 
  • However, you got Mozilla Firefox. So, hold the SHIFT button on your Keyboard, and right-click on the video. It will show a context menu.

Image Captured from Zoom

Read more: Integration Rules

  • Here, you need to select the option “Save Video As“.
  • Select the Folder, and rename the file, and click Save.
  • As you can see in the Taskbar, the video is downloading.

Note: You can not select the video quality .


Firefox is a light network browser and a great alternative for Chrome. Besides helping you download on-line videos, Firefox is besides a fast and plug browser. You can download video from some other platforms as well ( excluding YouTube ). I hope you silent How To Download Zoom Recording from Shared Link. It is not illegal to download the video, but sharing the video recording with others with the owner ’ s/host ’ mho license can cause legal issues .

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